Lovely Links: 3/9/12

This collection of body image stories on Confronting Love is moving, upsetting, and uplifting all at once.

Some tips for how to get back into a gym routine.

Burgundy, cobalt, and yellow make a dynamite combination.

Allie offers a few guidelines for dealing with shopping, alterations, and dressing during and after weight loss.

“The truth is that we’re all just different kinds of pretty. We’re not supposed to be the same. There’s not supposed to be just one ideal look out there. The world has room for all of us, and we help other people realize that every time we remember that we’re all just different kinds of pretty.”

Kimberly looks utterly radiant in sunny yellow.

I’m intrigued by this company, Full Beauty, which offers bras sized 36B to 50N … anyone given them a try yet?

On a related note, Bare Necessities – a site that already offers some good plus sized lingerie options – is launching Bare Plus. The site will offer 1,000 styles from 81 designer brands, feature over 500 bra styles in sizes 38A to 56J, including everyday bras, lingerie and sports bras. Woot!

Love these recommendations for comfortable heels with arch support.

Please meet my new girl crush: Katie from Hems for Her. Such a great mix of classic, bombshell, and trendy. How does she DO that?

Next time you gaze upon Jen Aniston and sigh, wishing you could look so gorgeous, remember that lady is professionally pretty. And she shells out nearly $150,000 a year for her chosen upkeep methods. Yowza.(Via The Beheld)

Do you fall in love with your clothes?

Danimezza has a few choice words for the makers of the Face Cam iPhone app. (Cheers, Maria!)

Still true: Shaming people to encourage them to lose weight does not work.

I can’t decide which version of this bold blazer/stripy top outfit I love more!

Trystan expanded on the idea of poseurs and personae, adding several fascinating links to relevant posts from other authors.

A bold floral and a tiny geometric make for a fabulous pattern mix.

Your clothes already provide some sort of narrative about yourself for others to read, so it seems natural that each item of clothing should have its own narrative, some unique story that makes it a special piece whether it’s a vintage gem or an impulse buy that changed your life.”

Further proof that emerald green goes with everything. No, really.

Anyone bold enough to try this neon shoe painting DIY? I’m so intrigued!

“When you play sports, you not only learn to see your body as a source of strength and power, but you also develop discipline, dedication and perseverance.  You have to face fear and find a way to prevail.  And you learn that you are much bigger, much more expansive than the teeny little role assigned to you at birth by your culture.”

I love Tamia’s hair journey post. Simple as that.

Sarah points out that Walt Whitman was a bit of a body image warrior himself. And that he really likes his armpits.

And from the Department of Random: Reasons you will fall in love with sillysparrowness include that she is completely hilarious, that she built her own TARDIS from scratch, that it’s collapsible so she can move it around her garden, or that she played her own outro music on a nose flute. Or possibly all of the above. (She swears in the vid, be warned.)

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 3/9/12”

  1. Sigi

    I have indeed fallen utterly in love with sillysparrowness! 🙂

  2. tiffany

    Thanks for the Link Love, Sal! I can always tell when I’ve been featured by you because my stats spike instantly 🙂 The other links I share the page with are each fabulous in their own right- LOVING the shoe DIY and the reality-check re: Jen Aniston. Have an awesome week!