Lovely Links: 3/29/13

Robin never expected that her updo would set off TSA alarms at the airport. (Well, not alarms … you’ll see what I mean.)

Katha shares before and after photos from Bonpriz Plus Size Design Camp, and I feel like everyone looks radiant and stylish in BOTH sets.

Veteran fashion blogger Susie Bubble points out how often she is mistaken for other Chinese women who look absolutely nothing like her, saying, “… when there are incidents where we (as in us scant East Asians, a definite minority in London’s fashion industry) are confused, merged and painted into one single Chinese/Japanese/Korean generic persona and reduced to being say, that girl from the Cambridge Satchel ads, I can’t help but feel miffed.”

Thanks to the gals at Full Clutch for interviewing me!

Tough question: Is it possible to fully accept your body while still wanting to eventually shed some pounds? (My thoughts here.)

Another interesting perspective on the challenges and contradictions within the body love movement. “True and lasting self-confidence doesn’t come from loving your body – it comes from loving your life. While you’re here experiencing that life via a body, it’s certainly not required that you be head over heels infatuated with it.” (Via The Beheld)

Cyn is utterly radiant in monochrome red. Just look at that smile, will ya?

I’m considering organizing a field trip to Melbourne to visit plus-size vintage store Bombshell. Who’s with me?

“There are tons of articles about women and girls policing the style and appearance of other women and girls, but what the focus of this brief post is the exchange that happens–when an older woman tells a younger woman she’s ‘making a mistake’ somehow with her look, and vice versa.”

I love seeing unexpected color combinations, and am really jazzed by how cute brown and pink look together in this funky outfit.

Imogen continues her series with a post on how to select your best neutrals if you have gray hair.

Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields on boxing, perseverance, and winning.

Polka dots and neon jeans with a side order of skull ring. Cute and edgy all at once.

“My fear of femme is inextricably linked with my fear of my own queerness and my attraction to other femmes. I want to dress in a more feminine way, and more wholeheartedly embrace my feminine characteristics, but I’m afraid of being judged. I’m afraid I won’t do it ‘right,’ I won’t do it well enough, that I’ll make a fool of myself.”

An interesting examination of the judgment that circles around women’s makeup choices, both positive and negative. (Cheers, Jennifer)

Yet another fun spring outfit utilizing a button-front shirt and tie.

Thanks to the folks at Adios Barbie for re-posting my piece about aging gracefully!

Corporette offers her take on the best button-front shirts for women, including budget, non-iron, and styles that will suit bustier frames.

Don’t forget that you can nab my book for Kindle, iPad, Nook, or in print! Details right here.

Super excited to add Spashionista Report to my reader. The blog’s descriptor is, “The trials and tribulations of a 50-something fashionista with Cerebral Palsy who wants women of all ages and abilities to look and feel beautiful.” Do I even need to point out how fantastic it is that this blog exists? Didn’t think so.

What could be cuter than a cat-print dress for spring?

Love this reminder that the sit-down test doesn’t just apply to pants! If you’re planning to shop anytime soon, take a peek at this post for more detailed tips.

New clothing line DRES offeres dresses designed to fit and flatter four basic body types, and they’re all made in the US using organic bamboo fabric. (Cheers, Nancy)

Queen of minimalism and artful layering, Alicia does it again.

“Given recent assertions suggesting that gender role endorsement may be relevant in the divergence of male body image concerns, this study examined the self-reported gender role endorsement in opposing dimensional extremes of male body image disorders, namely, muscle dysmorphia and anorexia nervosa.” (Cheers, Jori)

Vintage clothing labels are a hoot. Really.

Since I know giving and receiving compliments about appearance is a bit of contentious topic around here, I was thrilled to come across this post on what it means to really acknowledge someone. And the associated challenge to acknowledge three people in your own life.

Yet more proof that style “rules” should be considered and, sometimes, discarded: Plus-size women absolutely rocking mini skirts. (Including our very own Weesha!)

I won’t deny it: I’m lusting after this blue and white striped full skirt. With pockets. POCKETS!

If you’re not already following Already Pretty on Facebook, I dash off product reviews/recommendations as new stuff comes into my collection, like this adorable jersey Old Navy dress. Also occasional cat photos. Come join the conversation!

“I lost my Grandma Mary many years ago, but the memory of her walk-in closet and vanity area remains vivid to me. The feel of the thick white carpet between my toes. The lingering scent of Chanel No. 5 in the air. The glittery baubles, and hushed, practically sacrosanct vibe.”

Yes, yes, YES to bold spring color blocking! Times two!

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/29/13”

  1. Stacy

    I have to watch how I do my hair before going through airport security. The pins in my hair have set it off and I have a pair of hairpicks that have metal on them…they set them off, too!

  2. mo

    I love these posts full of links to interesting things. I always learn something, get a different perspective or find something I’ve been searching for (button-down shirts!). I can’t imagine the amount of time you spend just pulling them together for us. Thank you.

  3. Cassie

    Hey there! Thanks so much for linking to my post about fear of femme and queerness – I’m so happy you enjoyed it so much!