Lovely Links: 4/19/13

Many of you have seen the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty video that’s floating around this week. I posted a link to the video and a fantastic discussion of its merits and shortcomings followed. (Also see Autumn‘s response, which brings up some compelling and original points.)

“While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look our ‘best,’ when we serve ‘flattering’ above all else, it can squelch our expressive style.”

Penguins and polka dots. Could there BE a better print mix?

Last week, I shared some spring transitional dressing tips with StarTribune readers, and this week we talked necklaces and necklines.

I’m more than a little in love with these handmade fabric and leather bags from Better Life. Even more so after reading the company’s mission statement.

This glorious striped dress features insets of horizontal and vertical stripes and a chevron bodice. The mind boggles.

Artist Eddi Aguirre shows us what Barbie might look like without makeup. And before Photoshop.

From the Victorian corset to spanx, many women have attempted to chisel their way to the ‘perfect’ feminine figure with elastic and whale bone. Jill Fields, author of An Intimate Affair, links the evolution of our unmentionables to the ever-changing gender distinctions and transformation of the twentieth century American woman.”

An older post, but extremely funny: Ten reasons skirts are better than pants. (Cheers, MM.)

Nothing like a fabulous gold belt to make you feel all Wonder Woman-y.

“Asserting control over a woman’s body—her face, her uterus, her breasts—is a betrayal of feminism. If we, as feminists, believe that women deserve autonomy, then I am allowed to have my face without being shamed for it. My makeup represents to me control. I can’t stop people from looking at me—but I can absolutely control what they see when they look at me.”

How spectacular is this DIY’ed galaxy tee? So spectacular my jaw is still on the floor days later.

If that project feels too daunting, how about whipping up your own pair of polka dot jeans?

I may have found the perfect tee shirt. For me, at least. Click through for details!

Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful system is still influencing how we view color today.

Kudos to Debenhams for their dedication to diversity in their lookbooks. They recently included, “an amputee, three models over 40 (including one nearing 70), a paralympian athlete and … [a] swimwear shot with a size 18 model.” (Cheers, Kelly.)

Thanks to Everyday Feminism for featuring my piece on aging gracefully in an anti-aging world.

Printed pants are still very trendy, and I adore this simple, chic outfit built around a slim-legged pair.

Reusable cotton rounds: A fantastic way to reduce waste from your beauty routine. Love this idea!

So glad that Barking Dog Shoes exists. This week, more stylish options for women with plantar fasciitis.

Another fabulous outfit featuring a military jacket!

“More than once in my career, I’ve thought that it might be nice to have a woman in the next office over who’s been there before and might have a few words of wisdom to impart about the gender landscape of the professional world, about how it looks five or ten years from now (or even five or ten years ago).” (Cheers, Karen.)

And from the Department of Random: This Walrus is a smooth criminal.

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6 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/19/13”

  1. Miss_T

    I have to say I do object to the Barbie-without-makeup piece, mainly because Barbie is a TEENAGER! Of course she looks young and fresh — she IS young. And fresh.

    Now, if they had put *acne* on her, THEN I’d be impressed!

    (Actually, I don’t know if Barbie is still a teenager, but I actually played with the first Barbie and she was definitely a teenager then — Ken, too.)

  2. Cassie

    Thank you so much for featuring a link to one of my posts. I am quite honored as I really love your blog and respect what you are doing here!!!


  3. Max Rose

    i’ve been looking for curved-hemmed tees for a while now – i’m so glad you shared that nordstrom top! i’m definitely going to have to stop by and check it out in person.

    also, i LOVED that feministe article about feminism and makeup. i’ve had the same worries about the two being mutually exclusive, and i love that someone is out there making the case for those of us that wear makeup regularly and consider ourselves feminists.