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We tried putting Harriet’s hammock on top of our armoire. She loves being up high. Still don’t have a good solution for getting her up/down on her own, but we’re working on it! I am currently her personal elevator.

Extra credit: Visited with Trinknitty’s new puppy last weekend. What a doll. (More photos of Uli on Trin’s blog.)

Rachelle shows us how a hot pink dress can be styled to look totally badass.

Thanks to Rebecca for letting me know about ButchBaby, a soon-to-be-launched site that offers maternity wear (or “alternity” as the founders call it – love!) for pregnant masculine, transgender, and queer individuals. Or really anyone looking for butch and/or gender-neutral maternity-wear options.

In 2013, Sharon had a double mastectomy. Then she launched her personal style blog The Breastless Years. Her style is bold and funky and truly fabulous.

Model-activist Bethann Hardison is praising agencies that really do book women of color instead of the ones that claim they will … maybe … someday.

In examining paintings titled “Portrait of a Woman,” this author concludes that we modern women are totally failing. At everything. After all, where are our tiny sad unicorns and beehive crowns?

I’m honored by this shout-out in Seamwork magazine!

What does classic mean to you?

“Our cultural discussion of fat bodies and how we clothe them has nothing to do with health concerns, the obesity epidemic, or the comfort of fat people. It has everything to do with what we expect from women, what we’ve been told by the fashion industry, and the value we place on ‘perfect’ bodies. The reason these people do not want to see a fat body in a bikini is because traditionally, that garment is something a woman earns by proving herself attractive enough to exist.”

Local teacher, knitter, and fiber artist Steven Berg is always doing amazing things. Now, he’s planning to chronicle some of those amazing things in a TV series.

I love the look of two slightly different earrings worn as a pair, so these designs from Nikki Coupee are right up my alley.

Angie offers several tips for keeping your personal style fresh during the last dismal weeks of a long winter.

Many prominent body image advocacy groups have held photo shoots encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to pose nude. This author asks if this practice might send the wrong message. At least to some.

Wendy makes over-the-knee boots look easy and chic.

Love this super easy tutorial for making your own tinted lip balm.

In Western cultures women of a certain age are not revered. They are subjected to the swipe of a metaphorical hand that casts them aside and signifies to them that they have all but expired.”

Related: Madonna fell at the Brit awards and it was instantly attributed to her age.

I overdyed a few t-shirts this week and was reminded how FABULOUS the iDye line is for deep, true colors.

Black lipstick returns. Are you thrilled or nonplussed? Few people are neutral about black lipstick. I don’t think I’d wear it myself, but here’s proof it can look glam and gorgeous.

I’ve been fascinated by front/back earrings and ear jackets for a while now. Finally took the plunge and ordered these from Baublebar. We’ll see how they look in person. And on me.

Breathtaking geometric and linear tattoos from Berlin-based tattoo artist Chaim Machlev

How 25 years of Photoshop changed the way we see reality

This graphic tee and midi skirt outfit is just delightful. And makes me long for warm weather!

This is a tough and heartbreaking read, but explores so many important emotional issues. “Everyone’s response to my fatter body made me confront the reasons that I had fallen in love with my smaller body. When I realized that I loved my body more than others loved it, I had to critically think about my internalized fatphobia. I had to start actively and intentionally rejecting the oppressive ways in which society talks about fat bodies. I had to challenge myself to always find love and happiness within myself.”

Kiah looks smoking hot in her two-tone dress, bold belt and ankle-strap heels.

Mental Floss explores 10 misconceptions about makeup. I’d never even heard of most of these, honestly, but still found the short video interesting. And amusing.

Wearing head-to-toe black can feel like a cop-out, but it can also feel intentional and stylish.

I’ve fallen hard for the Boho/rocker vibe of Lucky Brand jewelry, and many pieces are on deep discount right now. Love the look of these double teardrop earrings.

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case about dress, religion, and discrimination. Abercrombie chose not to hire a Muslim woman who attended her job interview in a headscarf, and evidence has been brought to light that the decision was, at least in part, because of her headscarf.

I can definitely relate to the $100 dilemma. (Via Recovering Shopaholic)

Love the balance of sleek and chunky in Rowan’s cozy layers.

Androgyny was my gateway into aligning my spirit with my presentation. I eased my way into it by wearing jeans that were just a little too tight; my hair always just a little too long. I was testing the waters of what it was going to be like to make gender non-conforming fashion choices in my community.”

In 2009, Alexandra Peng launched TC Charton, the first North American eyewear brand designed specifically for Asian faces.

And from the Department of Random: Baby sloth talk.

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/6/15”

  1. Jocelyn

    If you’re looking for Lucky jewelry at low prices, check out TJ Maxx. I work there part-time and we get tons of Lucky jewelry.

  2. 13eccaHoran

    That’s so lame. Clearly, Madge fell because she didn’t take away the most important lesson from The Incredibles: HEROS SHOULD NEVER WEAR CAPES.

  3. Elle berman

    I hope you are not too tired from being an elevator to that adorable creature. Loved all of this interesting information. I too an befuddled about the “modern” portrait of a woman vis a vis Cosmo…

    Love the sloth talk too, more dept. of random please!

    xx, Elle