Lovely Links: 2/7/14

I’ve switched up format, length, and price for my Chicago workshop: We’re gonna focus on SCARVES! Sign up info right here.

Just thrilled to announce that Corset won THREE awards this week! I’m working every Friday in February, so swing by and check us out.

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In contemporary fashion photography, one almost never sees smiling faces. I’ve heard all kinds of theories about why this is so, from the higher status we confer on non-smiling people (since they don’t have to please anybody or smile to look obsequious), to a smile distracting from the clothes so that it becomes more about the model than their outfit.”

Shainna asks if creating a plus-sized Disney princess or Barbie doll will really have a positive impact, or shift energy and attention away from other ways to support girls in their body image journeys.

I will definitely be trying out this eyelash-curling technique in the coming weeks.

What a fun way to jazz up simple belts – add a brooch!

Emma talks about the many layers of the thrift/charity donation, purchase, and waste chain, and also explores how UK charity shops have changed over the years.

Women are constantly chastised for being too much of anything: too loud, too boisterous, too sweary, too fat, too thin, too cocky, too good at recognising patriarchy when it stares them right in the eyeballs. Men, on the other hand, are praised and celebrated for their extremes. Well, I call bullshit, and it makes me mad as hell.”

Patricia believes that selfies can be a powerful tool for self-acceptance. Do you agree?

Hayley’s entire ensemble radiates joy, from the colorful frock and flatforms to the cat bangle and mod shades.

“Although a gym designed for overweight people might weed out the body discrimination and shaming some endure in regular gyms, restricting people over a certain weight to certain gyms treats them as ‘second-class citizens,’ as if they don’t belong with the rest of society.”

This braided infinity scarf is such a fun take on an accessory staple.

Amy Poehler talks about her career, writing, and social media stance in this Elle interview. But, naturally, what I loved most was her succinct statement about feminism in Hollywood.

Fascinating read: Sometimes saying “you look so skinny” so someone who has lost weight can do more harm than good.

Clothes Calling Cards give you another way to let vendors know they’re excluding you.

“Biking in heels is not a serious women’s issue. Now that we’re all in agreement: There is a point to demonstrating how easy it is to bike in heels. It’s a direct counter to all the ways that cycling is presented as a sporty inconvenience. If I can bike comfortably–in heels even–I’m sharing the message that riding a bike for transportation is an easy part of a fashion-conscious lifestyle.”

Why do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? This flow chart may have an answer for you.

Leah of the blog Hourglassy reviews a Trashy Diva dress and highlights the brand as a potential goldmine for large-busted women.

“I prefer to think of the ability to perceive beauty as a skill set – so if I can’t see the beauty in someone, I understand that it’s not a reflection of their beauty, but on my ability to perceive it – it means that I haven’t properly developed that skill set. – See more at:”

In honor of NYFW, Levo League rounds up wise words from powerful women in the fashion industry.

Love this mini lookbook with ideas for Valentine’s Day events including dinner with the girls, a meal out with your sweetie, and a fun night at home.

“And the honest answer is this….Yes I’m a boy. Yes I’m a girl. I’m neither a boy. I’m neither a girl. Gender doesn’t apply to me. Pronouns of Her/Him/She/He don’t fit. Even my name right now doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to walk into the women’s bathroom nor the men’s bathroom. I don’t want these breasts and I don’t want to magically grow a penis between my legs. I detest being called ‘lady’ but I don’t want to be addressed as ‘Sir’ either.” (Via Medicinal Marzipan)

At the Star Tribune, I wrote about keeping your outfits (relatively) pet-hair free.

Deanna Erin and meduusalammikko both posted tutorials showing how they do their brightly-colored eyebrow makeup. My jaw is on the floor. (Via Reading in Skirts)

Found a few promising vendors while poking around on this ethical clothing directory. (via Moda Veloce)

Never thought that an animal-print coat could be understated, but this one is. And gorgeous to boot.

Worn Through rounds up five fascinating reports that link fashion and health, including how participating in roller derby impacts body image and whether images of female bodies shown on a website influence female consumers’ level of body satisfaction.

“It might seem a bit of a stretch to connect white privilege and cultural appropriation in fashion, yet to me both speak into racial and cultural hierarchies. Put another way, to me cultural appropriation in fashion appears as a manifestation of white privilege.”

Imaan is ready for a long flight in her bright, chic, comfy travel outfit.

The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) has revised the Health at Every Size principles, and this post explains why. (Via Weightless)

“Though I have many feelings about what is considered ‘professional’ and who gets to determine this professionalism (knowing full well that they never had me and my black body in mind). What I have more issue with is the fact that, in my field, my colleagues can come into work wearing whatever they want (jeans, t-shirts, khakis, slacks, shorts, ‘hawaiian’ shirts, etc.), but I, as a black woman, have to make sure I am professional and dressed accordingly, everyday, all the time.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz, we talked about the basics of print and pattern mixing.

Love this warm mix of prints and neutrals.

Always a hot topic, we chatted about white button-front shirt alternatives over on Facebook. Swing by and chime in!

Consider the concept of tender sustainability when you conceptualize self-care.

And from the Department of Random: HM and I intend to head back to Iceland some day to see the Northern Lights while soaking in the Blue Lagoon. But for now, this video will have to suffice.

Additionally: Make no mistake, being a sloth is complex and challenging.

Also: Lair for sale.

And finally: How to Make a Sad Video. Brilliant. (Via Interrupt Magazine)

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/7/14”

  1. Caroline

    The post about charity shops and textile waste/recycling caught my attention, because I’ve been learning how to recycle worn-out or stained clothing/linens into braided rugs or placemats. I realize this kind of crafting is labor-intensive, not something everyone can or wants to do, and probably not at all feasible on a large scale. But it’s something I think I’ll continue doing on an individual level, to reuse things that would otherwise get tossed (either by me or by the thrift store).

  2. Beth

    I’ve been using that eyelash curling technique from Beauty Bets this week and it works really well–I always had that crimped look when I used a curler but her method does make the lash curl more gently.

  3. Shaye

    Iceland in the winter is awesome! The lights may be white or silver if the aurora isn’t super-strong, but that was a great representation of the movement. 🙂

  4. Jean

    I have long admired the sloth-moth-tree-sloth poop circle of life. Adding in the algae in the aloth fur that is fed by decaying moth bodies and that becomes a food source for sloths on the go only makes the world all the more wonderful to me. Oh brave new world, that has such creatures in it!

  5. pamela gene daley

    Re this: “In contemporary fashion photography, one almost never sees smiling faces. I’ve heard all kinds of theories about why this is so, from the higher status we confer on non-smiling people (since they don’t have to please anybody or smile to look obsequious), to a smile distracting from the clothes so that it becomes more about the model than their outfit.”

    I have had to unsub from newsletters from vendors who feature fake-serious models. Like, why so sad, Hoody-Wearer? Gorgeous Dress! Why do you want to kill yourself (or someone else)? I even won’t buy from sites that feature unsmiling models! Extreme I know. There’s a simple reason for this though – non-smiley face makes the clothes or whatever you’re modeling look bad……and fake. I feel (subjective I know) I can’t trust that vendor because they are so clueless about what sells that they might be just as clueless about their product!

    And don’t get me started on the slightly open mouth look! CLOSE your mouth, for god’s sake! You’re about to drool!