Lovely Links: 3/2/12

One last round of thanks to EVERYONE who contributed to Body Image Warrior Week, and thanks to NEDA for their support!

On a related note, here’s an interview that illustrates how eating disorders affect women of ALL ages.

This bird print dress looks unbearably chic against those bright magenta tights.

Wonderful reader H e-mailed me with a question about dressing for modesty, which reminded me to point any interested parties to the Clothed Much posts on modesty. You’ll find a wealth of ideas and tips from women who dress modestly for a variety of reasons.

Emerald shares a few fun and creative ways to wear and style stripes.

This bold ensemble is a great reminder that white pants can and should be worn year-round!

Marvelous reader Aris pointed me to a blog called His Black Dress, with the tagline, “A freestyle fashion blog advocating fashion freedom for men. This is about men rocking skirts, dresses, & heels as everyday attire.”

Pale pink and black always look so funky and fun when paired.

Autumn explains why a campaign that aims to combat appearance anxiety in people with eating disorders may have missed the mark.

Still just lovin’ the bib-necklace-as-necktie look. Such a fun way to spice up a button-front shirt.

After all these centuries, we’re still cinching and padding our bodies.

I adore neutral-free ensembles, and this pink and cornflower blue masterpiece is no exception.

This guide to finding a blazer that fits your body properly is absolutely top-notch.

And once you’ve mastered those tips, check out this post from the Budget Babe, which rounds up five colorful blazers, all under $50.

I’m a big fan of being nice whenever you can, so I loved this post that delineates many common reasons we act nice AND the associated pitfalls.

Who doesn’t love a strong shoulder?

Pastels are overtaking spring fashion, and College Candy has a cute roundup of minty green pieces.

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer has been faithful to designer Tadashi Shoji for nearly all of her red carpet appearances, and she looks SMASHING in every single gown.

BrokeElizabeth explains why and how she washes her clothes by hand. Every night. I’m in awe.

This sassy, spring-y, cropped-pant-based ensemble is making me wish SO HARD for warm weather.

Check out this fabulous DIY tutorial for refashioning a thrifted silk blouse!

I might just have to copy Cheryl’s vest-and-tie menswear-inspired look.

“The definition of beauty is changing all the time and is dramatically different based on context, culture, and the ever-changing whims of the media. Being beautiful and staying beautiful can be a stressful and complicated endeavor.”

Stephanie is in Iceland. Not only do her photos make me miss that quirky country, but her chic outfit puts everything I packed for my own Icelandic voyage to shame.

And from the Department of Random: Animals Talking in All Caps (Cheers, Katharine!)

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/2/12”

  1. Thursday

    How awesome is His Black Dress? What a stylish guy. Thanks for the link!

  2. notemily

    The link to the modesty-focused blog made me think about what exactly dressing modestly means, and I think it means different things to different people. Do you want your clothes to cover more skin, but don’t care if they are form-fitting? Do you want your clothes to be looser and less form-fitting? Maybe you have religious obligations and you have to cover certain bits. For example, Orthodox Jewish women have to wear long skirts, and there was a post on the blog about dressing with a Hijab. Maybe you’re self-conscious about a certain body part, like your arms, and want that part covered specifically. It’s interesting to think about all the different things “modest” can mean.

  3. xtine

    My mind is thoroughly blown by His Black Dress. I love his style and I want to visit his shoe collection!

  4. Nethwen

    Everyone says that washing clothes by hand makes them last longer, but when I only had access to a washing machine once a month and less than a week’s worth of clothes, I hand washed every night and my clothes got holes in them and pilled far more quickly than they ever did when I machine washed them once a week. All I did was soak them in the sink for about five minutes, scrub the soiled parts against my knuckles, rinse, twist the excess water out, and roll in a towel to absorb as much water as possible before hanging up to dry. Plus, I had to be extra vigilant when scrubbing “travel” underwear or else it didn’t come clean at all – frustrating considering the garment is supposed to be designed for hand washing. Maybe a scrub brush would have helped.

    Now I have some shirts that can only be hand washed and I have to soak them for at least 30 minutes and really scrub against my knuckles to get the smell out of the armpits.

    All this is to say, for smell removal and clothing longevity, I vote for the washing machine on cold and rack drying.

    • Erika A

      Ditto to this! I handwash tights and bras because the agitator on the top-loading washer just destroys them, but nearly everything else that says “handwash” I throw on the “delicates” cycle with a little borax.

  5. JG

    Thanks so much for the link love! I too am salivating for spring…