Lovely Links: 3/4/16

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(First seen on Instagram.) Don’t be fooled. They spent at least five minutes fighting before I got this shot.

Slowly but surely, the luxury market is shifting toward transparent manufacturing and ethically sourced materials. Let’s hope that trend continues!

Jeniese shows us some fabulous proportion play with her culottes and long vest ensemble.

SO FUN: Hairdresser creates colors and styles inspired by masterpieces of modern art

Barking Dog Shoes rounded up some fantastic options for comfortable, supportive special occasion shoes. Definitely take a peek if you’ve got any spring weddings to attend.

“The implication is that to be sexual is to be trashy because being sexy means playing into men’s desires. To me, ‘sexy’ is a kind of beauty, a kind of self-expression, one that is to be celebrated, one that is wonderfully female. Why does the implication have to be that sex is a thing men get to take from women and women give up?

Marianne is a beautiful badass in her sequined blazer and black skinny jeans.

Women are overcharged every day. Imagine if that happened to men …

This Threads 4 Thought jacket looks so cozy – the perfect way to perk up your around-the-house outfits, or pair with a cute tee for casual wear.

Magdalena is dead-set (with tongue in cheek) on claiming her dumpster-diving rights. (She references this fascinating article about a fellow who makes $250K per year harvesting castoffs from dumpsters and reselling them. Whoa.)

As part of the What’s Underneath video series, Tyler Ford talks about style, gender binaries, and body image. This is a series in which the interviewees eventually end up in their skivvies, so probably not best for work viewing.

Jean reminds us that your search for the perfect Little Black Dress may end if you create your own dress using black separates.

I’d have virtually no use for it, but still keep this fold-over leopard print clutch in my Etsy faves.

Beyond Measure: Fashion and the Plus-Size* Woman, a new exhibition that deconstructs the concept of “plus-size” over the course of fashion history, opened recently at an NYU gallery.

Over on, I talked about vanity sizing and how to work around it, and offered ideas for what to buy and wear when your weight is in flux.

“What all my fashion phobias really come down to is exposure. When you’ve spent your life hiding, it’s a terrifying prospect to let yourself be seen.”

Quick reminder about this great service: So capsule wardrobes, right? Possibly THE fashion phenomenon of the moment, but also a bit daunting for some of us. The folks at Capsules have created a system for helping you build an effective capsule wardrobe using items you already own as well as possible new ones. And they’ve got great goals:
The service costs $5/month (billed quarterly) and includes a 30-day money back guarantee. Might be worth a try, if you’re interested in the concept, but could use some personalize guidance!

Anna explores the availability of skin-toned bras for women of color, pointing out that more are made available each year but there are still woefully few options.

In other bra news, Alyson opens a discussion about bra shopping as an older woman.

I was convinced that Icelanders should be my lifelong go-to for deep-freeze-resistant knitwear. Then I bought this Aran sweater coat. Wow. Warm and stylish.

A reminder about what self-care encompasses: “Something I remind myself of frequently is that kindness and responsibility are not opposites, and that care includes routine maintenance.”

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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