Lovely Links: 4/26/13

“Obesity, as every reputable news source has been reminding us for the last 25 years, is the new normal. Except that it’s still OK to hate the obese. In a perverse way, people like me make it harder for every fat person out there. If Formerly Fat X can do it, why can’t my morbidly obese sister-in-law?” (Cheers, Tina)

Holy moly, this pleated red circle skirt is utterly glorious.

Peter examines the age-old question: Is it better to have a small wardrobe of high-quality pieces or a larger, varied wardrobe of more affordable ones? Quantity or quality?

Project Heal’s Declaration to Myself is amazing. As is Pauline’s response.

I’ve been a feminist forever but, like Caperton, didn’t realize it until after college. Due in no small part to the “one of those girls” prejudices that float around – namely hairy legs and man-hating – which amount to internalized sexism. Also take a gander at the inspiration post over on Delusions of Equality, which is equally fantastic.

This blue, green, black, and white pattern mix might just be my favorite ever.

“What would happen if confident, happy, beautiful women decided to forego painful and expensive anti-aging procedures, breast lifts and enhancements, liposuction, all-over hair removal or tanning regimens? How could that change the way their daughters, students, friends, nieces and coworkers perceived themselves and their own ‘flawed,’ lined, real faces?”

Turns out, how you “group” your features can affect your silhouette. Especially relevant to the bust, which can be grouped with your neckline or waist. AMAZING.

Thinking about self-care in terms of punishment can be so counterproductive.

This week on Facebook, reader S. requested some input on hats that might work for her aunt who is about to undergo chemotherapy. Already Pretty readers suggested an amazing array of resources. Please swing by and add yours, if you have one. (S. and I both love the work done by Look Good, Feel Better, too.)

Naturally, I adore the double stripes in this ensemble, but get a load of that necklace, too. Gorgeous.

Your 80-year-old self would likely tell you similar things that you would tell your 15-year-old self. That you’re too hard on yourself. That life is more than a dress size, and way bigger than your problems. That you don’t have that much time on this planet, and you should focus more on the good than the bad.”

A vibrant purple trench and mirrored-print dress make for a bold spring outfit.

You have a body. It’s not the only thing you have. (Not safe for work.)

Check out this fun and easy DIY for customizing your sunnies with ModPodge and glitter or wrapping paper. Also love this pearl and safety pin necklace tutorial.

A casual chambray shirt offsets a sleek watercolor pencil skirt in the best possible way.

I have not seen charges of ‘excessive self-promotion’ lain against any of my male counterparts. Not the ones in my weight class, not the ones above me, not the ones below me. Not the ones who self-promote ten times as much as I do. I have, however, seen the “excessive self-promotion” accusation lain against other women who make it onto award ballots. And that troubles me, because it demonstrates a gender bias that has been found in a great number of social settings and contexts.” (Via Geek Feminism)

This video about bra cup shapes is mind-blowing. A factor that few women consider when bra shopping, and it can be SO helpful in finding a good fit!

Can you ever go wrong with red, white, and black? I think not.

Corporette shares everything you need to know about dry cleaning your suits. And many of those tips apply to dry cleaning your non-suits, too.

Burlesque performance has long been associated with female freedom of identity, movement, and voice, but this piece describes how it can be even more powerful for women of color. (Via Racialicious) See AP contributor and burlesque performer Nadine’s thoughts on this art form here.

Best instructions ever for getting a bikini body: Put on a bikini. And you’re done.

New style crush: Beverly Like Hills, who has fabulous glasses, sassy hair, an amazing shoe collection, and a fabulously distinct look. And she’s 45 and I love finding amazing new outfit bloggers over 40. AND her wardrobe is almost entirely high street/mall-bought. (Via this interview on 40+ Style.)

“I think that to say that a woman can’t tell the difference between liking an item of clothing because it appeals to men and because she genuinely likes it in herself is to underestimate a woman’s intelligence even more than your average fashion magazine does.”

And from the Department of Random: I don’t even care if these animal photobombers are real. I love them. Especially the emu.

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9 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/26/13”

  1. Jo

    Sally, I don’t know if you already know this or not, but reddit (yes, that message board) has a subreddit called ABraThatFits ( It’s a collection of bra zealots that help women figure out their true size and where to find it for sale — and they’ve been slowly making converts. You might be interested in checking them out sometime!

      • K-Line

        It’s a really good sub – as is Bra Swap – but it is very hardcore. (And I say this as someone who’s hardcore.)

  2. Eboni Ifé

    OMG!! I am literally CRYING laughing at the animal photo bombers! I was laughing so hard, my husband came out to see what was wrong with me!

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for including me in this Lovely Links round-up, Sal! Some very interesting-looking ones this week–looks I have some reading to do. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Tina

    I’m glad you liked the Slate article, Sally! Your blog is the first one I go to every day!

  5. Sonia

    I LOVE your Friday lists, and I think you may have outdone yourself this week. So many great reads! THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing this all to us in one place! Although I am older than you, you are like the “cool big sister” who always knows what’s going on!