Lovely Links: 3/27/15

Weekly Kitty:

black mouse

Internet, meet Black Mouse. Please be sensitive to the fact that Black Mouse is superior to all other cat toys, including the mechanical mouse that zooms around when you wind it up, the little machine that creates a feline-focused laser show, and, of course, other, sub-par, impostor black mice. In the event that Black Mouse should get swatted under a closet door, nearby humans will be suckered into opening said door by heart-rending squeaks from Harriet Kitty.

Kasmira shows how two black and white prints can be complemented by a third, colorful one.

I ADORE this post on how to be naked in places where you need to be naked (like a sauna). Great reminders about body diversity, judgment, unnecessary comments, and privilege. (Via Reading in Skirts)

Real Simple magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary by publishing best ofs and master lists. The printed magazine has a great guide to removing all manner of stains, and a “what to wear for all occasions” grid that has some good tips. Neither are online, but this post on how to dress for any occasion has similar advice.

Never heard of this podiatrist-designed test, but definitely curious: How to measure for your ideal heel height.

Vibrant colors and muted neutrals can play well together in the same outfit.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with jasper jewelry. This chunky red jasper pendant is right up my alley, as is this sesame jasper cluster charm.

No idea why, but “It” bags fascinate me. Maybe it’s because they’re such a straightforward example of purchasable, label-related status, and yet carrying an “It” bag isn’t generally considered gauche or tacky. Anyway, Paper rounds up the top 10 “It” bags of all time.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I gave tips for fitting empire-waist dresses.

“The big thing I‘ve learned is that, regardless of the size of my actual butt there will always be some sort of problem. My thighs will never be the right thighs. My skin will never be the right skin. I accept those facts without giving them further thought. The other big thing I’ve learned is that my life is too short to not enjoy my body and how I decorate my body as much as I can.” (Via Balancing Jane)

Reminder about how your outfits relate to the opinions of total strangers

Stacy London’s new show “Love, Lust, or Run” provides makeovers for women with bold, unusual dressing styles. Then strangers get to “rate” their before and after photos. And yet somehow, she seems to be selling this show as being all about personal style and expression. Huh.

The floaty vibe of this chiffon floral maxi is balanced by Kileen’s moto-detailed jacket.

Speaking of moto detailing: eShakti sales are hazardous. With discount and coupon, this moto-detail dress only cost me $40, and that’s WITH customization. That sale is over, but sign up for their newsletter for an instant coupon and notifications of future sales. Sizes 0 – 36W!

Amber reveals 11 things redheads are sick of hearing. Some are UK-specific, but my redheaded Midwestern mom has heard a few of these, too.

On I shared resources for preppy style and stores with the best return policies.

In this episode of The Blind Life, Christine Ha demonstrates how she, as a visually impaired person, applies her own makeup.

“When a woman puts on a foot or a knee or an arm, she often finds that it’s not quite right. Knees are too tall and too stiff, feet don’t fit into shoes, hands are big, ankles don’t bend to accommodate heels. Every step a female amputee takes puts them face to face with the fact that prosthetics is still a male dominated industry.”

Five simple but important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new wardrobe item

Tanasha is smashing in head-to-toe gray. And I mean head-to-toe: Gray hat and gray boots complete the look.

After decades of makeup artists doing their best to mask real freckles – which have long been considered some kind of “imperfection” that should be downplayed, especially on celebs – faux freckles have now become a thing. Because … oh hell, I don’t know why.  This article points out that naturally freckled Emma Stone appears to have covered her real freckles with makeup and then had fake ones drawn in. So now people without freckles want them and people with them … want non-real ones? The world is so WEIRD, you guys.

Don’t believe me about the weirdness? The Straw Hat Riots of 1922. Eesh.

Most articles that attempt to explain natural coloring – hair, eyes, skin, and the associated contrasts and undertones – are muddled and unhelpful. Here, Maria uses her own portrait as an example and does herself up in winter, spring, summer, and autumn colorings. She also points out that many people aren’t 100% in one season. (Just as most of us aren’t 100% in one body shape category.)

