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Harriet is ready to be donated to ARC.

J.Petite reviews the Bling Brush, a multi-purpose jewelry-cleaning tool. Sounds promising …

Danielle’s plaid, double-breasted power suit is simply splendid.

“It is so dated to label models based on size, but I don’t believe dropping the tag ‘plus-size’ will eliminate the problem. Women need to support each other and stop comparing and criticizing. That’s what I’m really all about; I don’t think it should be one versus the other. It is so important for the next generation to see a variety of body types, looks, and sizes represented in fashion.”

On Being Who I Am: My Life as a Tall Blind Woman

Jane illustrates how black-heavy outfits work best with a mix of textures, and adds in a printed scarf for good measure.

“That was not the first time someone had felt the need to tell me what I should and should not be doing with my own face. And unfortunately, the vast majority of those someones are men. I’m sure it can and does happen to people of all genders by people of all genders, but this has overwhelmingly been my experience. It happens a very specific, passive aggressive way in a straight/cis context. What is it about a girl alone, applying lipstick in public, that equates to holding a neon sign asking ‘MEN! PLEASE TELL ME I’M PRETTY BEFORE I PROCEED TO RUIN MYSELF!’?

Get a sneak preview of plus-sized model Ashley Graham’s line for Dress Barn right here.

Sheryl looks like a total badass in her navy blouse and asymmetric cargo pants. LOVE.

“I have more tattoos than I can count, since most of my pieces meld right into the next. But you know what? My piercings don’t make me masochistic, a degenerate, or some sort of delinquent. My tattoos don’t make unemployable. And my body modifications definitely do not make me a ‘bad mom.’

Since summer hasn’t even begun yet, naturally, the fashion industry is talking about Pantone’s top 10 colors for fall.

Speaking of summer, I’ve decided that no-fly high-waisted shorts like these are the only shorts for me. Because I have become obsessed with finding versions of closet classics that actually feel good on my body.

“The thing about trends is that they are often unconventional and therefore not conventionally flattering. Over time, our collective eyes will adjust and what we view as conventionally flattering will change. But in the meantime, exploring the trends, having fun with fashion, and wearing what feels most comfortable, is often about pushing this boundary.”

Sarah talks frankly about her mixed feelings about losing weight due to a new diagnosis and medication, after years of being a plus size advocate.

This post on the term demigender on Gender Fork is a great reminder about fluidity.

On, I wrote about tracking down your perfect pair of shorts and recommended clothing brands for busy, active women.

Swooning over Nashelly’s long burgundy moto jacket and gray skinnies.

“Don’t be beautiful. No matter what anyone says about your appearance, you do not need to change yourself to be beautiful in any way. Because what is beautiful but a string of letters put together to make a word? We give it power because we want to, and honestly? There are at least a hundred other things you can be, you should want to be other than beautiful.”

These sculptural silver earrings have been in my Etsy faves for at least three years. So elegant.

Grechen reflects on a recent study finding that although no one wants to knowingly buy products made with child labor or that harm the environment, most people also don’t want to work too hard to find out whether favorite products were made ethically.

Beauty blogger Ofunne Amaka created an app called Cocoa Swatches, which includes collections of makeup swatches on various complexions, as well as featured videos and beauty tips. (Via Rookie)

How much do I love Anett’s robot necklace? Tons, that’s how much.

“You can follow all of the rules and have all the ‘right’ clothes, but if you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t exude the confidence necessary to rock the hell out of your outfit. You know who you are and you know what you like. No one should ever tell you not to wear something you really love just because it doesn’t make you look the way they want you to look.”

20 diverse, body positive books for kids

These blotting papers have come to my shiny-faced rescue more times than I can count.

Joi explores her love of stripes through this dress and this sassy skirt.

I finally got around to updating my specialty size roundup post – check it out for some of my favorite plus, petite, tall, petite plus, tall plus, and specialty shoe size brands!

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