Lovely Links: 3/1/13

Coming up, a reading and book signing at Subtext: A Bookstore in St. Paul!
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March 27
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A few purchasing tips for women who’d like to wear dresses but have a much smaller top than bottom size. (Similar post on separates here.)

Navy, mustard, and burgundy is one of my absolute favorite color combinations right now. (See?)

We think it’s necessary to bash ourselves. We think it is appropriate to hate ourselves. We think that body bashing builds camaraderie, that it makes us approachable, that it shows humility, that it is what nice girls do. It doesn’t. It is not. We need to stop it.”

A graphic print sweater and sneaker wedges pair up in Gabi’s on-trend ensemble.

Patti shares some tips for laundering and caring for delicate clothing.

Grass green and periwinkle make for a marvelously spring-y combination.

Eight amazing women entrepreneurs share the reasons they love themselves. So inspiring. (Via Weesha’s World)

Reader Susan pointed me to the work of Kate Fletcher, who is doing a lot of thought-provoking writing on craft, use, and sustainability. I’m particularly intrigued by the Use Practices tab on her Local Wisdom site. Love the ideas of alternative dress codes, intensive use, and exploring value.

Oh, how I adore this turquoise leather midi skirt. Never thought I’d hear myself say that, but it’s true!

A recent study indicates that peer influence might have more impact on individual body image than media exposure.

This roundup of curvy and plus-sized style bloggers included a few that were new to me, and that I immediately added to my reading list.

Eboni creates a fun and punchy outfit with an all-black base and super-bright coat. Also see the linkup at the bottom of her post for more inspiration.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls will be launching online shopping sites, though no details yet as to when.

I adore this fabulously modern take on boho chic.

Lisa at Sociological Images has some interesting theories about why high heeled shoes take up so much real estate at most shoe stores, and how wearing heels creates certain social distinctions among women.

Huge thanks to Woodbury Magazine for their fantastic story about my style consults. Equally huge thanks to my client London for contributing to the story!

This perfectly slouchy casual ensemble is making me long for springy temperatures.

Finally found a post that put a name to the woman whose style I’ve been admiring for ages over on Pinterest: Stylist Elisa Nalin. She adores color, accessorizes beautifully, and looks radiantly happy in most of her photos.

How fantastic are these heart-print tights?

Speaking of tights, this post has some helpful recommendations for winter hosiery, including brands, colors, and denier.

Cannot WAIT to get my hands on the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics products. I’m still hoarding the last drops of my serum and shea cream from her old line.

A black base makes this bold print mix look fun and natural.

Can middle aged ladies wear biker jackets? Lisa says yes. I concur.

Responding to yet another article that outlines what feminists should/shouldn’t be, the Vagenda team responds, “So this is my first issue with the piece. That, as feminists, we have to be this, or we have to be that. We can’t be both, or many things, or everything.” (Not safe for work due to frequent f-bombs.)

And from the Department of Random: Daily Dishonesty

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15 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/1/13”

  1. Rocquelle

    Sally, you always have the best links!!! I’ve been looking for a turquoise leather skirt on Etsy since seeing it on Zarna earlier this week.

  2. Judy Carpenter

    I’m always finding interesting things when you do this sort of post. I live in Tennessee so I don’t have much access to you but your posts are must reads to me.

  3. Miss T

    Re: tights and other hosiery, maybe I’m dating myself, but I don’t understand why people feel the only option they have for pantyhose is to match their skin tone. I grew up in an era when women wore many shades of sheer pantyhose, most of which were not “skin toned” at all — it’s was a lovely and fun look! Just like with tights today, it was fun to accentuate the color of my pantyhose to the outfit. For example, I am very fair, and routinely wore pantyhose in white lace, soft taupe, black (both sheer and ultra sheer), and my favorite color was “lilac” — it was a subtle and light shade of pinkish-lavender that matched a lot of my clothing at the time. I even had a pair of sheer cobalt blue panyhose that perfectly matched a dress I had. Personally, I just can’t wear tights, I hate the restrictive feeling and the thickness of them. But, pantyhose have always been comfortable for me, and I enjoy the professional and polished look of them. I think what’s missing in fashion right now is the fun-fashion version of pantyhose. Everything is some sort of attempt at “skin tone”; no color options except in tights. At the moment, colored pantyhose are not “in”, but as we know in fashion, they will be again at some point.

  4. Rebecca

    Great post! I really enjoyed reading about shoes and status. SO TRUE! Finding attractive, practical flat shoes is nearly impossible!

  5. Cassie

    Just stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest!

    I am in love with the body-confident concept behind your blog. What a wonderful, powerful idea! As a curvy petite fashion blogger, it’s great to see links to some of my favorite fellow bloggers. Thanks for being a source of uplifting energy and intellectual discourse about fashion, feminism, culture, and body image!



  6. Katha Strophe

    Thank you so much for including my outfit post!

    I always find so many amazing things and some of my favourite blogs through your links.

  7. Lisa

    Thank you Sal. I particularly enjoyed the link about high heels. I think I disagree with her, as I feel like low heels are actually now a signal of the upper classes, but any kind of discussion on class and fashion is so interesting.

  8. Robby

    I love that this is a fashion blog AND you linked to sociological images. I am a professor of sociology and I love fashion blogs. Your blog is awesome in so many ways, but my favorite part is that you teach us to love our bodies and ourselves. Great reading. And I have learned about so many great body-positive blogs through your site.


    • Sally

      Thank you so much, Robby! I adore the folks at Sociological Images – I learn a ton from them.

  9. Lisa - respect the shoes

    This weekly round-up is one of my fave features of yours – it’s a great way for me to find new blogs and interesting topics to check out. (And thanks for the mention!)

  10. Bekka

    I always love your links! Such a great mix of style love and self-love and thinky thoughts. And I think there must be a mind meld on navy/burgundy/mustard, I’m trying to space out my love for the combo to once a week at the moment, but it’s all I want to wear til spring, and I don’t know why.

  11. Alex

    Thanks for the article, very insightful. I’ve added your site to my favourites.