Lovely Links: 4/22/11

In case you missed the announcement: All you almost-grads out there, take note! I’ll be contributing to Yes and Yes’s Post College Survival Kit as a visiting instructor. Sign up now to get $10 off the registration fee. Woot.

One of my favorite style bloggers and all-around hilarious, insightful, and amazing gal – Skye of Skylark and Son – has revived her blog. Oh yes she has. Click over to see some of the best mostly-thrifted outfits in the known universe.

Huge thanks to Katy Rose for featuring me on Modly Chic!

There’s been some focus on making the modeling industry more racially diverse, and some focus on getting some body shape diversity on the runways, but what about age diversity among models?

Jentine sent me into a frenzy of envy with her multicolored blouse and red suede platforms.

Steven Colbert exposes the truth: Lady armpits are repellent. And Dove Beauty Products wants to help. I WONDER WHY.

College Candy rounds up eight affordable eco-friendly style buys.

I loved Elissa’s rebuttal to the recent Freakonomics article positing that people get tattoos to attract mates. Fabienne writes beautifully about her ink this week, too.

Handy iPhone apps for thrifters? Yes please!

If you want to see bold color blocking done right, check out Kristina’s take on the trend. Budget Chic mixes a bold gold obi into her color blocking mix.

Over at the BlogFrog Coffee Talk Community, I asked folks to share stories about heirloom jewelry. I loved reading about some of the amazing pieces that got handed down through the generations.

How do you feel about the concept of weight-related set points? Do you have one? Are you comfortable with it?

Yet more stylish pregnancy inspiration can be found at Narrowly Tailored.

This article from Smithsonian Magazine asks, “When did girls start wearing pink?” A condensed but fascinating peek into gendered clothing, and how it has changed over the years. (Via Undercover Punk)

Fascinated by the concept of slingback toe covers. Has anyone tried these?

As someone who suffers from GAD myself, I found this article fascinating: Girls don’t start out more anxious than boys, but they usually end up that way. (Via Feministe.)

Totally stealing this idea: A million vintage floral brooches around the neckline of a dress. LOVE.

This handy chart delineates the difference between fashion and style. (Cheers Marie!)

Digging through the Mighty Girl archives, I found this gem about going bold with color and pattern.

Great tips on how to clean suede, deal with sweat stains, and cope with pilling fabrics. All in one post!

And from the Department of Random: Molly’s HHH formula for meeting someone at a party sans awkwardness is simple and brilliant. Simply brilliant, in fact.

Just one more from the DoR: Anyone else unbearably excited about Hot Sauce Committee Part Two? (If you’re wondering what the video below is, it’s a trailer for Fight for Your Right Revisited. Also there’s some raunch in there – beware.)

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14 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/22/11”

  1. Cyndi B

    I find it kind of sadly ironic that that article about women being more anxiety-prone than men . . . is accompanied by an ad for weight loss advice. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Sal

      Hmm, that wasn’t there when I read the article, but I believe you that you saw it. Ah, content-driven ad widgets and the ruthless algorithms that fuel them …

  2. GlamaRuth

    I love closed toe sandals and clogs, and I love the sling back toe covers! I get mine at Traget. They have them without the plastic strap also, but they are a bit longer and could still peek out of some shoes. The sling back are best for lower cut shoes.

  3. Desiree

    Oh yeah I’m totally stealing the brooches idea too. I’ve checked out Audrey’s blog and she’s fantastic!

  4. angie

    Nice interview on Modly Chic, Sal! High five on being a red gal too. Love sling back toe covers!

    Many thanks for the link:)

  5. Julia

    Although I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but the weight setpoint is dead-on for me. Thanks for posting. I tend to hover around a certain weight (+/- 5 lbs) and it’s when I feel my healthiest.

  6. Molly

    Thank you so much for the link to Smart Pretty and Awkward, Sally! Hope you’re having a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Skye

    Hey, thank you for the link love!

    I hope someone actually enjoyed my poor old blog, I am having trouble getting the rhythm of it again.

  8. Cel

    Hm, the whole body set-point thing actually makes a lot of sense. I think we all have a “comfortable range” in terms of body weight etc that our bodies just naturally uphold, but I think it also has a lot to do with our lifestyle.

    For the longest time I was at 165lbs and 5’4″ and wanting badly to lose weight. I hit the gym vigorously and dieted and… well, I still weighed 165lbs and then had a back injury from the gym on top of things.

    But then I changed my lifestyle, my entire way of eating (how often, how much, what I ate) and it wasn’t a diet, it was a permanent decision to change, and then I lost a bunch of weight, slowly and in a healthy manner without having to kill myself at a gym. And now I’m used to my new lifestyle, and my body has settled at about 135-40lbs. So yeah, set-points sound logical to me!