Lovely Links: 3/18/16

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Somehow, this is comfy to her. What a goofball.

Loved this interview with Patti of Not Dead Yet Style. She’s a trailblazer!

Fat fashion is inherently political. No, that doesn’t mean every fat person who gets dressed in the morning is thinking about the social implications of their outfit, or the potential a particular ensemble could have to spark thought in someone who sees it. Nor should every fat person have to do so. But it does mean that when you grow up in a culture with deeply rooted distaste for your body type, actively breaking the guidelines that culture has molded for you is always going to feel like an act of subversion.”

Never one to shy away from color, Joi does pink, orange, and teal together.

5 Ways to Share Your Fitness Life on Social Media More Thoughtfully

Everlane’s street ankle boot looks edgy yet comfy.

The Spotlight Effect was studied and what was interesting in the findings is that very few people are really noticing particular aspects of your clothes or body (those things you think of as flaws and you think are so super apparent to everyone, all the time).

I’m parting with my black Diesel boots as well as this pair and these faux leather leggings on eBay! And coated jeans and my blue Marni sandals on The Realreal (they’re listed as size 7, but I’m an 8 and they fit me)!

Target + Marimekko = SWOON

Kim shows us that petite ladies absolutely can embrace midi dresses – love her blush-colored lace. And petite plus blogger Cassie rocks a wonderfully colorful midi skirt, too!

My Yigal obsession continues – outfit post to follow of a 4-in-one leather jacket nabbed off The Realreal at 80% off retail. No lie.

“I think we need body positivity, especially as a radical expression of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in fat bodies. I also think we need an in-between stage for the folks who look at body love and feel daunted by the seemingly insurmountable task.”

Beck is a knockout in her asymmetric-hem LBD.

Maybe I’m more out-of-it than I realize, but this absolutely shocked me: In a recent survey, women admitted to adopting a ‘wear it once culture,’ throwing away or donating clothes after only a few wears so they aren’t pictured in same outfit twice on social media. This is NOT OK.

Instead, take a page from Gracey’s book and repurpose an entire outfit for the new season proudly!!

Barking Dog Shoes rounded up incredibly comfortable sandals, all under $70.

London hosted Fifty Plus Fashion Week this year. Although creating separate fashion events may seem like baby steps, here’s hoping this leads to more diverse casting overall someday.

Still a little obsessed with ear jackets and this constellation-inspired pair is calling to me.

Every single one of Ace’s outfits brings to mind the word “impeccable.”

This is a VERY tough read about one woman’s struggles with disordered eating that were compounded by Lupus, but has important messages about marginalization and visibility.

How to resolve style conflicts within your outfits – fascinating!

Irregular Choice – already renowned for their over-the-top quirky designs – has created a mind-blowing collection of Alice in Wonderland-inspired shoes. Zounds.

On I outlined the pitfalls of thrift shopping and offered some affordable alternatives to favorite mall brands.

So excited to find a nearly opaque, top-quality white tee from Fair Indigo. Sustainable, stylish, comfy.

Annette always does a marvelous job of showing how leather jackets and skirts can be worked into more classic, conservative outfits.

7 Ways to Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Skin Without Losing Weight

And from the Department of Random: Contronyms. WHOA.

Also: If you loved “OK Computer,” believe me when I say that “Radiodread” is utterly amazing.

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  1. Lisa

    It’s SO not OK to wear something only once because of social media exposure. So many things wrong with that.