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Sunshine feels good.

“I’m ready to make peace with myself. I’m ready to stop grasping for that one exercise or superfood that will give me the body of my dreams. I’m ready to stop assessing the room at a barre class to see if my thighs are the biggest (sad but true). I’m ready to cut the crap and be truly grateful for the healthy body I do have.” (Disordered eating discussed.)

Honest musings on being invisible, being seen, the seductive power of attention, and the far-reaching impact of the male gaze. (Harassment discussed, violence referenced)

GREAT info in this post about seven common bra myths. Especially the “bras have fixed sizing” one. So true.

Over on, I rounded up shopping resources for androgynous stylesites and stores that offer discounts on designer items, and my picks for where to shop for office-friendly work clothes.

Such a stylish, classic way to do red, white, and blue.

Curious to hear what some of you plus sized readers think about the Cacique #ImNoAngel campaign. The underlying message seems empowering and positive, but I’ve also heard that some of the plus sized community isn’t comfortable seeing only hourglass-shaped plus models in campaigns like this. Sarah had an insightful response to the campaign and its backlash.

The Bloggess has a thoughtful, personal, touching, and hilarious response to being called brave for posting a video of herself in a swimsuit.

On the Mad Mimi blog, I shared tips for email readership engagement.

Rosie’s self-acceptance starter kit is simple, but includes some helpful suggestions.

If you ask me, Deborah is the undisputed queen of artfully draped layers. Just as Cyn is the undisputed queen of jumpsuits.

Two related posts touching on the recent law “banning” very thin models: From the New York Times, musings on whether women take body image cues from models, and from The Militant Baker thoughts on the damage that “banning” a body type may have in the long run.

Why older women are the new “It-girls” of fashion (Via The Fashion Law)

On the Fox 9 Buzz I showed some ballet-inspired looks that are hot for spring.

In a post on paleness, Kate says, “Amidst my concern for weight, hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, nails, eyebrows, static, cat hair and under-eye circles (to name a few), do I really have the energy to give a damn if the natural color of my skin isn’t what society has deemed as the preferred beauty norm? Absolutely f*cking not.”

Marlen makes a case for why minimalism and normcore still have panache.

Love the combination of a leopard-print topper and sassy graphic tee.

Very few florals remain in my wardrobe, but I’m still swooning over a botanical print that Land’s End is showing this season. Here in a regular/petite/plus size oxford, a lovely below-the-knee regular/petite/tall/plus size sundress, and a regular/petite/tall/plus size slub cotton tee. SO pretty.

This DIY wrapped crop top looks extremely simple, and like it could be customized to many sizes and lengths.

In other cropped news, Kelly layers a cropped, striped sweater over an oxford, creating interesting proportions and a super-cool outfit.

This ad agency art director wears the same outfit every day. And she’s much happier doing it than when she stressed over clothing choices. (Via Capitol Hill Style)

Me & My Bois is a vlog/webisode documenting the lives of masculine-of-center people on the West Coast. The interviews are enlightening and moving, as is the official trailer which offers a summary and mission statement. (Via Genderfork)

So glad that Angie has doled out some advice on how to make sense of culottes. I’m fascinated, but wary.

One of the unsung heros of my wardrobe is the Karen Kane Super Soft Tank. Since it’s close-fitting and slick without being staticky, it is the perfect under-layer. Machine washable and endlessly useful. Also in plus sizes.

Kellie reviews the newly added plus-size offerings from yoga-wear brand Soybu.

I forget to wear a watch more frequently than I remember, but The Directrice makes a valid point about watches being superior to phones as timepieces.

“The ‘irony’ of course of the casual chic/minimal look we all love so much and respond to, is that it’s not generally just throw-on-and-go – it’s well thought out, either in terms of careful wardrobe planning from the beginning, or at least at the point of dressing in the morning. There is no such thing as effortless chic; it takes effort …”

Insights on the links between body image and capitalism

Elements like sheerness and asymmetry can help you create faux layers that don’t suffocate you in summer.

“When I was growing up, my fatness hovered like an ever-present cloud, having a significant impact on the decisions my parents made when they raised me. My parents are no longer raising me, of course, but they are still fat-shaming, and that shame still affects me …”

Houndstooth offers the perfect pop of pattern for an otherwise all-black outfit.

OK, I know clothing preferences have shifted over time, but I had no idea shorts were so scandalous so recently.

More Shugs & Fats brilliance: Cat Call. (Language gets a little raunchy.)

It’s nearly sandal season, and I’ve found that styles with a curved or v-shaped detail right where the top of the foot meets the ankle are among my faves. This Lucky Brand pair fits the bill, though I wonder if they’ll be supportive enough.

Imogen points out that when it comes to dressing, body shape is just one piece of the puzzle and personality trumps it every time.

Kiah’s citron lace-detail dress from the Lela Rose for Lane Bryant collection is so elegant, and I love how she styled it with simple black accents.

Oh, paperbag-waist pants. I am almost sure you’ll look goofy on me, yet still tempted …

You might groan initially, but this post on babycore/kidcore dressing makes some interesting observations.

And from the Department of Random: Owl Faces in Order

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/17/15”

  1. wonkyone15

    I love the article about #ImNoAngel, because it articulates what I thought about it too- it definitely doesn’t pit plus sized women against thinner women, because NO one can look like a VS Angel, even the model themselves! It is all photoshopped perfection and completely unreal. The #ImNoAngel label applies to pretty much every woman, and it is a positive thing, not a negative thing.

  2. snowmentality

    The biggest bra myth is that you should add 4 (or 5) to your underbust measurement to get your band size — and then do (bust – band size) to get cup size. That puts everyone in a band 4 sizes too big and a cup 4 sizes too small! No wonder bras never fit right!

    It’ll seem weird, but try just using your raw underbust measurement as your band size and calculating cup size based on that (bust – underbust). Your cup size will probably sound huge, but don’t panic. Just try it.

    I went from 36B to 32DD — which it turns out is *not* actually a bigger cup, believe it or not. The underwire just forms a broader U-shape, and the tighter band actually keeps it in place. I thought I was just shaped funny because my 36B cups always had extra space at the top and my straps always fell down — but switching to 32DD actually fixed all those weird fit issues that I thought were hopeless.

    P. S. Even professional bra fitters have often been taught to use the +4 method, unfortunately. It’s super pervasive. So I’d recommend measuring yourself, or at least asking for your raw measurements if someone else measures you.

  3. Monica H

    I loved the #ImNoAngel commercial for a different reason. It is one of the few ads I’ve seen where the women seem to be being sexy for themselves, and actually enjoying it! The vibe of most ads featuring women being sexy is “look at me, but don’t you dare touch.” These women look like they might actually be FUN in bed! What a concept! Screw the idea that women are supposed to look and act like gorgeous “angels.” Let’s get dirty and have some fun!

    (BTW I’m not talking about any of the models personally, obviously all the models are just doing the job they are paid to do.)

    Also, as a thin person, I don’t at all feel like the ad is against thin women. I may look more like the VS models than the Cacique models, but I relate much more strongly to the Cacique ad. Those women are my tribe, the ‘let it all hang out and have fun’ tribe. I get the sense that I’d be welcome among them if I brought that attitude. I can only imagine being unwelcome if I were stuck up. 🙂