Lovely Links: 4/25/14

I’ll be speaking with Nancy Rosenbaum as part of the Unlikely Entrepreneurs series at CoCo on May 5. Admission is free!

My San Francisco trip is booked and I have availability on May 16, 17, 18, and 20. If you’re in the Bay Area and interested in working with me, please drop me an e-mail.

And I’ll be back in Chicago in June! I have availability on June 22, 23, and 24. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and interested in working with me, please drop me an e-mail.

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Two long but fascinating reads: Don’t Make Me Over, and the response, Don’t Hate Clinton Kelly Because You’re Beautiful. Style and body love are both complex, and so is how they interact. (Thanks, Angie!)

Decidedly not safe for work, but a great resource for small-breasted women looking for lingerie reviews: Of Lambs and Lace. (Cheers, Jamie!)

Also renowned Bra Ninja K.Line has posted reviews for Empreinte and Cleo bras recently. She’s got a small ribcage and larger cup size.

This post touches on how the clothes we can and cannot afford to buy and wear tie into feelings of belonging and acceptance, social class, personal and familial pride, and sometimes guilt.

Act as if self-compassion is etched into your skin. Act as if you approve of yourself wholeheartedly. Do this for a week, or two or three. Journal about it. See what it feels like. See what you do differently.”

Style Crone is magnificent in this floor-length black skirt and high-collared white blouse.

It can be challenging, but resist the urge to downplay your accomplishments.

“But as you probably have already guessed (or experienced firsthand), when you are as thin as you can ever imagine, the people who didn’t love you before will still not love you, and the people who did love you before will love you still. People will come, go, leave, and die, no matter how much you weigh.”

You know I can’t resist a utility jacket. Love how Shay has paired hers with cuffed jeans.

Oh yes: Nine Signs You Shouldn’t Buy That Item of Clothing You’re Trying to Talk Yourself Into Buying.

In case you haven’t checked in on her for a while, Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen is showing us how to be incredibly stylish while rocking a forearm cast. Because she’s awesome like this.

These two palettes have me drooling: Color Hand and Spring Tones.

And speaking of gorgeous palettes, this outfit features a very springtime-appropriate mix of jewel tones and pastels.

I started a conversation over on Twitter about natural deodorants, and got some great replies! JAG pointed me to her post reviewing Crystal, too.

Gracey looks marvelously edgy in her bomber, print mix, and black booties.

“For at least four seasons now, lighter skinned people have had easy access to an overwhelming selection of shoes in colors specifically designed to neutrally complement their skin, and they can often find such shoes in the section named “nude.” The same can’t be said for people who look like me, which has consistently frustrated my shoe shopping endeavors. The trend of labeling one color group “nude”, as if nude is not a relative color, also frustrates my brain- ‘nude’ literally means ‘naked’ or ‘skin colored’ so applying it only to light beige-ish colors implies that the color of my skin isn’t actually a normal skin color.” (Via Nicolette Mason)

Great advice from an expert: A beginner’s guide to power hour thrifting from High Plains Thrifter.

Berets mystify me. I always look like a dolt with one on. Luckily, Retro Chick has given us Three Ways to Wear a Beret. They all look darling on her, so maybe I’ll give the style another go! (Via Bike Pretty.)

Such gorgeous colors in Kileen’s windowpane skirt ensemble – the orange is gorgeous against that plummy purple.

And another amazing windowpane print skirt outfit: Amber’s. So retro classic.

Yoiks. “The series of five studies conducted by Neale and Belmi, with participants that included both men and women, has important implications for research on inequality. If you believe you are attractive, you tend to think you belong in a higher social class yourself and believe, accordingly, that hierarchies are a legitimate way for organizing people and groups.” (Thanks, Andrea!)

Marcy pairs her flirty raspberry frock with a wide belt and light sandals for a fabulous spring look.

Hair Romance offers us two simple, elegant ways to pin back your hair and prevent it from tickling the living daylights outta your face. (I remember those days, oh yes I do.)

To raise money for Best Friends Animal Society, Sydne made a print-mixed skirt. Out of several Cones of Shame. AWESOOOOOME.

A Brief History of Zubaz. You know you want to read it.

“So I honestly don’t mind using the word. I am fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. I’m also – this may be surprising to some – healthy. I am curvy. I am a lady. That is my truth. It just so happens that I am confident in this fat body.

Leery of leopard? Check out Audrey’s Beginner’s Guide: Animal Print in Small Doses.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I talked about one of my all-time favorite wardrobe staples: The full skirt.

If anyone knows how to dress joyously, it’s Susie Bubble.

Love this roundup of 18 amazing plus-sized bikinis/fatkinis from the Militant Baker, with some notes about support, fit, and style.

Those beauty products that claim to be “organic” or “natural”? They might be stretching the truth a bit.

Kellie looks exquisite in her yellow fit-and-flare dress with striped accents.

“Why can’t women ignore being catcalled if they don’t like it? Because the world doesn’t work like that. When you’re feeling threatened, you react. And when you’re a part of society and you don’t feel comfortable in that society, you react. Women speak out about harassment and fight harassment because it’s not okay, and because people have a right and an obligation to fight against unacceptable social behaviours.

Une Femme shares her sleek, chic, 12-item travel wardrobe for an upcoming Paris trip.

A great reminder about beauty and comparison.

Comedy Troupe Above Average parodies the Dove Real Beauty experiments. HAH! (Cheers, Anne.)

Roisin’s dress has sea urchins all over it. And I want it. Maybe she’ll make me one, too.

Zero Waste is a way of making clothing that uses all of the fabric – no scraps, no offcuts, no waste.”

Got some free time this weekend? Tackle one of these 10 DIY statement necklace projects.

Fabulous tips for shopping cheap but looking expensive.

This lovely shout-out from my friend and colleague Levi made me tear up a little. Do check out his entire Worth Stealing series.

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7 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/25/14”

  1. The Style Crone

    Thank you so much for the mention, Sal. I’ve found many wonderful new bloggers through your “Lovely Links.”

  2. SarahC

    I recently made a surprising discovery re: natural deodorants. I had a mammogram this week and you’re not supposed to use antiperspirant or deodorant because it can affect the scan. I keep in my bathroom for general moisturizing purposes a small bottle of coconut oil mixed with a bit of grapeseed oil to keep it liquid. I decided to just rub a bit of this oil on my pits because I heard that coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and I thought it might help with odor prevention. Guess what? it was not only just as effective as my usual natural deodorant (thai crystal with jason lavender rubbed over top) – it also effectively prevented wetness nearly all day! I was pretty amazed. I normally sweat a fair amount, especially this time of year when the temperature is so variable. I’m now on day 3 of just coconut oil: so far, still impressed.

  3. Patti_NotDeadYetStyle

    Thanks for the shout-out, Sal. The faux-Dove commercial is priceless! xo

  4. Andrea

    You’re welcome for the article, Sally. Glad you found it interesting!