Lovely Links: 4/15/16

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tucked in harriet

Harriet has tucked herself in, thank you very much.

Eco Warrior Princess rounds up some great sustainable lingerie brands.

Gorgeous Kim is another petite blogger rocking the midi skirt trend.

The reason we can’t find the body positive men is fairly simple: we haven’t created a society that encourages men to voice their feelings … Insecurity about their bodies is something all men experience — yet finding a man to speak openly about these issues is like finding an oasis in the desert. What makes us so self-conscious about putting ourselves out there? Two words: Toxic masculinity.”

Somewhat related: Zach Miko has officially been signed to the world’s largest modeling agency, IMG Models (who also represent Gisele Bundchen) as their first male plus size model.

If you feel like most facial cleansers are goopy and thick, consider a foaming cleanser. I’ve been using Aveda’s Outer Peace and ADORE it.

I’ve been looking for a lacy dress to pair with edgy accents, like Steph has done here with her Carmakoma frock.

Bra Theory explains exactly why it’s such a challenge to find a bra that truly fits. And what to do about it. (Cheers, Elinor.)

On I wrote a massive post on where to shop for natural fibers.

As a self-proclaimed stain-magnet, I was thrilled to read about these natural stain removers.

There are so many ways women are asked to be small that being proud of being big feels wonderfully radical. It’s a tiny victory in a lifetime of feeling shame over my size.”

Ranti plays with sheers and proportions in this daring, artistic ensemble.

This handmade monocle pendant is equal parts mysterious and cool.

Cassie offers some great tailoring tips – with photos! – that will be especially helpful for petite plus ladies.

I reprised my thoughts on diversity, normalcy, and the real world on Huffington Post.

Glamour announced that it has entered into a multi-pronged partnership with Lane Bryant laser focused on courting the plus-size market and promoting a message of body positivity. The project includes two special editions of Glamour, one on newsstands now and the second to come in the fall, along with a three-part video series called ‘How To Wear Everything You’ve Been Told Not To,’ and a Glamour x Lane Bryant clothing collection that will drop in October.”

On Mad Mimi I wrote about getting personal in your newsletter.

Love this tomboy-minimalist look, especially the chunky oxfords and sculptural cuff.

“This campaign, and others like it, create the idea that beauty is always something to strive for, for everyone. And in giving them something to strive for, these advertisements also give people something to worry about. Again, they help to create the idea that beauty is the most important quality a woman can have.”

How to expand your fashion comfort zone – love the visual examples and suggestions.

These asymmetric quartz earrings are calling to me.

“‘Why listen to this one person?’ I told her. ‘Why let her opinion have so much weight, especially given what you thought about yourself—that you were just fine—up until the day this one friend said that to you?’ ‘That’s a very good question,’ she whispered, looking out her window.”

Chastity is ravishing in her red maxi dress.

I feel like Helmut Lang might be my spirit animal

Great advice on how to choose shoes for travel

Related: Sandal season is nearly upon us. If you’re looking for comfortable sandals for fussy feet, look no further.

“Expert opinion has long blamed the media’s glorification of skinny for the consistent upsurge in eating disorders, a fact recently recognised in a bill passed by the French Government to ban models considered to be too thin. So let’s talk, talking helps. But let’s not mistake that conversation for a right to diagnose all thin women in the public eye with an eating disorder, and let’s certainly not be the kind of bastards who would ridicule them for it.”

A white dress with black accessories is a summery badass look I’m hoping to master.

And from the Department of Random: What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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One Response to “Lovely Links: 4/15/16”

  1. Sarah Pugh

    I checked out every single one of those ethical undies sites and only one had a bra that would maybe fit me. It would ship from Australia, which doesn’t strike me as either affordable or even particularly environmentally good. I am larger-boobed but not so much that I even fit into plus-sized clothes. Why do all the “ethical” and “environmentally friendly” clothing manufacturers think all the women who want to buy their stuff are slender? I’m a little bit suspicious that they are succumbing to the cultural assumptions about voracious consumption of all kinds being responsible for adipose tissue and larger sizes, thus large women are theoretically uninterested in clothing themselves in a more restrained, ethical manner.