Lovely Links: 4/24/15

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Harriet has been living with us for a full year now! Here she right after we brought her home.
P.S. I probably need to pick up a copy of How to Speak Cat. Author interview here.

Would love to see any of you Twin Cities folks at the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow event on May 11!

A University of Maryland student talks about what it’s like to have to explain your religion, your culture, and your hijab constantly.

Joi has cooked up some amazing outfits within the confines of her pastel wardrobe capsule.

This breakdown of the various dichotomies that comprise the social expectations surrounding how women dress is spot-on. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you don’t …

Prints galore in this roundup of petite plus dresses for spring. Also love the choices in this collection of spring flats in U.S. sizes 10 and up.

(Disordered eating discussed.) “No one understood the prison I was in that made me look the way I did. No one knew that with every ‘You look so skinny,’ meant as a compliment, I was further entrapped. That was where my self-worth rested, and as long as I was told I was thin and beautiful, I was worth something.”

Maybe it’s time we redefine the strong female character.

This post introduced me to some smaller lines dedicated to ethical manufacturing practices, and also gave a shout-out to Minneapolis-based Hackwith.

Artist Hank Willis Thomas takes ads and strips away the text to examine the pictures and what they say about society. He has done this before with African-Americans in advertising, and now he’s repeating that project and the focus is women.

How much fun is this outfit of double dots?

I stalked this sandal for most of last summer, and now that it’s less than $25 I finally sprung for a pair. The honey color is relatively close to my skin tone, so the wide, high straps don’t look too funky. And they are fantastically comfortable!

This post on the myth of guaranteed happiness after weight loss is honest and moving. (Cheers, Texas Aggie Mom)

“And that’s been the question surrounding the Campaign for Real Beauty basically from the outset: Is being beautiful something we really want to emphasize above all things? In a society where women and girls really are evaluated on our beauty for things completely looks-unrelated, is telling a girl, ‘Your looks don’t matter as long as you love yourself’ really realistic? And how do we address matters of beauty when the concept is both subjective and largely defined by arbitrary, exclusive societal standards?”

Imogen loves the teal/turquoise hybrid that is Biscay Bay, one of Pantone’s favorite colors of the season, and offers some gorgeous options for color pairings.

“A Ballerina’s Tale” debuts this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, and tells the story of Misty Copeland, who is 32, African-American, curvier than many of her peers, and poised to become the American Ballet Theater’s principal dancer. She also advocates for diversity of body types and skin colors within her profession.

In this month’s Star Tribune column, I talked about belting dresses and how to wear prints without letting them wear you.

Modcloth interviews stand-up comedian Rye Silverman about her comedy icons, love of quirky style, and the most irritating questions she gets about being a transgendered person.

Cool Gal Blue is looking to collaborate with plus-sized bloggers on new clothing collections, and aims to really listen to customer feedback.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I showed off some gorgeous fringed items for spring!

Julie speaks openly about how having “Asian eyes” has affected her self-image, and discusses how this feature has exotified and marginalized her throughout her life.

Karlie Kloss really puts the “super” in “supermodel.” On top of her kookie, she’s now started a scholarship program that will grant free tuition for 20 girls to Flatiron Pre-College Academy’s Introduction to Software Engineering course.

I’m not the only style blogger posting weekly pet photos. Beth’s outfits are always stellar but her pup steals the spotlight on occasion in her Fridays with Oscar series.

Teen girls love Michael Kors bags. A whole lot.

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for this pedicure foot file tool. Definitely on my wishlist.

Alison responds to “Just who do you think you are?” by explaining that she posts outfit photos so that other 40+, petite, cusp-sized women can see someone just like themselves feeling stylish and proud and fabulous. (Love you, Allie.)

A great big yes to inside-out congruency.

“Miriam Baker is giving full-busted women the edge when it comes to choosing for themselves whether to follow certain rules. When you can’t try a style because it won’t fit around your chest, you can’t analyze whether a style will work for you. But if a line of clothing is specifically constructed to fit you, you’re more likely to take risks and try something new just because you can.”

This article takes a look at how social media is driving binge culture and fast fashion. (Via The Fashion Law)

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  1. Nebraskim

    Friend’s 7-year-old son found her pedifile tool and used it on their dining room table. She now has some interesting “buff” marks on the table. So I guess that would be kind of a drawback. 😉