Lovely Links: 3/20/15

Weekly Kitty:


Watching me work out in the living room EXHAUSTS Simon Kitty.

Considering some spring closet cleaning? Here’s your playlist: Goodbye To All That: Music To Throw Out Clothing To

Infographics can feel a bit contrived, but I was pleasantly surprised by this interesting and helpful infographic on self-compassion and how to practice it.

“… underlying the premises of these essays is the assumption that all of womankind, when confronted by a woman with visible pregnancy abs or a digitally-smoothed mons pubis, will fall to the ground in paroxysms of self-hatred before marching en masse to the gym/the wine aisle/the plastic surgeon to fix this problem we didn’t even know we had.”

Tiffany’s sequin star mini skirt looks utterly perfect with black tights and a chic slogan sweater.

I’ve overdyed bunches of clothes in my time, but never considered using overdying to tweak the color of a garment ever so slightly. Brilliant.

Your body is an ocean. (Via Yum & Yuk)

These Julian Hakes squiggle shoes blow my mind. I could break my leg in under 4 seconds trying to walk around in them … but they’re still mesmerizing to behold.

The straight leg is the jean and trouser cut of the moment. This post outlines straight leg variations and how to style them.

Why being told that you “look like a lesbian” isn’t an insult.

Thanks to fellow style writer Lisa Koivu for interviewing me for the Budget Style channel!

Speaking of, I’ve posted about where to shop for wedding guest dresses, online tools for tracking sales and markdowns, and resources for artist-designed graphic tees.

Marlen’s super creative outfit illustrates some techniques for spring transitional outfit assembly.

Three great fashion documentaries are now streaming on Netflix, including the charming “Bill Cunningham New York.”

“… fat talk is not a harmless social-bonding ritual. According to an analysis of several studies that my colleagues and I published in 2012 in the Psychology of Women Quarterly, fat talk was linked with body shame, body dissatisfaction and eating-disordered behavior. Fat talk does not motivate women to make healthier choices or take care of their bodies; in fact, the feelings of shame it brings about tend to encourage the opposite.” (Cheers, Lisa)

Allie offers her picks for well-made, office-friendly ankle pants.

I bit the bullet and ordered these studded, angular ankle boots. I have the feeling they’ll be better in theory than practice, but we shall see.

Tips for using Pinterest to build better outfits

Kelly’s zip-pocket jeans and burgundy hat are both so very covetable.

I find body shape guides to have extremely limited use, but this author asserts they are actively harmful. She also believes that all figure-flattery advice is shaming, either overtly or covertly. Here’s why I disagree.

Two utterly amazing outfits from Sandra: Windowpane suit with citron and purple, and also polka dot skirt with burgundy and white. Love them both so much!

Transgender teen Jazz Jennings is the new face of Clean & Clear

Grechen highlights some barre and yoga-wear brands whose garments are made in the U.S.A.

We use this appreciative comments/compliments exercise in the final LOTT workshop. It’s always emotionally rewarding for the fellows.

Gingham and an African print skirt with red accents? Yes please.

Piperlime will be going dark soon, and they’re adding new items to their sale section every day. I’m hoping they clear out their Frye stock eventually.

Last week Selfridges launched their Agender collection, with brands, garments, and merchandising meant to reflect gender-neutral dressing preferences.

Related: Will genderless/unisex fashion become a durable commercial reality? (Via The Fashion Law)

Actress Tatiana Maslany describes how she’s seen the “strong women” mandate in entertainment writing get warped. And if you’re not already watching “Orphan Black,” get on it. Right now.

This simple beaded chevron necklace is the perfect middle layer to a three-necklace grouping.

What would happen if we let fat people be happy? Probably not the worldwide catastrophe often imagined and outlined in sizeist rhetoric.

An extremely detailed guide to spotting counterfeit designer bags. Interesting facts about manufacturing and branding processes, even if you’re never going to pony up for a Birkin.

Lisa uses sparkly cluster earrings as lapel pins. Because she’s a genius.

And from the Department of Random: Good luck, Satan!

Also: I don’t even care that this is a commercial for phones that shows absolutely no phones. I want to watch that rock hyrax riding that tortoise over and over again. Also baby rhino and sheep. Also all of it. (Song is from Disney’s “Robin Hood,” in case you didn’t recognize it. And to get even randomer, there is a scene in that movie that features the University of Wisconsin fight song. This is a fact that remains in my brain, making less room for algebra.)

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8 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/20/15”

  1. Darra Ballance

    Great links in this roundup! I think I have too many tabs open on my browser now! And that video is awesome–Robin Hood was my favorite movie as a child.

  2. Dust. Wind. Bun.

    Heh, I laughed at the “look like a lesbian” thing. I wasn’t always this chill about it (though even in my insecure school days I’d have preferred “lesbian” over “boy”), but these days I’ve noticed that all the lesbians I know are sharp-looking and so are the women they tend to be attracted to, so I feel like if someone thinks I look like I could be one of them, that’s actually a pretty sweet compliment, right? And, people always say that women dress for other women, and women are more critical of other women’s appearances (whether that’s true or not), so if you say I look like a lesbian, you’re telling me I look good enough for supposedly-critical other women to think I’m attractive.

    I don’t get that reaction much these days, as I don’t really spend much time talking to people who a) can see me and b) don’t already know me. I suppose some of it is the boob-coefficient – seems like if you have proportionately big boobs, people are more likely to assume you look like you like men (which sucks for non-straight ladies, because you can have boobs and like them too). But at this point, if someone said that to me, I’d likely just thank them!

  3. Ginger Bellerud-Corthell

    Oh my, I thought I was the only one who loved that Android commercial that much. I tear up when I see the orangutan and dog friends. Maybe it’s just hormones, but the clip and the song choice just makes my heart happy.

  4. Maegan McHugh

    I love Lovely Links every week! I cleaned out my closets to my Roxette mix on Pandora. It was awesome.

  5. Edith

    That is a bunch of awesome links, Thank you! I will use the playlist today.
    My dog gets completely exhausted from watching me clean, I guess that counts as a workout.
    also, finally an explanation why I can’t remember facts for the life of me.. way to much room for algebra in my head 🙂