These eco-conscious brands are billed as fast-fashion alternatives. All are considerably spendier than Forever 21, but many fall into the Gap/Banana Republic price range.

Totally re-creating this look once the snow melts: Utility jacket, striped top, jeans, Chucks. Perfection.

Lest we forget the force of nature that is Janelle Monáe: “In general, I was inspired to start Wondaland Records after seeing there was a big absence of female entrepreneurs in the music industry who understand how to develop and market innovative artists, artists who truly care about community and redefining the creative waters in the music industry.”

For years, I’ve used this metallic paint pen to touch up dinged hardware. Mine ran out recently, but bless Amazon for still carrying it!

I agree with the assessment that capsule wardrobes are the new kale. Here are five ways to create a capsule, including Drew Barrymore’s. Did you guys know she’s an editor-at-large for Refinery 29?

The Directrice offers some tailoring tips, and a great reminder that virtually no one can wear everything right off the rack.

Good point: “Street style” is a lie.

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/27/15”

  1. Rebekah Jaunty

    “And yet somehow, she seems to be selling this show as being all about personal style and expression. Huh.”


  2. Anamarie

    Great roundup, Sally! Do you use the metallic pen on jewelry? I recently resorted to metallic nail polish on faded gold metal jewelry and it worked fine but was tricky to apply. A pen sounds easier!

    • Sally McGraw

      Thanks, Anamarie! Honestly, I haven’t tried the pen on jewelry. It’s not a perfect match for all hardware and I feel like it might be a more obvious touch-up job on a small, fine piece worn near my face. So I reserve it for belts, bags, and shoe hardware. But it could work like a charm, depending on the piece, and it’s only $6! If you end up trying it, let me know how it goes.

  3. Heather B.

    People create faux lash length with mascara. People create faux skin-evenness with foundation (yourself, included). And yet faux freckles are “so WEIRD, you guys.” I guess because you just can’t fathom how someone would want freckles on her face? And yet somehow, you seem to be selling yourself as being all about personal choice and diversity. Huh.

    • Lainey

      Oh, Heather, it’s Friday. Sally’s comment made me giggle, and I have freckles covering much of my person. Surely, her comment is not intended as an affront to personal choice and diversity.

    • Sally McGraw

      Hi Heather B! I can see how the way I phrased it might be misinterpreted – I’ll go back and edit. I’ve got freckles myself and love them, but have read much about how many people – celebrities mainly, but non-celebs, too – go to great lengths to COVER UP their freckles. This has been a practice for years, as freckles have been seen as a kind of blemish or imperfection of the skin. In fact, if you clicked through that link, you’d see that the article talked about how Emma Stone covered her natural freckles with foundation, and then had a makeup artist add faux freckles to her face. Which just strikes me as bizarre – why not let the real ones alone? And my reaction was also to the fact that something people have historically seen as bad is now somehow trendy/good enough that people who naturally lack it want it. Just another indicator of how beauty standards are constructions, and beauty trends are constantly shifting toward whatever seems “new,” even if it contradicts what came directly before!

      So, you see, I never said a thing about not being able to “fathom” someone having freckles on her face. And I’m sure that, as a reader of this blog, you’d know that I strive to be as diverse and inclusive as possible in everything that appears on this site. Clearly, this was just a misunderstanding, and I’ll happily make my verbiage clearer to prevent further misunderstanding.

  4. Kate

    I’m not buying the heel test. It’s just measuring how flexible your ankle is. When I do it, my foot extends almost parallel to my leg, like a ballerina. I wouldn’t seriously try to wear the 6-7 inch heels that would correspond to that!

  5. Maria Hansen Troøyen

    How wonderful that you liked my blog post, Sally! It was very odd to see myself as a blonde, so I’m glad the different “Marias” were helpful. Thank you for the link 🙂

  6. fashionforgiants

    That “It Bag” post was fascinating; I hadn’t even seen half of those!

  7. Maria Jose Abad

    Thanks for the shoutout Sally! It’s finally spring in New York City and I just wore this military green jacket/striped sweater/chucks combo, so easy, xx