Lovely Links: 3/11/11

Hey Twin Cities! My girl Karin Jacobson is having a huge sample sale this weekend. I’ve nabbed some amazing pieces at her sample sales, and highly recommend stopping by!

Three ideas for befriending your body.

Such a tempting round-up of adorable, comfortable bright yellow shoes.

Tuesday was International Women’s Day, and Feministe collected opinion pieces about the celebration from writers living all over the world.

Are you more likely to buy something if the model looks like you?

You deserve better. Truly.

Bold, saturated brights are the big thing this spring, and The Frisky has rounded up some gorgeously bright duds for your perusal.

This post on the Male Gaze and conflating choice with feminism is a fascinating read.

Over at the Coffee Talk community, we’re talking closets. Is your closet organized?

Judi Dench narrates this concise video about how gender inequality remains widespread, problematic, and largely ignored. Daniel Craig supports. In drag.

Lest you think Minneapolis is all about parkas and snowboots, check out Minneapolis Affair.

Sarah wants to know how have you resisted the objectifying gaze?

If you want to dye your hair and wonder which shade of green – emerald, kelly, or neon – will best suit your complexion, Zoetica has the answers.

Audi is recapping our trip to New York last month, and since her camera is FAR better than mine you’ll get a much clearer idea of our doings. Literally.

I contributed to Fashionable Academics’ virtual conference: What a Feminist Looks Like.

Holier than Now gives us the 10 best shoe brands you’ve never heard of. (I’d only heard of six of ’em myself! The author deems these “affordable” brands, but that’s completely subjective.)

“No one has ever leaned across a dinner table and asked me what I’m wearing retails for; they have just leaned across and told me I looked pretty. You look beautiful because you feel beautiful – you don’t become beautiful when what you are wearing crosses a certain price point.”

And from the Department of Random:  Just watch this. (Via Mighty Girl)

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/11/11”

  1. Laura

    Awesome collection! I love the “you deserve better” post – I should print that and hang it up on the bathroom mirror.

  2. Layla

    I watched the Judi Dench/Daniel Craig video when someone sent me a link to it on youtube. What really made me angry and quite sick actually, was the comments on it. One man had actually put “If women are equal why can’t we hit them?” and the worst thing was that more than one person had liked this comment. It just made me disgusted in humanity.
    The video was great though, I thought it made its points very well.

  3. Lauren

    Sal, I love your weekly links round up. It arrives in my feed reader on Saturdays (thanks international date line!) and such a delicious collection of intelligent commentary about fashion and gender, with a mix of the fun and random, really is perfect weekend reading. Thanks!

  4. Lisa

    I have chills from watching the EQUALS video…Thank You Thank You Thank You for posting.

  5. Maythe

    Great set of links there. You just ate my morning and expanded my blogroll… again. 🙂

  6. Terri

    I sent “You Deserve Better” to a friend who is going through a really tough time right now. She then passed it on to others. Thanks sui and Sal for sharing!

  7. Ann Colville Somma

    Sally, a million thanks for the link love. And yes – VERY subjective : )

    So glad to have discovered your blog … I must have been under a rock.

  8. Elissa

    Thank you so much for including me in this week’s links. You made my year! Your blog inspired me to start my own, so this is a real honor.