Lovely Links: 3/22/13

This coming Monday, I’ll be teaching my Learning to Dress Your Best course, and there’s still room for you! Details here.

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Also coming up next week, a reading and book signing at Subtext: A Bookstore in St. Paul!
I’ll be speaking about my personal style journey, read an excerpt, answer questions,
and sign books.

March 27
7 p.m.
Subtext, 165 Western Ave N., St. Paul

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This recap of a recent panel discussion summarizes how a handful of prominent fashion critics defended their craft. (Cheers, Amelia.)

This flirty floral frock is making me long for spring!

It’s a well known fact that brows lighter than your locks just look ‘weird,’ but why is that? Because we all need some level of sameness to feel comfortable when we gaze into one another’s eyes?”

Golda is gearing up for a TEDx talk about body love, and she needs your input and submissions!

Good point, Stephen Colbert.

“When I blow dry my hair after a shower, I look at my body in the mirror, and the familiar internal conversation begins. First there is the still present feeling of surprise. That’s me? Then comes the uncontrollable feeling of disgust constricting my throat. But on its heels the thought: wait a minute, these scars are sacred, they represent one of the most significant stories within my story, something I don’t want to forget, and there, right there is evidence of my own rebirth into something more.” (Thanks, Natasha and Brenda)

Love the look of a bow tie in a casual-formal mix.

A staunch feminist and active critic of the diet industry and narrow beauty standards, Jessica Wakeman joined Weight Watchers. She explains why in this post.

I’m a die-hard tunic lover, and this forest-print tunic is a great take on a classic piece. Stephanie’s chunky heels are pretty fabulous, too.

Recently, Elle published a roundup of innovative new shopping, consigning, and swapping sites. I’ve joined The Real Real which offers consigned designer items, many at amazing prices.

The proportions and artful layers in this rugged dress and mini skirt outfit are fantastic.

Local Twin Cities folks, this panel discussion on street harassment is coming up in early April, and promises to give attendees concrete tools for dealing with harassment themselves.

Polka dot pants and polka dot flats in one outfit? I squealed with glee. Yes, I’m a dork.

Tips and visuals for making a denim jacket work all year long.

“I write about body image because every day we’re told we’re unworthy unless we weigh a certain number or look a certain way. Every day many of us feel a palpable pressure to focus on our physical appearance at all costs.”

Not exactly surprising, but nonetheless stomach-turning: 1950s beauty pageant judging guidelines look suspiciously like 4-H judging guidelines. Gotta wonder if they use anything similar these days.

Grown and Curvy Woman is busting out the bright colors for spring!

The You Look Fab team has revamped and redesigned, and everything is MUCH easier to find now.

Snuck in a bonus casual outfit over on Facebook. Featuring: Gobs of snow.

“Why do queries about neck hair yield cries of acceptance, while queries about any other form of body hair yields advice, recommendations, tips, tricks, products? When I posed this question to a friend, she pointed out that even though neck hair falls below the full hairline, it’s still on our heads, and women’s locks are ‘supposed’ to be long and luxurious—and what’s more luxurious than abundance?”

I’ll definitely be combining lavender, red, and navy in future outfits. Such a great way to balance pale pastels.

It warms my heart to know that Elementary Feminisms exists.

Great advice on finding your best neutral for blondes and brunettes.

FASCINATING dissection of the viral distribution of a photo of mannequins at Swedish department store Åhléns, one of which was curvier than you typically see in mall stores. So much missing or incorrect info surrounding this lauded and hated image.

If you’re looking for a fashion-focused source of inspiration and eye-candy, check out Pose. (You can find me here.) They’ve got great apps for browsing on the go, too!

Bra expert K-Line gives her thoughts on Bratabase, a database and community about – what else? – bras.

“Whether you’re considered ugly, beautiful, or anything in-between, nobody has it easy in a culture where there is so much emphasis on appearances … especially if you are female. As a woman, you really can’t win in this arena. Yet, we’re taught it is the only game in town worth playing.” (Via The Beheld)

And from the Department of Random: Daily Odd Compliment.

Additionally: An excerpt from Teri Gross’s interview with Maurice Sendak in 2012, illustrated by Christoph Niemann. Keep tissues on hand. (Thanks, Tehilah.)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/22/13”

  1. Arianna

    Thanks so much for linking to Worn Through again! The photo of the Swedish mannequins in itself is interesting and important, but it had been discussed so much that I thought I should take a new angle…

    Great list of engaging links–there goes the whole weekend!

    Contributor and Book Editor
    Worn Through

  2. Amy

    But… where are the facebook post leggings from? I must have them!

    • Sally

      Hee. They’re Hue brand, bought several years ago at Nordstrom Rack. Not sure if they’re available anymore, sorry, Amy!

  3. Nihongo Dame Desu

    I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t know this, and yet there *have* to be others. How do I know if I am “warm” or “cool”? People always talk about that, as well as things like “olive” undertones, and my skin just looks… skin colored to me. I’d love to see a post on this, as well as on determining face shape. I’ve seen many sunglasses guides that point out what shape frames are good with what face shape, but I can’t figure out how to determine if I’m a heart od round or square or oval.

  4. Jean

    The Maurice Sendak tribute is beautiful. Thank you for sharing that!