Lovely Links: 4/29/11

So, this is me swallowing my pride: I’m gonna ask for your help and hope earnestly that I’m not overstepping. I am trying to push through a big Already Pretty-related initiative that has turned out to be frustratingly traffic-contingent. (Meaning it has stalled out because the Powers That Be say I don’t get enough hits.) So I’m doing a multi-tiered ask of friends, readers, and followers:

If you enjoy Already Pretty, would you be willing to e-mail my link to five friends? Stumble or Digg me? Spread the word about my blog to like-minded folks? I would be so very, very grateful for your help! is the link to distribute, and if you need something specific to Stumble/Digg check the greatest hits section. Huge and heartfelt thanks in advance for your amazing ongoing support!

(I know that many of you have already done this, and if I could give you each a big, sloppy-wet kiss for your help, I’d totally do it. I mean, ya know, as long as that wouldn’t creep you out …)

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Your challenge for the weekend: Complete these 15 self-image-related sentences.

In case you missed it, this 10-year-old girl has a few things to say about gender stereotypes.

Are you reading A House in the Clouds? Fabienne’s style is original, playful, colorful, and simply top-notch.

A succinct reminder that assuming all weight loss is positive can backfire.

Chelsea’s fab outfit is reminding me that I love the look of ankle-length leggings paired with flats.

Did you know that Winona of Daddy Likey fame is now writing for The Frisky? It’s true! And this week she made me keel over laughing at photos and descriptions of animals that might just have better hair than me.

Some progress in the battle for standardized clothing sizes. Interesting commentary on the ramifications of vanity sizing here.

We chatted about favorite beauty products over at the BlogFrog this week.

Could our need to define our personal style be just a front, an avatar of sorts, to help us navigate the seas of endless confusion?”

Joelle shares some eye-opening tips about sun protection and skincare. Did you know that some combinations of sunscreen ingredients work against each other? Eeps.

Consider creating bonds around self-love instead of negative self-talk.

College Candy has hunted down eight great pieces in vibrant orange for under $20 a pop.

Or if you’re looking, specifically, for some bright pants, here’s a fab round-up of options.

Self-love is big and difficult and complicated, but this post does a pretty fabulous job of outlining what loving yourself really means.

“I want a feminism with integrity, a feminism about all of us. I want a kind of feminism that doesnโ€™t scapegoat people outside the mainstream, or disown forever individual activists who didnโ€™t do it just right.”

Love this nearly bow-tied belt.

Corporette’s list of what not to wear to the office makes me grateful for my casual, forgiving work environment! Do you abide her rules, or similar?

Photographer Sarah Hughes has been traveling the world taking portraits of men and women in self-styled outfits that make them feel their safest and, in contrast, their sexiest. Not a dichotomy that I would’ve made instinctively, but a truly fascinating one. Also a fabulous array of ages, body types, ethnicities, and styles are represented. (Via Fashion in Films.)

Gertie asks: Why aren’t plus-sized actresses allowed to show their arms?

And from the Department of Random: I have watched this about sixty trillion times and it still delights me.ย  Nothing like a little unbridled baby goat joy to brighten your day. (Via The Snug Bug)

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35 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/29/11”

  1. Maven

    Hmmm, I ain’t no web guru, but have you tried truncating your feed? I rarely click through because I can read your entire post in Reader.

    • Sal

      I have. It pisses people off to NO END that they can’t see the full post in reader. I can count subscriber views, so even those help!

  2. retro reva

    I will make it a point to pop in daily, as i know how tough it is right now in the Land of Blogdonia ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I can also link you and tweet about your posts.
    It takes real guts to ask for help!

  3. retro reva

    Hi Sal!
    a PS, if you will , I make widgets and would like to make a custom widget to place on my side-bar to link other’s with your wonderful blog. I , however, need to use a photo of you. Would it be ok to use the faboo boho look (black/grey maxi) to make a widget out of? With your permission of course, it will only be on my side-bar.

    • Sal

      Oh lady, OF COURSE! I’d be honored! Let me know if you need anything from me, and otherwise help yourself!

  4. Salazar

    This is actually timely, because I’m going to link you on my “Blog of the Week” this weekend!

    And btw, that video might just be the most ridiculously adorable animal video I’ve ever seen (besides otter holding hands :P)

    14 Shades Of Grey

  5. sui

    LOVING that link on weight loss and assumptions… and a bunch of these other links too.

    I’m always honored when you feature one of my posts. Thanks so much, Sally! <3

    And I will definitely be spreading the word about your awesome blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Chelsea S.

    Just marked this post as “unread” since I need more time to go through these fabulous links! But wanted to pop in and say…

    1) Shared your link on my personal facebook, and will be tweeting/posting to my blog fb too! Love to help you out cause you’re legitimately one of my all time favorite bloggers! Awwww ๐Ÿ™‚

    2) Thanks for the shout out! Means a lot coming from SUCH a stylish lady like yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lola

    Done! “Like” you on Facebook, Digged you, “StumbledUpon” you. Who are those ominous “Powers that Be” to say you don’t get “enough hits”? Show em to me, I’ll make em take “enough hits” on their nosy noses, raaah! LOL – Lola

  8. Maggie da Geek

    Love the goats..

    And on the rules from Corporette — I’ve been out of the job market for 10 years but other than the one about denim, I wouldn’t have dreamed of breaking any of those rules. Denim was OK because we were business casual.

  9. Kirsty

    Consider yourself dugg ๐Ÿ™‚ FYI, I linked , which was one of the first post of yours that I read. It really resonated with me, as a smart scruffy girl who’s always struggled with the vanity vs self-love thing. With the help of your blog, I’m slowly branching out of my jeans-and-graphic-tee rut. Slowly.

