Lovely Links: 3/15/13

If you read my blog through Google Reader, you have no doubt heard that the service will shut down on July 1. You can continue to follow my blog using Bloglovin, and here are six other alternative RSS readers.

Please excuse me while I plug my dad’s book one more time: I interviewed him about his career and the book process. Check it out! And pick up your copy here.

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Coming up, a reading and book signing at Subtext: A Bookstore in St. Paul!
I’ll be speaking about my personal style journey, read an excerpt, answer questions,
and sign books.

March 27
7 p.m.
Subtext, 165 Western Ave N., St. Paul

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Can’t find the exact pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming about? Design them yourself.

Monochrome red is fabulous. Monochrome bright red head to toe is super fabulous.

TomboyX is hoping to create and sell clothes that will fit and work for self-described tomboys of all ages and body types.

Just like Ragen, the phrase “problem areas” makes me cringe.

Why are there no recognizable new fashion critics? You would think, with an abundance of free media for the taking, one or two strong fresh voices would rise to challenge the established names and push this type of writing further.”

Marcy looks utterly radiant in cobalt blue.

The recently released Body Image Survival Guide for Parents offers advice for toddlers through teens, and includes guidance for parents of both boys and girls.

I love happy endings. Mamma Biscuit started in a puppy mill, but is now a doted-upon doggy fashionista.

Tyler presented as female for 19 years. When he began to transition to a male-presenting person at age 20, he became increasingly disgusted with how frequently both men and women excuse appalling, aggressive, and insulting behavior perpetrated by men against women. He has some thoughts for anyone who uses the phrase, “boys will be boys” to excuse such behaviors.

Today is Rosie Molinary’s All Natural Day. Did anyone participate?

Check out these easy and updated ways to style graphic tees. I love pairing mine with skirts, though I go for full instead of pencil.

This was a tough read, but mind-opening. Don’t tell me to love my body. The author says, “Maybe the fact that I don’t love my body isn’t really an issue. Maybe the problem is that everyone thinks I should love my body. That loving my body is some kind of standard of womanly goodness in and of itself.”

And on the total flip side, graffiti artist Jessica Sabogal writes about her new exhibit, Better Than Perfect, which kicks off her “Women Are Perfect! (If You Let Them)” Campaign.

Lisa accents a blue-green pattern mix with red accessories. Because she’s bold like that.

Corporette asks can you wear Geek Chic glasses in a conservative office environment?

Because it can still feel odd and awkward, here are some tips on how to take a compliment.

“It’s such a cold-hearted way to go through the world, which is the only way I can think to describe a mindset in which everyone – even your friends – are competition. Instead, why not try to be a source of positivity? Why not admire other women you find beautiful or accomplished? … You don’t have to be best friends with every woman you meet – you don’t even have to like them – but you don’t have to actively try to tear them down, either.”

yellow and white striped dress looks marvelously springy paired with a red bow bag and leopard heels.

I participated in a HuffPost Live chat with Fashion Star’s Louise Roe this week in which we discussed making current trends work! See the full interview here. (I’m toward the end.)

If the notion of drawing inspiration from editorials exhausts you, check out this post that explains how to put together real outfits based on magazine photos. (Via The Beheld)

Why do we compare ourselves to others? Why do we do something that so often means we come off second best, feeling less than, and struggling to recognise what we already have but aren’t valuing enough?”

And from the Department of Random: If you really want to have a trippy afternoon, try listening to Hey Jude in a minor key. (Among others. Californication in major is pretty odd, too.)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/15/13”

  1. Trina

    Thanks for the links on some alternatives to Google Reader. I have not been a happy camper after hearing about Google Reader going away. I use that function multiple times a day and have been been wondering where to get started on looking for a substitute. You gave me some good places to start my search.

  2. Divers and Sundry

    i appreciate the suggestions for google reader alternatives. i use it off and on all day and keep up with almost everything through google reader. i will miss it.

  3. Suze

    Thanks for the reader suggestions. I switched over to feedly without a hitch and like it better thank Google Reader. And it works on my Google tablet, too.

    • Sally

      I’m not familiar with the blogroll option, LaTonya, sorry. Is it part of reader or another Google product? Anyone else know of it?

  4. Elizabeth

    Hi Sally,
    This is the first time I’ve commented on your blog, but have been following it since January. I’m a new blogger and appreciate all the awesome tips you provide. You have a similar body type to mine, so it’s nice to see how I might look in similar outfits. My favorite link you posted above is for MajorMinor. What a trippy concept to hear the music played in the opposite keys from which they were originally written.