Lovely Links: 2/6/15

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First seen on Instagram. When we’re not available for snuggling, Simon snuggles with himself.

Jeniese wears one of the coolest, classiest matched sets I’ve seen. Ever.

“The Alice Look,” which opens at the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in London starting in May, will focus on how Alice in Wonderland’s style has influenced fashion. (Via YLF)

Can it really be that easy? Who What Wear claims that adding a safety pin to your hem will dispel static cling. Yet to test this one, but curious.

Jennifer Garner explains her “baby bump.” Not pregnant, just in possession of a body with a bump that was created by having three children.

The sexualization of women’s sports trickles down even to the layered, snowy ranks of cross-country skiing. As a teenager, I wore makeup, straightened my hair and applied glitter for race day. I was peacocking. I wanted to ski fast, but I needed to look good. Now, in order to gather a greater following for our sport in the US, my teammates and I, among other young professional skiers, have adopted a new mantra: make skiing sexy.”

This DIY hanging hat rack puts my own twine-and-chip-clip system to shame.

Sylvia styles her drape-neck leather top with a white midi skirt. Such a fresh, unexpected combination.

Lilli looks oh so romantic in her blouse and blush sequin skirt.

Millennials aren’t the only ones making waves on Instagram. Here are 15 amazing senior style Instagrammers worth following.

I wonder how old my mother was when she decided she never deserved another nice thing. If I were to peer inside her closet right now, I can guarantee every item was bought on sale, at a discount store, with an additional 20% off coupon—unless it’s a gift, either from me or from one of her daughters-in-law, in which case it is never worn, because it is being saved for some imaginary future special event.”

This post offers a fantastically in-depth breakdown of color theory basics, understanding “coolness” and “warmth,” how shades work, and more. With incredibly helpful illustrations.

Have I mentioned that Steve Madden once again has the ankle boots that I’ve been wearing four to five times per week since August? I have, but have I mentioned it more than 54 times? Probably not. So here you go.

A great multi-pane comic about bodies and judgment.

People used to think that music played on brass instruments caused hair loss. BECAUSE THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. More hair myths in this amusing video.

“We as a country have made ‘fixing our bodies’ our main obsession and we let it consume our life. This happens for most of us whether we choose to acknowledge it or not … So THEN after all of this, when a fat chick – who hasn’t done the work, who hasn’t tried to fix her body, who doesn’t have any interest in the gospel we so zealously believe in – stands up and says: I’M HAPPY! …we freak the f*ck out.”

Looking for a new way to wear your black pieces? Try them with mustard yellow.

The vice dean of Rutgers University School of Law has told students that including commentary on women professors’ attire and style choices is not welcome or acceptable. Which is awesome. Although it would be even more awesome to live in a world where no such mandate would be necessary. (Via Skepchick)

Simple suggestions for trendy ways to wear your skinny and straight leg jeans.

Where do negative stereotypes about feminists come from?

Reader Christina is working on an amazing body image project for teen girls. Find out more here.

Glenda pairs some killer sandals with her denim jacket and an amazing full midi skirt. I’d steal this outfit right off of her if I could.

“There is no shortage of opinions regarding the negative effects of the current copycat culture. However, the seemingly unpopular alternative is how the ability to copy, specifically in fashion, resulted in a broader and richer creative palette from which designers can draw.”

Piperlime will be gone by April, Kate Spade Saturday and C.Wonder stores are all being closed … what’s going on? (Headline contains a big ol’ swear word. Via The Fashion Law)

I used some birthday cash to nab some cute jackets on super sale at Amazon. This perforated pleather one from Bobi is incredibly supple, and this contrast-sleeve style is comfy, cute, and a great deal.

3D “printers” are undeniably mind-blowing, and this Kinematics dress recently acquired by MoMA is a work of art. I wonder if someday we’ll be “printing” our own custom clothes.

I loved this brutally honest, deeply emotional exploration of how women quietly compete with and judge each other. An important reminder that there is not a limited amount of beauty/success/love/goodness in the world, and just because she has some doesn’t mean you can’t, too. (In other words.)

And from the Department of Random: THIS is how you handle yourself when something major goes wrong on live TV.

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/6/15”

  1. poodletail

    Thanks a bundle for the Lost in a Spotless Mind color theory link, Sal. This is super. And thanks, too, for the ultra-poised AZ weather guy. Brilliant.

  2. Lisa Wong

    Sad news about Kate Spade Saturday…I actually like their stuff a lot more than the Kate Spade line (which can be too saccharine) and enjoyed visiting their Boston store.

  3. Glenda Harrison

    Sally you’re so sweet. I’m glad you like my colorful sandals and the skirt and jacket!

  4. Maria Hansen Troøyen

    Thank you for featuring my blog post, Sally! And for writing about the V&A exhibition — I desperately want to visit London sometime this year, and now I know to plan it sometime between May and November 🙂