Lovely Links: 2/8/13

Next Tuesday evening, I’m partnering with Springboard for the Arts and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network for a fun event titled The First Seven Seconds. The event is sold out, but you can see details here. If you’re interested in attending, I have 10 slots reserved for my readers. Drop me an e-mail and I’ll save you a spot! (No need to register via Eventbrite, just including the link for informational purposes.)

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Would love to see you at this event, where I’ll be speaking about
the intersection of style and body image!

Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well:
A lecture and Q&A by author and blogger Sally McGraw

February 23
2 – 3:30pm
St. Frances Cabrini Church, 1500 Franklin Ave SE, Minneapolis
$20 at the door ($10 for ASG members before Feb. 12, $15 after)
Sponsored by the Minneapolis/St.Paul Chapter
of the American Sewing Guild – huge thanks to the ASG for making this possible!

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Thanks to Cassandra Altmann at for interviewing me about my book!

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So much love for this post, which dishes tips for styling a suit into separates. Brilliant!

Pair riding boots with a big floral scarf for a chic, casual look.

It may have the shameless headline, “What Does It Feel Like to Be a Hot Girl Who Gets Old?” but it also has some wonderful insight and wit, including, “I love being wiser, but I do miss the days of a flawless complexion, endless flirting from strangers, and a thick mane of hair. What I DON’T miss is the automatic assumption that I wasn’t smart because I was attractive.”

Amber absolutely rocks a bow belt and polka-dot midi dress. Woo!

Take a peek at this body-positive Valentine’s Day gift guide, featuring gifts for yourself.

I think black and white are tricky choices for anyone speaking in front of a crowd, but otherwise love these tips for dressing the part when you’re the center of attention. (My thoughts here.)

Fun historical read of the week: A brief history of the flapper.

Margaret has been in recovery from an eating disorder for a long time now, but she has only just committed to giving away her “thin clothes.” Very moving and honest. (Trigger warning for eating disorder-related topics.)

I sincerely hope that someday Sarah will consider lending me her pony sweater.

Already Pretty contributor Nadine offers some thoughts on sex, body-image, and self-esteem, specifically how to help a partner who’s struggling with body image issues and what to do if those issues affect their desire for sex.

Turns out vintage dresses make great lanterns. Who knew?

Also, Super Kawaii Mama shares four reasons buying and wearing vintage is good for the soul.

If the typical “nude” hose offerings don’t match your own skin tone, consider Frangi Pangi, a line that features 10 skin tones. (Quality guaranteed, made in the U.S., and a portion of proceeds go to support hospital NICUs. Pretty fabulous company.)

This truly moving post goes out to anyone who is feeling too fat to be photographed. (Cheers, E.)

“And then there’s the kind of impermanence that’s reflected in our daily beauty labor. Any sort of beauty labor that we do, we’re doing it for effect, whether that effect is polish, sophistication, glamour, not looking like we were up too late the night before, or simply presenting an oh-so-slightly exaggerated version of what we look like ‘naturally.’ We wake up, create that effect, go about our business, fall asleep—and do it all again the next day. ”

A great reminder about the work that goes into self-love.

The latest in Audrey’s Wardrobe from Scratch series discusses fit, and offers some fabulous visuals about the basics of proper fit.

On a related note, Angie shares her tips on how to fit a tailored jacket. It’s definitely tricky.

I’m inspired by this fun, bright outfit that combines bright pink and gray stripes. Love that blazer!

Linguini bracelet! Rice boots! Eggplant dress! These are not DIYs, in case you’re wondering. (Via The Beheld)

And from the Department of Random: In case the Internet and the television and the grocery store haven’t told you yet, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Here are 10 fabulously geeky ways to say, “I love you.”


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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 2/8/13”

  1. sarah

    Okay, I’m just digging in to your good stuff this week, but when I came across this line in the “Hot Girl Gets Old” article, I knew I HAD to comment.

    “When the day comes that the only men looking at you are older than your father, sad.” According to the author, this happens in your 50s. I have to tell you, Sally, the only men who have EVER hit on me have been my father’s age or older. I am a magnet for the silver fox. I used to think it was sad, but by my mid-20s I came to appreciate these men; they’ve got polished manners, and interesting life experiences that make for great light conversation. Maybe I’m gearing up for my 50s early?