Lovely Links: 4/2/10

It is estimated that every two minutes, someone here in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. In a very brave post, a guest poster at Yes and Yes shares the story of how her ex attempted to rape her. She also recommends some resources for anyone who has been assaulted, and has set up an e-mail account to take reader questions. Please read this if you have any concerns about yourself or others. Please. Sometimes it takes reading someone else’s story to jar the truth loose inside you.

I adore my tattoos, as you all know … but not everyone loves their ink. Over at Observation Mode, enc is describing her experience getting a large piece removed. OUCH.

A stirring and articulate rant on eating disorder myths and “real women.”

Danielle’s Little Black Dress Mondays show the true power of remixing. She has worn that dress in SO many marvelous and creative ways!

Marie Claire has a regular feature in which readers tell something they LOVE about themselves. Fabulous. (Via Hello Beauty!)

All aboard the Pink Cosmo, Cupcake, and Marabou Self-Esteem Express!

Some thought-provoking commentary on the culture of obsessive consumption.

Chelsea wrote a short post about the intersection of fashion and gender over at Between Laundry Days. She has some really interesting insight into the struggles of women and men who prefer the clothing/style of their opposite sex.

I am utter crap at TV-watching, friends. Did anyone catch the first episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? A short recap here, but I’m curious about opinions.

Who do you trust to tell you you’re pretty?

Wanna learn how Doc Martens are made? Well, of course you do.

Do you buy the bra size you truly are, or the size you think you should be? Ever had a bra-fitting revelation?

Esme looks absolutely flawless every day. I mean, seriously.

Some great tips for making your clothing last longer without breaking the bank. Who knew that wearing a slip could increase a dress’s longevity? (Via Proficiscamur.)

Nautical style on a budget
– ahoy!

I was interviewed recently by Mail Today, a daily newspaper published in India, for an article about style blogging. The online version must be paged through, so click to page 24 for the article!

Angie whipped up a marvelous primer on pattern mixing.

A great way to prevent buying doubles AND buyer’s remorse: Ask yourself, what makes this garment special?

And from the Department of Random: The Washington Post’s Peep Diorama Contest? Eighteen kinds of awesome. (Via WendyB)

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/2/10”

  1. La Belette Rouge

    Thank you so much for the link! I look forward to following the other ones.

  2. Maegan

    What a varied list this week! Some great links here …I must admit I love Little Black Dress Mondays …so creative!

  3. Chelsea

    Thanks for the shout out, Sal 🙂

    And these links are all fabulous as always. I loved Sara's bra-fitting post!

  4. Toby Wollin

    Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: I saw Episodes 1 and 2. Separating out the "we've got to create some dramatic tension and failure at the beginning so that the ending is more satisfying' issues, I know (because I live in a rural area, though it's in Upstate NY), that this sort of stuff in terms of what kids are being served in school happens EVERYWHERE. If this show provides the impetus for parents, community members, everyone, to ask the important questions of school districts in terms of 'What ARE you serving kids', then we are way ahead. The other thing that is an important point that has been noted in the episodes is that these kids are being served in school — just what they are being served at home. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that Jamie's experiments in the cafeteria go down in amazing flames in terms of offering kids the choice of 'from scratch' food vs processed preformed whatevers, is precisely that. How can we expect kids to somehow choose something that is completely unfamiliar to them – any kids in his or her right mind would do the same thing. So, Jamie's strategy of starting a cooking school where everyone (kids, teens, adults, families)is taught how to cook. He's right (and this fact has been noted by writers in the US before), we now have people who are parents who grew up in households where basically no food was created from scratch. They have no cooking skills – they have warming up skills; they have 'nuking with a microwave' skills. But actual cooking? Nyet. So, there are some serious topics being discussed; I don't necessarily agree with the format or how the folks in Huntington, WV are being portrayed, but this is the truth across the entire country.
    Bra-fit revelations: Last fall, after wearing basically the same size bra for about 20 years (a 36C), I went to one of the bigger Macy's and got fitted. And boy was I wrong. 38D. D. At first, I was actually sort of upset – I think it's like the whole thing of never spending more than a certain amount of money on a pair of shoes – there is this line in the sand aspect about that. But I have to say that as soon as the fitter helped me into a new bra at the new size, adjusted the straps, etc. I looked in the mirror and realized how much better I looked. And how much better I felt. And how much straighter I was standing. I bought myself four new bras, came home and pulled out all the old ones and send them off to "bra heaven."

  5. orchidsinbuttonholes

    There was such fantastic blogging this week, Sal – many of these posts resonated with me as well – so I'm so touched by the shout-out! Thanks so much!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Jac

    I read your blog daily and always enjoy it but I particularly enjoy your weekly link post. There is always something interesting to check out! Thank you for putting together these posts, which must take you come time!

  7. Tina Z

    After I went to your link while watching episode 3, I wrote a post about Jamie Oliver's show. I never self-promote but I think it might be interesting to read if you're curious about the show.

  8. WendyB

    Woot! You're famous in India!!!!

    I'm famous somewhere…I forget…hmm…oh yeah, in my head!

  9. Krista

    Yes! I had a bra-fitting revolution recently. It was at Nordstrom and it was the best fitting of MY LIFE. See, I was a 36B pre-baby. Now I'm nursing my 2-yr-old and my newborn. I was wearing a 38D but it wasn't quite right. Yeah, let's try a 34F. But, baby, what a difference it makes!

  10. Kelly

    Aw thanks for the link back, Sal! Great links as always. I always like to see what you share each week.

    I have a massively sized soapbox I keep on me at all times for any and all bra fitting conversations. Suffice to say, I'm in the right size and I'll talk until I'm blue in the face trying to get everyone I know into the right size as well. It makes a HUGE difference.

  11. Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

    When it comes to bras, there are two truths:
    1: There is no such thing as a cup "C" or "D", since cup sizes are relative to band size. So a 65DD will be smaller than a 90DD. Example:
    2: The bra band must be snug, otherwise it won´t support anything. Basically, you subtract 5 cm from the underbust measurement and round down to the nearest band size. Think about it: would you wear panties that are wider than your hips ?

    I´ve started a bra revolution, check it out if you want to break out of the Bra Matrix:

  12. Sonja

    That's so cool that the Indian pub interviewed you! Way to make your mark all across the world! Thanks so much for sharing my post. Love the list. You always find the best stuff!