    Oh, I get my daily fix of cuteness at the Daily Squee:

  10. Ketura, The Wardrobe Workshop

    You are just so darn gracious and down to earth, especially in how you phrased this request, of COURSE I will recommend your blog to five friends. No, 10. Okay, I’ll recommend it to my whole darn list. I really hope you get what you are going for! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Plus, I love my latest find from your blog … Gertie’s New Something or Other.

  11. Amanda

    Those goats made my entire day. Watched it 5+ times now. Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do Twitter followers count at all or are the Powers That Be just counting blog traffic?

    • Sal

      Twitter followers help, but subscribers and actual readers of the blog are a bit better. It all helps, though!

  12. Miss T

    Re: corporette’s work attire post, I think that the restrictive style must be specific to law offices, which are uniformly conservative the world over. Other work environments have their own clothing culture that can be figured out pretty quickly in most cases. One of my clients is a fairly conservative French pharmaceutical company (with offices in the SF area) and when I visited them yesterday I wore a exceedingly bright HOT pink and brown flowered dress with teal suede pumps and OMG, I got so many compliments and happy looks! Most of the people who work there wear nothing but black and brown, very somber. But people talked to me yesterday who never talked to me before: the color and vibe of my attire really opened things up. Interestingly, many of the people who complimented me (men and women at the VP level) are European (in this case, English, Dutch, and French) and I don’t think they had any problem whatsoever with my rather avant garde approach to office style.

  13. Aris Merquoni

    Heh, I always feel a little strange when I read those “appropriate workwear” style guides, because I work in such a strange environment. I’m in a cleanroom at a computer chip factory, so our regulations are: pants below the knee, no sleeveless shirts, no makeup/perfume, and no dangling jewelry. Even high-set rings can be a problem because they can punch through your gloves! And since it’s a completely climate-controlled area, everyone tends to default to t-shirts and jeans, because you can’t see what you’re wearing anyway, and wearing nicer clothes just makes you overheat. Even in the dead of winter.

    But this also means that my personal style suffers. If I can’t dress up except for the weekend, and the people I hang out with on the weekend are mostly not going to care about my clothing because it’s a casual situation, I wind up not putting a lot of effort into my clothing. Which makes me sad, because I like dressing up, but the return-on-investment seems to not fall out too well. Which makes it difficult to do things I’d really like to, like find a really good tailor in the area to fix a bunch of my almost-perfects.

    But yeah. I get startled by people who have a “small” wardrobe of ten dresses and ten pairs of pants, when I mainly cycle two pairs of jeans and my indestructable Carhartts.

  14. Sal

    You people are THE BEST EVER. It is OFFICIAL! Thank you for all your fabulous support and word-spreading activities!!!

  15. JG

    Thank you for the shout-out this week! I look forward to clicking through your lovely links every Friday…it’s such a wonderful and thoughtful feature.

    PS: Those goats are so bouncy!! le sigh.

  16. Marsha Calhoun

    Oh lord, I want to help; I will subscribe (I didn’t know this was important) and I will send your link to five friends. Does it matter that I check your site more than once a day? I sort of hate Facebook, and I have all possible privacy bits installed, but can I do something there without compromising my privacy? The rest of the things you mention are so very beyond my ken . . . yet I support you and will be willing to expand my world if it would help. Lead me – I trust you.

    • Sal

      Hi Marsha! Yes, coming to the site every day DEFINITELY helps! Coming more than once a day help my stats, too, so long as you click around the site a little. Don’t worry about Facebook, Stumble, or Digg – but if you have friends who might like the blog, e-mailing them my URL would be awesome. If they become regular readers, too, that will be fabulous! Drop me an e-mail if you’ve got other questions, and huge thanks for your support.

  17. Nomi

    Oh lord, the goats! I thought I was immune to cute animal videos.

    This video reminds me of a time when I was 17 & was living hand to mouth, having just left my parents. I and bunch of musician friends were about to sing at the wedding of a pair of other musician friends. (Being very young, we tried to make them laugh in the service by playing lovely elaborate instrumental versions of obscene ditties. It worked. But that’s another story.) Before the wedding we gathered at the home of a guitarist who lived on a farm with his parents & five or six little sisters. His mother made the best pie crust I have EVER tasted, and she made it with lard. Anyway, I was wearing this home-sewed taffeta pinafore thingy, white with a ribbon plaid woven into it. While I was sitting in the farm kitchen, someone handed me a baby goat. It was the cutest thing ever. It left little hoofprints on my dress, and I found them so cute I didn’t wash it for a long time.

  18. Emilie

    Just wanted to pop in and thank you for linking to my guest post on Medicinal Marzipan. I will definitely return the favor by trying to drum up some traffic for you, you totally deserve it! This is my first time stopping by your blog but I will certainly be back ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Sophie

    Glad you can count subscribers too, I have you in my google reader!

    I did post a link of yours to Reddit in their twoXchromosomes subreddit, hopefully some of the ladies there will appreciate your words of wisdom too.

  20. Lisa

    Of course I will do what I can. I’m fairy feeble on StumbleUpon, but I can certainly tweet your posts more regularly. Good for you, asking. You serve us well, it’s the least we can do in return.

  21. Leone

    I’m spreading the word lady! I’ve already Stumbled you. I follow your blog on Bloglovin’ and will be sure to click on here daily. Have a good Sunday darlin’!

  22. Shawn

    Shared on Facebook to folks who should be interested. Hope your reach explodes!

  23. Ann

    Thank you so much for the link love again, and I’m off to stumble my way through your blog!