Lovely Links: 3/24/17

Weekly Kitty:

I love it when she stretches like this.

“We reveal ourselves in the way we treat those who challenge us. Women are generally framed as each other’s competitors, but when we play into this, we are alienated from those who could otherwise be our strongest allies. Rivalry is ultimately a losing game.”

Catherine is fed up with “diverse” fashion editorials that omit older women and being told not to wear trends past a certain age.

Byrdie teams her military jacket with skinnies and peep-toes for a marvelously spring-y look.

Pure Handknit is a sustainable brand that’s usually breathtakingly expensive, but Amazon’s got several cute pieces on sale for $30 or less.

“I don’t wear my hijab for others so they could think I’m a good, practicing Muslim girl. Nah. I do it because it is me, it is my crown, my shield. It tells people that I’m strong in my belief whether I say it or not. I’m proud and loud of who I am.”

Bianca does head-to-toe black in layers with a killer pair of wedge boots. Love Stephanie’s diaphanous black layers, too.

Allie created a pair of “period pants” … and got death threats when she posted them.

This super simple flared skirt is ridiculously versatile, and sustainably made in Canada!

Over on GoDaddy Garage, I wrote about how important it is for women entrepreneurs to support each other.

“The new-era merchants’ dogma is that differentiating individual shoppers is the best way to maximize profits. A retailing requirement is therefore to learn as much as possible about people and their shopping habits so the merchant can show them the right goods with the right messages at the right moments. Merchants can offer different people different prices for the same products—not only online but also in the aisles, via smartphones—based on what they know about them.” (Via YLF)

I’m with Kellie: Track pants are a trend sent from heaven.

If you love the look of trendy shoe styles like slip-on sneakers and super-flat ballet flats but need more support? This post is for you.

How Clothes Helped Female Leaders Convey the Struggle for Civil Rights

Greetje’s olive dress and cognac boots look marvelously sophisticated with her arty necklace and sleek overcoat.

Leah rounds up six ethical brands that have a similarly Boho vibe to Free People. Also excited to hear about Uniform, an African-made brand that’s got the trendy aesthetic and low price-points of Zara but made sustainably.
7 Ways To Resist Eurocentric Beauty Standards (And Move Towards Radical Self-Love)

Woohoo! Trend-focused brand Eloquii is now offering petite plus sizes!

“Unless you’re a professional model—or particularly at ease with nudity—agreeing to partake in a topless photo shoot is not something you might readily embrace. But this past January, with the encouragement of my friend and organizer of the photo shoot, Rukiya Newton, I, along with seven other women, did just that. With the intention of both challenging and celebrating our bodies in all of their various shapes, tones, and sizes, we gathered for what was one of the most nerve-racking yet exhilarating experiences many of us will ever have.” (Not safe for work viewing)

Dana layers a button-front under a chunky turtleneck sweater and it looks amazing.

Several sizes/colors of this sustainable Threads 4 Thought tank are on sale for $4.12! Their styles usually run small, but this one’s true to size.

How To Look Like A Reddit Troll’s Worst Nightmare

Angie explains why she prefers dressy trousers, but actually wears her jeans more often.

Speaking of trousers, Allison’s printed pair looks fantastic in this menswear mix.

Huge thanks to Cath for introducing me to Kimberly Clark’s anti-haul videos. GOLDMINE.

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