Lovely Links: 4/13/12

I was honored to be asked to contribute my story to the MTV Voices project on self-image and confidence.

White, red, and turquoise make such a marvelous, spring-y combination.

Ashley Judd writes about the media’s insatiable desire to analyze women’s bodies, saying,  I do not want to give my power, my self-esteem, or my autonomy, to any person, place, or thing outside myself.” Among other astute and important things about women, bodies, sexism, and weight. (Cheers, Linda)

Maegan is doing a series of outfits based on jeans and white tees, and this one is my absolute favorite. So far!

I can’t help it. I adore Texts from Hillary. (Sadly now closed down!)

In this amazing interview, Jenny of Fashion for Writers digs deep into her history, ambivalence about fashion blogs, and views on cultural appropriation.

‘Don’t worry, insecure girl, there are people out there who think you’re hot’ isn’t a revolutionary perspective, and thinking it’s a necessary contribution to a thread about female objectification and body image demonstrates a lack of understanding of the subject.”

Another thought-provoking post on the male gaze and its impact is offered in this piece on street harassment.

Katie rocks her pencil skirt, and discusses why this style can work beautifully for some plus-sized women.

Autumn explores her personal relationship with being described as “exotic.” (Also see her examination of the word itself, as applied to beauty/women here.)

Looking for some styles that will visually broaden your shoulders? Here ya go!

Teal and orange are great together, even more so when a bit of cognac leather gets thrown into the mix.

“As a southern-born African-American girl who attended predominantly white boarding schools, I am well acquainted with the sexism, racism, and colorism that shape people’s attitudes toward black hair. Strangers, friends, family, and ex-loves have tried to make me feel bad about my hair throughout my life. For a long time, it worked. But then one day I decided that I was done attaching my self-esteem to what other people think I should look like.”

Rosie’s picks for songs that celebrate positive body image, empowerment, and self-esteem are absolutely dynamite.

Don’t go thinking that warm weather means you’ve got to abandon your scarves! Here are some budget-friendly picks for summer scarves.

So many issues are swirling around the “Hunger Games” movie, but this article’s viewpoint stood out to me. The FFT trend is one that infuriates me to no end, and Caroline Heldman has been speaking out against it for quite some time. (Contains swear words, NSFW)

Miss Plumcake shares her feminist eureka moment … or lack thereof.

Here’s a great example of print mixing featuring two different sizes of polka dots.

One mother decides that avoiding negative self-talk isn’t enough, and starts praising her own body aloud in front of her daughter to set a positive example.

And from the Department of Random: Natalie Dee explains how virtually all Pinterest recipes are made.

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/13/12”

  1. Rocquelle

    Sally, this is another great list! I was especially touched by your story on MTV Voices and that of Jamia on Rookie!

  2. Autumn

    Thanks for linking to The Beheld! And I am so glad to see that Ashley Judd piece being spread around. For once, something that deserves to go viral, does!

  3. Katie

    WOW! What an awesome article for MTV. That’s like every teenage girl’s dream (well, it was my teenage girl dream…). It was great 🙂

  4. PK

    Great posts as usual but I was very happy with the Miss Plumcake article and the mention of the War on Women. The states are stripping women of their freedom of reproductive choice every day! Check out and see for yourself. It’s scary as all get out!

  5. Becca

    Sal, thank you so much for linking to that Hunger Games post. One thing that stood out to me with this movie was how, somehow, Jennifer Lawrence looked her most badass and awesome, charismatic and fascinating, when she wasn’t dolled up – she was GORGEOUS in the shots of her heavily done up, wearing fancy clothes, but she was glorious when she was flying through the forest, passionate and dedicated, wearing no extravagant make-up and practical clothing. It was awesome.

  6. Caitlin

    Congratulations on being asked to contribute to the MTV Voices project! I’m going to read that – and a bunch of these other links – right now.

    Also, I can’t say it enough, but I love love love Ashley Judd’s essay. It ought to be required reading for all.

  7. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    How exciting for you to be included in that MTV project!!! That is just the most wonderful news!

    And that Ashley Judd story makes me fiercely happy every time I read it!

    And, of course, thanks for including my double dots!

  8. Veronica

    I love the Rookie post about the courage that African American women need to wear their hair natural. Currently the image framing the content is of a white woman with straight yellow hair – a chilling reminder of the social conditioning of what kind of hair is best. In her book BossyPants, Tina Fey says she uses yellow instead of blonde so that her brown-haired daughter doesn’t get the idea that blonde is best and deserves a special description. Awesome book, if you haven’t read it yet. She has some hilarious comments on body image.