Lovely Links: 4/1/11

Big thanks to BlogHer for syndicating my recent post, Change Your Style, Change Your Life!

The amazing folks at Pandora’s Project posted a transcript of a live chat that I guest hosted several weeks ago. Please take a look, and remember that Pandy’s is a truly amazing resource for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Do you know your herringbone from your houndstooth?

“‘Doing me’ means wearing what I want, and taking pictures of that, and plastering them all over the internet and crossing my fingers that someone else will see them and question their own body hate.”

Kelly’s post on life lessons from the shortest kid in class is enlightening, uplifting, and entertaining.

Emily’s bright red maxi skirt took my breath away.

One of the fashion editors at The Frisky got a What Not to Wear makeover. Why would a self-proclaimed style expert need a makeover, you ask?  She says, “… despite being able to recommend what others should wear, I’ve always struggled with my own fashion options. And that’s mainly because I have what’s called body dysmorphia.”

Now here’s a gal who embraces color and pattern! (Via Modly Chic)

Nowness produced a video for Advanced Style, and it is utterly fabulous. There is so much bold style and self-confidence in there, people. Also I’ll count myself lucky if I have half of Iris Apfel’s chutzpah when I’m her age. I’ll even settle for a quarter.

If you love the look of full skirts but aren’t sure which style will suit you, check out this guide to full skirts from Real Simple.

No Signposts in the Sea asks what makes style personal?

The gals at College Candy are salivating over these five fun spring trends. Will you indulge in any of ’em? (I’ve already got my chunky wedges, of course. I might actually have YOUR chunky wedges, too … I’m a renowned chunky wedge hoarder.)

The Dame got an e-mail from a 14-year-old girl recently asking how to be skinny. Her answer made me smile. (Via Yes and Yes.)

Perhaps I’ll finally be able to do that all-white ensemble I’ve been dreaming about: Ways to wear a wash of white.

The woman behind Tumblr blog Redefining Body Image is examining the way society views and thinks about body image, fat, health, and other related topics in visual culture. And she’s taking submissions!

Kyla’s wide legged jeans and floppy-brimmed hat conspire in this perfect weekend chic ensemble.

Check out Tamia’s stellar take on menswear, complete with sassy fedora.

Ten ways to address body image in teen daughters.

My girl Karolyn has single-handedly formulated, created, and marketed a line of cruelty-free, fair-trade, vegan lipstick. And now she’s outfitting the lips of a local fashion event! Buy her wares here.

Color Me Blue has some adorable ideas for perking up your comfy-casual looks.

Self-love is a constant battle. But SO worth it.

Could you go a week without wearing neutrals? Such a tempting challenge!

Feed your inner tomboy with Tomboy Style.

Just a quick reminder about the Already Pretty self-guided mini makeover! Spring is a great time to re-examine your style and make some changes!

And from the Department of Random: Just WATCH the hand gestures. LISTEN to the inflection. Clearly, important matters are being hashed out, here.

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19 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/1/11”

  1. Katy

    Sally – Thanks for the mention! I need to head back here this weekend and go through the whole set of links. There are some real gems here! – Katy

  2. sarah

    I grew up in Eugene, OR, so suffice to say, my closet is full of these spring trends! I have red wide leg jeans in my closet, floppy hats, an eyelet blouse that belonged to a friend’s grandmum in the 60s, long sweater coats, and just picked up some epic bellbottoms so I could feel fabulous in my current size (8) while I work on getting back to my normal weight. In fact, I think the only thing I’m missing is the trench! 😉

    also, I’ve seen that twin convo. around the internets, but hadn’t watched it yet. Just took the time to do so. Amazing. Totally amazing. Thanks for reposting!

  3. Iona K

    I love your link posts, they always lead to happy internet browsing and interesting discoveries. Thanks!

  4. Izabela

    Amazing links (as always!) but I especially loved that video on Advanced Style. I’m only 22 but now I’m just looking forward to a time when I’ll be that age and, hopefully, I can be as confident in my style as any one of those women!

    Thanks Sal!

  5. joann, sidewalk chic

    Thanks for posting that “What Not to Wear” makeover link. I watched the episode and thought it was interesting she was in the fashion industry. It was great to read her take on the whole experience.

    The no-neutrals challenge is something I could definitely live by.

  6. Tiffany

    First of all, thank you for the link to my blog! Truly touched that you linked me up with so many other wonderful posts! (and an indirect thanks to Katy for the original feature 🙂 )
    Second, I watched that baby video after seeing a link on Yahoo and I thought it was HYSTERICAL. I love that they captured such a long interaction between the kids and I want to know what they’re talking about!! haha.
    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Suzanne

    The video of the twin babies talking to each other was so funny! I imagine I probably had similar “conversations” with my twin sister when we were little too!

  8. Tanja

    Nice collection. Bookmarked a couple of those!
    Especially diggin’ the no-neutrals challenge…

  9. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Fabulous links. I love the ones on colour (you know me), spring style (wearing my flares today) and that nowness video is so inspiring. There’s also some amazing posts about body image and those kids having a chat is amazing.

  10. Ravina

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful links! Now I have a whole herd of blogs to bookmark! =)

  11. JG

    I saw that twin video the other day, and it’s fascinating! Twins are such interesting people as it is, but that video makes me certain that there are many, many things we will never know about the minds of babies…

  12. kpriss

    The twiiiins! I think I end up watching this video every other day and I still can’t get enough of it! Priceless lil’ people!

  13. Tamia

    Thanks for the shoutout! Heck, I’m still trying to get to Iris Apfel’s level as a (relatively) young ‘un–who knows what will happen when I’m her age!