Lovely Links: 4/14/17

Weekly Kitty:

The view from below. (Harriet loooooves to be up high.)

Since I adore both long jackets and graphic tees, this outfit is right up my alley. Joi is looking gorgeous in her graphic tee ensemble, too.

I love that ASOS worked with Danielle of She’s a Gent as a menswear advisor!

Diane talks about her personal relationship with thrifting and secondhand clothes, while also showing off a darling vintage skirt she swiped from her mom’s closet.

When your entire identity, history, experiences, and culture can be represented by a single piece of cloth, it instantly becomes easier for people to think that wearing a hijab for a day means experiencing the life of a Muslim, or draping a hijab over a model means you support refugees — without having to change any of your harmful practices behind the scenes that are actually directly harming Muslims.”

A reviewer who’s had foot surgery and wears a size 11 gives a big thumbs up to Walking Cradles.

Kelly re-styles a blue trenchcoat as a dress to great effect.

This handmade leather tote hits all my favorite marks: Distressed leather, roomy design, and handy shoulder strap.

Intrigued by capsule wardrobes but find it tough to move from daydreaming to implementation? The founder of Project 333 shares 10 tips to make the capsule wardrobe transition easier.

6 Fiercely Feminist Steps to Aging Gracefully

Jeniese hits all the right notes with this sporty ensemble, from the on-trend bomber to the sleek sneaks.

“I try to remember that one person’s ‘boring’ is another’s ‘sublime.’ And that even when I admire another’s quirky, bold, More Is More style, it doesn’t mean that I’m on the wrong track with my own. Style should never feel forced. Standing out for its own sake isn’t my goal. Feeling good in what I’m wearing is.”

Mattie does double denim with a sleek black midi skirt.

In my Star Tribune column this month, I talked about how to wear white jeans with confidence, the best pants to pair with flats, and wearing longer necklaces as a busty woman.

If anyone was lusting after my Frye Veronica Strap boots, they’re on super sale now!

Are You Yearning to be the Perfect Package? (A wonderfully restorative read.)

Ever looked at a neckline and felt like it looked too expansive? Angie explains how that happens and what to do.

Beth’s soft, pastel-based utility jacket outfit reinforces my belief that nearly every woman should have a utility jacket in her closet.

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