Lovely Links: 4/16/10

My personal life imploded this week, so a little light on the links, I’m afraid …

Can you be “too old” to wear vintage? I think you know the answer to THAT one. (Via Oranges and Apples, whose commentary is equally interesting.)

Style ideology and personal choice can trump the societal pressure to “look nice” all the time.

Got a light-colored bag you wish was darker? Here’s a tutorial on dyeing leather handbags that’ll walk you through the basics. (Via Casey’s Musings.)

Eight great placed to snag funky leggings for under $20.

Imogen shows us how to make a bootspring from a wire coat hanger. Seriously, this could not be any easier!

Another plus-sized model is making waves, this time on the cover of French Elle. (Thanks to reader Christy for the link.)

Is glamour dead? And if so, who holds the smoking gun?

Despite not being a handbag girl AT ALL, I’ve become obsessed with satchels. Ideally the backpack variety. This is my dreamboat, but this one is running a close second.

I can sooooooo see myself in Mikhaela’s description of her stylistic evolution. OK, minus the sewing. And mine took place much later. But still! Definitely did jeans/Chucks/loose as a youngin’ and eventually ended up with skirts/heels/fitted. (Thanks Erin!)

Deanna asks: Has loosening our standards in what we wear resulted in loosening our standards of polite behavior?

It’s MN Fashion Week! Don’t forget to pop by the Third Willow trunk show at I Like You April 17 from 12-5 p.m.

And from the Department of Random, check it out: True stories told in one sentence. (Cheers, Cal!)

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/16/10”

  1. stacy

    Too old to wear vintage? That doesn't even make sense 🙂

    Have fun at MN fashion week!

  2. Kristen

    I always love your thoughtful links posts, Sal. Thank you! And I hope your personal life…um…un-implodes soon. 🙂

  3. Dorky Medievalist

    I have a Cambridge satchel ("batchel" actually) in purple. Purple leather! And I can attest to its utility and beauty; I often get asked about it and it carries exactly what I need it to. Your dream satchel is also gorgeous. Probably you need one immediately.

  4. Jane W.

    I'm now a fan of male pattern boldness. He could not be funnier.

  5. The Waves

    Ooh, lots of interesting links here, and a big thank you for including mine in there! 🙂

  6. Gillian

    I hope your personal life will get better. I'm thinking of you!

  7. Elissa

    Oh no! Sorry to hear things are not going well for you… you links are fantastic as usual!

  8. Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

    Thanks for the link – sorry that life's not so great for you at the moment. Hope it improves radically and quickly.

  9. Dylana Suarez

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely!

  10. pretty face

    I hope you're OK! You've been smiling away so cheerfully in your outfit shots, so I wouldn't have guessed. Keep smiling xxx