Lovely Links: 4/12/13

If you’re in the midst of or about to tackle spring closet cleaning, consider my book or mini makeover PDF as tools to help make the process more effective!

I worked with the fabulous M.A. Rosko on a couple of fun spring fashion segments for our local Fox affiliate, channel 9!

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Best News of the Week in My Opinion: I know that many of you loved last week’s guest post about style and privilege from reader Nichole. Now, due in large part to YOUR encouragement, she’s launched her own blog: Neighborhood Dilettante. Just getting started, but I know it’ll take off, and fast. Kudos to the AP community for expressing such heartfelt support, and congrats to Nichole for launching what promises to be a unique and fascinating blog.

Jewelry designer Kendra Scott has a section on her website where you can custom design pieces using a rainbow of semi-precious gemstones! (Cheers, Amy.)

Unsurprisingly, I adore this full skirt and bright cardigan combo.

Coming up on April 20, HAMMS – Help a Minnesota Maker Succeed – will be hosting a one-day market for men, women and their dogs featuring local small businesses. Join the fun!

Would mirror confrontation therapy – standing in front of your reflection and identifying traits, but doing so without judgment – be helpful to you?

“I think it’s important to listen to the call of our Fantasy Wardrobe items, not necessarily to purchase and wear in their Fantasy form (though they can sometimes turn out to be smart purchases), but to give us clues about ourselves. Often, we can find ways to incorporate some Fantasy aspects into our Reality wardrobes, whether it be color or movement or a design detail that may turn out to have some special appeal or meaning to us.”

Can you wear boots in spring? Of course!

Mazuba Haanyama has researched and written about the hair politics of black women for years, and in this post she explores the social, cultural, economic, performative, and sexual implications of the topic. On a related note, Amber shares her personal story of going natural.

What’s on YOUR self-care list this spring?

I hosted my first clothing swap last weekend, and wrote about the experience over at Huffington Post.

Blazers are a great way to make slightly sheer tops and blouses feel more office-appropriate. (Nude camis help, too!)

“We all have so much pressure on us to be perfect people by being perfect in our eating habits, work habits, exercise habits, parenting habits, and on and on, so that loving our bodies feels like another item on our endless to-do list of ‘shoulds.’

Related: What do do when body love feels phony.

The creators of StyleLikeU have launched a month of body image programming, starting with this roundtable discussion featuring Eve, Nicolette Mason, and other women who work in the fashion and entertainment industries.

A girl shares her story of growing up in her parents’ vintage clothing store.

The ladies at Beauty Redefined explore the social and health-related implications of tanning, both fake and real.

“Sponsored by Name It. Change It., a project of the Women’s Media Center and She Should Run, the March survey of 1,500 likely voters nationwide found that no matter what is said about a female political candidate’s appearance, it has a negative impact on what potential voters think of her.” (Related recent post here. Also related: This post on dressing double standards in science and academia.)

A chambray shirt and cobalt pencil skirt make for a fantastically balanced dressy-casual combination.

And speaking of chambray, Tamia illustrates how to do double denim in a chic, sophisticated outfit mix.

Anyone tried dry brushing for detoxing and clogged pores? (Via Smart, Pretty & Awkward.)

Simple tips for making inexpensive clothes look chic and polished.

In the wake of Obama’s compliment-related gaffe, Caperton breaks down the politics of complimenting a woman on her looks.

Lily Pulitzer – A.K.A. the Queen of Prep – passed away this past weekend. This post trace’s her clothing line’s interesting and somewhat rocky history.

Expand your bag vocabulary right here.

“… actresses are under tremendous pressure to meet the stereotypical ideal of beauty. I imagine that many would rather be able to spend their time improving their acting and being professional actors, than professional very thin women who appear to never age. Society insists that they look like their photoshopped images to avoid public shame, vitriol, and humiliation, and then shames them for the things that they do to accomplish that.”

Oh, Target. Really? Missy sizes get “dark heather gray” and plus sizes get “manatee gray“? BAH!

Yet more shoes as art from the designers at Heavy Machine.

I’m with Patti on this one: Totally girl-crushing on Linda Rodin.

“So I wear booties that cut off my ankle and make my legs look thicker. I wear short skirts with bare legs. I’ll rock a halter or racerback top and go sans-Spanx if I feel like it. It’s MY body, not society’s. Accepting and embracing this body as-is has made it easier to care for it, to dress it, and to feel more confident on a daily basis.”

It’s about time I introduced you to my super-silly Tumblr blog, My Hair in the Morning. Would love your submissions for goofy morning hair photos, too!

And from the Department of Random: This literally made my head explode.  (Eh? Eh?)

Additionally: How animals eat their food.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/12/13”

  1. Name*

    Bah at manatee gray… But bah at the blogger reporting it… Does she really think that only women who wear plus sizes eat lunch?

  2. poodletail

    Hi, Sal! Thanks for wonderful “Lovely Links”. I especially love the Linda Rodin mention and “How Animals Eat Their Food”.

  3. Alison

    Thank you so much for the mention, dear Sal! It’s so easy to pick ourselves apart, we’re our worst critics! I always look forward to your Friday Links, such great inspiration and food for thought and I am honored to be a part!

  4. reva

    I loved the one re: phony body love. I have different feelings on different days, and I’m finding that when I get COMPLIMENTS I have a better body image. When the hubs ignores my efforts, for instance, I feel fat, ugly, too big busted, too flabby, etc.
    It seems that my validation comes from other’s rather than myself. i don’t like being under someone else’s control! I am gonna try this.
    thanks for showing us these links 🙂

  5. Franca

    I loved the story of the girl growing up in a vintage store! Quite jealous!

    I’ve always been quite ambivalent about body love, I prefer body acceptance, so I like the idea of body neutrality.