Lovely Links: 3/21/14

The Budget Babe rounds up some darling pastel pieces for under $50.

Kasmira’s floral-print maxi is glorious, and so perfect with a chambray shirt and chunky Western belt.

And in other floral news, love how Thamarr has styled this dark floral dress for spring.

Reader J pointed out that bloggers who write about being small-busted aren’t as common as bloggers who focus on resources for large busts. You can find some great roundups of small busted bloggers here and here.

Here are some super simple tips for keeping your leather bags in tip-top shape.

My latest piece for Rewire is about PBS icons and their signature styles. Mr. Rogers! Julia Child! Norm Abram!

“I think that #banbossy is well-intentioned, and that there are many valid perspectives on the campaign. I also think that Sandberg has done feminism a service by spurring meaningful discussion about the achievement/leadership gap. But focusing on a single word isn’t the best way to teach young girls how to persevere in the face of intense pressure to step out of the spotlight and into the perceived safety of the shadows.”

I never would’ve thought to pair orange with mint green, but it totally works. Especially with some denim in the mix.

In light of this week’s post about wedding dresses, I was excited to find this roundup of comfy bridal shoes.

Having shopped at COS in London and worn my two sweater tunics TO DEATH over the winter, I’m stoked to hear the chain will be coming to the US soon.

What a fabulous rain-ready outfit. Complete with wellies!

Two stylish friends swap fully styled outfits and discuss how it feels to wear someone else’s clothes and how it feels to see a pal wearing your own duds.

Love this roundup of 10 recycled/upcycled hair accessories for spring.

Shay implores her fellow plus-sized women to think twice before complaining about high price points, especially when those prices are attached to items that have been meticulously designed to work with a variety of plus-sized figures.

As usual, Kelly hits on the perfect mix of polished and casual.

This roundup includes eight great places to shop if you petite and plus-sized.

This in-depth piece on cellulite explores what it is, explains why it is prevalent in women and typically on the thighs and ‘tocks, and summarizes common “treatments” including input on what may or may not work. I find the use of the word “over-fat” odd and unecessary, but since cellulite is something that so many women of all shapes, sizes, and ages have and hate, I wanted to share this. It’s a great overview and fabulous reminder that cellulite is natural, normal, common, and nothing to be ashamed of. (Via Feminist Figure Girl)

Yet another gorgeous crop top has caught my eye – striped and paired with a full skirt. I feel a copycat outfit coming on …

Would these 10 principles for building the perfect wardrobe work for you?

Her body was not wrong.

Imaan knocks it out of the park yet again with a flowy shirtdress over skinny jeans.

AP contributor Cassie has opened an Etsy shop, with some fabulously sparkly handcrafted jewelry!

Attempting to deconstruct hierarchies of taste in the fashion industry reminds people of the precariousness of their position. Fashion’s power figures enjoy being arbiters of style and taste, and fear that we—the unwashed masses—may wake up one day and be able to determine for ourselves what looks good. Still, I don’t necessarily think that fashion criticism is a bad thing in itself because I value the historical knowledge that writers bring into the conversation, even if I don’t agree with their overall observation. But now that I am aware of the social logic behind taste, and how closely taste is linked to cultural capital, I no longer have to wonder why these critics’ opinions differ so greatly from my own.” (Via Final Fashion)

Natalie has held onto these silk strap sandals for 13 years. And they still look fresh and chic.

An interesting perspective: Self-hate as a path to self-love.

Worn Through offers a brain-bending roundup of articles and papers on fashion and individuality, touching on Converse All-Stars, co-branding, and more.

Lemon print sweater. SUCH love. And perfect with black accents.

Here are five lessons a good tailor can teach you about fit and figure.

The Closet Feminist is ready for a new conversation about cultural appropriation in fashion.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 67 bajillion times: Florals and stripes are magnificent together.

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/21/14”

  1. Shawna McComber

    Great links as always! I particularly enjoyed the ten principles, deconstructing hierarchies and the conversation on cultural appropriation!

  2. ballewal

    Re: the 10 principles…

    I fail at #1. There is nothing in my closet or drawers that I love 100%. There are some combinations that I love up to maybe 90% but nothing that I love totally and completely. I’m not sure why that is.