Lovely Links: 4/11/14

Registration is open for my Dress Your Best course on April 21!

I’ll be speaking with Nancy Rosenbaum as part of the Unlikely Entrepreneurs series at CoCo on May 5. Admission is free!

I’m looking at May dates for my San Francisco trip – likely available for consults May 19, 20, and 21. If you’re in the Bay Area and interested in working with me, please drop me an e-mail.

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I am a woman reclaiming trust in my body. My hunger, my appetites, my longings, my skin, my bones, my size are mine for the taking. I take back my worthiness, my belonging in the world of beautiful and diverse beings. I live without apology for the straight lines and curves, living tissue, vulnerable heart that hold my living, breathing manifested story.”

Need some DIY inspiration? Take a peek at these 10 sassy shoe craft projects for spring.

Such a fun colorblocked outfit in white, cobalt, and yellow.

Is a $5 lip and cheek stain really as good as a $30 fancy-pants one? Find out!

Some style advice from the 70s: “Sweaters give out nothing but negative impulses. They say ‘lower middle class’ and ‘loser.’” Harsh. Also deeply wrong. More bizarre tidbits from “How to Dress for Success” at Into the Gloss.

What a marvelous mix of prints and patterns, all of the black and white. With just a hint of color from the pale blue satchel.

Hosiery: The Final Frontier.

My body is wildly undisciplined and I deny myself nearly everything I desire. I deny myself the right to space when I am public, trying to fold in on myself, to make my body invisible even though it is, in fact, grandly visible. I deny myself the right to a shared armrest because how dare I impose? I deny myself entry into certain spaces I have deemed inappropriate for a body like mine—most spaces inhabited by other people. ”

If you’re in the Twin Cities, would love your input on a possible upcoming workshop with Carly of A la Mode Wardrobe Consulting!

Melissa reviews the Bike to Work Skirt, a pencil style that converts to pleated/a-line with zippers. I don’t bike commute anymore, and I’m STILL tempted by this!

Love this mix of red, pale pink, and cream. And, of course, Jean’s apple-print capris are adorable.

Across the country, children are being put on scales in school. They’re lining up in gym class to have their height and weight measured, their BMIs calculated. And if they miss certain numerical cutoffs, letters are being sent home (sometimes via the students—handed out in homeroom, or tucked into report card envelopes) chastising parents, and ultimately, shaming students.”

If you’re a color theory nerd maybe you already know about this, but I was so jazzed to find the Adobe Kuler color wheel. Pick your color grouping and spin the dial. (Via Into Mind)

The neckline on this floral dress is amazing. And so cute with that pastel moto.

One of my favorite reads of the week: The Care and Keeping of One Woman’s Short Hair. Great comments about the “bravery” aspect of the pixie.

Autumn muses on facial workouts, the placebo effect, and the ephemeral nature of beauty.

What a sophisticated take on a spring white out.

Ragen has some strong words for anyone who says fat people shouldn’t wear sleeveless clothes.

“I get weird looks when I shop in the men’s department because I’m quite obviously female, even with short hair and androgynous clothes on. People have been rude to me about this (salespeople, yes, but also people I encounter in school or in public.) Frankly, it’s stupid. It’s old-fashioned. Because the notion that objects we buy and sell must be attached to a specific gender (ie, male or female) is weird.”

This post does a great job of explaining some common misconceptions and misunderstandings about the Health at Every Size movement.

A yellow skirt and striped top look seasonal and fun together.

This event – I Am Everything – sounds amazing. Local designer Emma Berg will show a collection of prom dresses, inspired by, created for, gifted to, and modeled by 10 lovely ladies in their senior year of high school, representing the five Boys and Girls Clubs here in the Twin Cities.

The experts at Barking Dog Shoes have rounded up some stellar narrow-width sandals.

“What all this means is that Dermablend’s claim to liberate us from unattractive skin in order to reveal our True Selves is not the answer to a natural human problem. It’s the result of a hundred years of capitalism in which beauty has been constructed as the only way for women to become successful and happy, and the idea of a True Self has been created as a way of selling us stuff.”

Color me amazed: Using a tailor’s ham for ironing creates much better contours, especially on items designed to fit big busts.

And from the Department of Random: Big cats vs. toilet paper. DEATH TO TOILET PAPER.

Additionally: Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie the Pooh, reading Darth Vader’s lines.

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  1. Rowan

    Thank you so so soooo much for the feature, babe! I’m very glad you like my outfit!
    And oh my, those big cats destroying toilet paper made me LMAO! HAHA! Thanks for sharing 😉

    Have a great weekend!



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  2. amberwitch

    In one of your link posts, you linked to a fashion bloggger who wore only white. As I recall it, she may have been from the Netherlands or somewhere similar. It is a long time ago, i know, but I was hoping you might remember? Saves me from going through all your link posts:-)