Lovely Links: 4/27/12

Gabi rocks a bikini, saying, “I truly encourage you guys to get to the beach (or a pool) this summer–don’t let body shame keep you from having a good time!”

Natasha’s green boots are making me … well, green with envy.

Just a quick reminder about when it’s OK to ask if someone is pregnant.

Allie shares her favorite tips for dressing a large bust. She also shares some product and brand recommendations!

Monochromatic looks are a great way to dress to look taller. Truth.

“I was in my early 20s when I began to embrace the title of ‘feminist.’ Initially, identifying myself with the feminist movement felt quite empowering. Then it became paralyzing. I was constantly second guessing my choices and preferences, particularly with regard to fashion. I inundated myself with questions about my clothing choices: If I choose modesty am I succumbing to the Puritanical notion that women’s bodies are somehow evil or sinful and need to be covered up? If I dress provocatively am I participating in and perpetuating my own objectification?”

If, like me, you swoon over cinched waist, flared skirt dresses, you’ll want everything in Michelle Tan’s shop. Bonus: Dresses are custom made for a perfect fit!

How gorgeous is Jentine in this mix of ladylike and badass? Love Allison’s take on the look, too.

Daphne Selfe still models at age 83. Marvelous.

Eboni has been cruising through InStyle magazine’s series on neutral know-how, and her scarlet and olive green ensemble is absolutely marvelous.

Love this nugget of wisdom from Alicia Keys on the importance of attitude to looking gorgeous.

Elissa asks: Have you ever felt thrifting shame?

Real Simple magazine explains various kinds of pleats. I can honestly say I only knew about four of these myself.

This week at The Frisky, I wrote about how tattoo parlors are surprisingly body-positive places. At least, the ones I’ve patronized always have been.

Gracey knocks it out of the park with this color blocked ensemble.

Greta Christina talks about her new(ish) relationship with makeup, saying, “… makeup makes me feel more like myself. Makeup makes me feel like someone who’s colorful. Makeup makes me feel like someone who wants to make eye contact. Makeup makes me feel like someone who’s happy to be seen. For me, makeup isn’t about covering myself up. It’s about bringing myself out.

College Candy offers some easy, affordable ways to nail spring’s hottest trends.

And from the Department of Random: It’s possible that I’ll be dragging HM to the MN Zoo to visit the new Tamandua baby. Field trip anyone? (The video at the end is short and hilarious. I have no idea what she thinks she’s doing back there.)

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13 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/27/12”

  1. Natasha Fatah

    Hello Sally,

    What a nice surprise to be linked on your site. 🙂
    I’m glad you like those green boots. I saw them in the thrift shop, didn’t get them and went back later but they were gone. I was so bummed, but I went back last week, and it turned out they were still there, just in a different location, so you KNOW I jumped on them. 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend, and I’m so happy to find your site.

  2. Josie

    Love that Canada infographic! I live on the far left where it says “Hippies”. Pretty accurate haha!

  3. Guest

    Oh Sally…. I am so disappointed with your last link, the “Canada infographic.” As a Canadian, I am sometimes bemused by these types of things, but your comment “you’re welcome” is confusing to me… why are you welcome about presenting an image that perpetuates stereotypes about Canada and Canadians? It is OK for a Canadian to joke about these things, but it comes across as somewhat patronizing when an American presents this and then exclaims “you’re welcome!” as if they are in a position to educate the world about what Canada is like.

    • Sal

      I figured that references to Santa made it clear that this was an affectionate piece of humor. No offense intended. I’m disappointed by your assumption that I’m an arrogant American. Link removed.

  4. Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Hi Sal – Thank you so much for including me this week. And for including Natasha – she is quickly becoming one of my favorites. And she has amazing green boots!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sal!


  5. Anonymous

    OMG–thanks for the link about talking to people about being pregnant! Please vow to enhance a person’s self-esteem instead of asking a person if they’re pregnant when they’re not!!!

  6. Erika A

    Another great round-up! I enjoyed the post on monochromatic dressing. I love dressing monochromatic but usually default to black due to lack of ideas. Her post gave me some good thoughts about other colors, looking forward to trying them.

  7. CurvyGirlChic

    Thank you so much for including me in this great list of articles and posts! 😀 LOVE Jentine’s outfit, as well! 🙂

    <3, Allison of

  8. Eboni

    Hey Sally!! Thanks so much for including me in your Lovely Links. I meant to come by last week and leave a comment 🙂

  9. Kirstin

    Sal! Disappointed you removed your link back to the Canada Infographic. I am the creator of the image and your “guest” reader is out to lunch! It is, as you eloquently put it, “an affectionate piece of humo[u]r” — sorry, but as a non-joking, non-sense-of-humour-having Canadian, I’m required to point out that you forgot the “u”. The POINT of this map was to illustrate how easily and heartily Canadians are able to laugh at themselves. Unfortunately this point was lost on your reader. IMHO, you should re-post the link since your unwilling-to-leave-a-name-but-I’m-sure-is-from-Ontario-reader was too arrogant to chuckle. And I, for one, think most Americans “get” the jokes; there are very few who honestly believe we live in igloos. However, just to mess with those people, I actually do live in an igloo.