Lovely Links: 3/26/10

One of my bestest friends-I’ve-not-yet-met, the hilarious Imelda Matt, launched an Aussie streetstyle blog a few months back, and I somehow missed it. Please do check out The Style Tyrant. It’ll blow your mind.

An eye-opening roundup of top notch body image-boosting posts.

OK, I occasionally concoct a post-worthy DIY project, but I can’t say I see myself as a true user-maker. Do you?

Kasmira talks a little about how blogging has made her less judgmental of others’ style choices. And braver about her own.

So we agree that people pry into issues that are none of their business. But why? Could it be that we’ve forgotten how to talk to each other fairly, diplomatically, and purposefully?

Peter learned the hard way that he shouldn’t tell his husband how to dress.

Is this jewelry-overload look a bit much? Yes. Do I adore it with every fiber of my being? Yes, yes, oh yes I do.

Tomorrow is SWAN day! So many of my favorite women are artists, and so many of my favorite artists are women, I’m delighted to hear there’s an entire day celebrating them.

Get the scoop on the five hottest colors for spring.

Remember: Fashion, as a verb, means to create. Dressing is a creative act.

I long for a set of WendyB’s swear rings – just check ’em out on Audi! – but I’m so attached to my everyday rings I’m not sure I could swing them. Her new asterisk ring, though? Yes please!

I think these Polaroid silk scarves are brilliant.

What were women into back in 1974? Find out here.

I give it one more full week before I break down and start riding my bike to work, even if it’s dark as night and 29 degrees in the morning!

And from the Department of Random, HM and I will be visiting Iceland this coming August, as I mentioned earlier today. I tweeted about our plans and Iceland responded. Yes, the whole country. Which led me to Iceland’s Facebook page and my friends, I’ve hardly seen a funnier one. Even if you never plan to visit the country, peek in. The conversations are a hoot. As are the photo captions – see the volcano eruption shots for some giggles.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/26/10”

  1. kjlangford

    thanks for linking me, Sal! I hope both creative and non-creatives (if there is such a thing…) will find it helpful.

  2. La Historiadora de Moda

    I just ordered my very own Wendy B. swear rings today, and I cannot f@#!ing wait to get them and wear them!

    I have never been to Iceland but I am so excited for your trip! It will be epic.

    Thank you so much for including me here, Sal.

  3. WendyB

    P.S. I still wanna take you into a new realm of ring behavior!

  4. tula

    Thank you, Sal, for spreading the 1974 love. And, of course, your hair looks fabulous. xoxo

  5. Sidewalk Chalk

    I think it's really funny Iceland responded to you.

    Thanks for the lovely weekend reading!


    I love the polaroid scarves !!!! I agree that style is all about self creativity ! Since I've started blogging, I have met by chance in the real world some of the neatest people. I may not be "into" what they are wearing , but appreciate them for their uniqueness !

  7. fleur_delicious

    Oh! And PS we are flying to Stockholm in late July, via Iceland! We are exploring the option of adding in a layover in Reykjavik; how fun that we are both going to that country this summer!

  8. Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes

    I'm always late to the par-tay…thanks for the shout out my Butter Queenxxx

  9. Kasmira

    Thank you for including me in your link roundup! (Sorry so late with the thanks – I'm still catching up from vacation.)