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(First seen on Instagram.) There are two cats in this picture. Look hard.

For when you’re not quite ready to have The Discussion with your co-workers, six ways to downplay a baby bump.

Yes, yes, yes to Crystal’s white moto dress

In honor of Earth Week, Threads 4 Thought is offering a whopping 40% off everything on their site. It was all I could do not to order about $900 worth of stuff – their tees are fantastic, and I’m looking forward to trying out this jacket. Use code GIVEASHIT for the discount.

“I think there is a myth that has been floating around for a long time and it continues on unaddressed. It’s the myth of ‘the plus size big black dress’; you know, shapeless, black sacks, aka, garbage bags and that it’s the only thing plus size women get to wear. And I gotta say, big black sacks is def not the norm, mostly because *I* want over sized shapeless black dresses and I have a hard time finding them.”

8 Things People Said to ‘Help’ Me Through My Eating Disorder That Hurt Me Instead – a tough but important read.

Sonja’s yellow clutch adds the perfect splash of color to her chic neutral ensemble.

FIG Clothing makes some comfy, chic clothes all of which are made in the U.S. or Canada. I’ve been fixated on this dress for some time now …

“As I have entered my 60’s I believe, for me, less intervention is more. And more important, I am fighting the belief that physical beauty is what we bring to the party, a fleeting and ephemeral asset. Or that physical beauty in youth is superior to the beauty we have as mature women. Or that we need to spend thousands of dollars and hours of pain to chase after what is past.”

A farewell letter to minimalism (via YLF)

In my Star Tribune column, I wrote about making distressed clothes look intentional, easing into a dramatic new haircut, and more!

My body is a battleground because I have been taught that what I am is not to be loved but there is still fight left in this vessel.”

A military-inspired shirt looks utterly fantastic with slouchy leather trousers.

The ever-fabulous Magdalena was included in this Buzzfeed feature showing how 10 women chose to style the exact same little black dress.

This split tunic and slim pant outfit is minimalism embodied.

The Barking Dog Shoes team loves this lace-up sandal from Earth for both narrow and wide feet.

From a great post titled “I Don’t Know What Modesty Is Anymore”: “…everyone swears that there is a fine line of dress code that will work for everyone. Yet there are situations where a curvier girl or woman wears the same outfit as their less curvy counterparts and she is now a ‘stumbling block.’ Yet the Bible has no guidelines for length or cut of any part of an article of clothing so I suppose wearing a potato sack is the way to go.”

This waxed canvas tote looks a lot like my J.W. Hulme one, but for less than half the price. And it’s handmade!

“Do I Pass?”: Navigating Perfomances Of Genderfluid Identity

Words can hardly express how much I adore this simple white shift dress, tights, and boots outfit. Now that’s elegant minimalism done well.

On I offered tips for shopping for boyfriend jeans.

Melissa McCarthy is not interested in your questions about her weight.

“However, as the nation spends more time in tattoo parlors — and largely gets more comfortable with other people sporting ink — employers are still showing the same traditional aversion to hiring or keeping employees with visible tattoos. While the Harris Poll shows that the majority of respondents are comfortable seeing tattoos on people — even in white-collar professions like doctors and lawyers — over 60% of human resources professionals responded that visible tattoos would have a negative impact on the chances of the applicant being hired.” (BOO. And hopefully this will change over time.)

Loved this roundup of sustainable skincare options

Speaking of skincare, I may have mentioned this Origins charcoal mask before, but wanted to bring it up again because it wasn’t super effective at clearing or closing my pores in summer, but having used it once per week in cooler temps, I see a HUGE difference.

Allison’s maxi-vest is a striking piece, and pairs perfectly with boyfriend jeans and a striped top.

Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated

Bustle’s new body positive/fat activism podcast, The Bodcast, is getting rave reviews.

Danielle looks effortlessly cool in her denim jacket, chinos, and kicks.

Eagle Ages’ Etsy store is a goldmine for used Fryes and leather jackets. Translation: My kryptonite.

This mini manifesto for creating a life filled with self-care is encouraging and lovely.

And from the Department of Random: A sheep who wants to be “just one of the dogs.”

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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