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Still lovin’ that hammock.

“Carolyn Wysinger takes us on a journey into the corporate workplace, where as the ‘first boi in’ her inventive transgression of gender dress codes also means getting used to ‘the daily stares, the interested glances of some and the disdain of others.'”

Five ways people shame women for their post-pregnancy bodies, and why they need to stop doing so. Have any of you moms experienced these? Thoughts on the author’s opinions?

This tutorial will help you transform just about any structured tote into a functional camera bag.

Love this juxtaposition of a pink print dress and tough accents.

On the Shopping Tips channel of, I wrote about when it makes sense to buy multiples and where to shop for romantic style staples.

If you worry about cropped pant styles shortening your leg line, here are some workarounds. And they are good.

“In wealthy countries around the world, clothes shopping has become a widespread pastime, a powerfully pleasurable and sometimes addictive activity that exists as a constant presence, much like social media. The Internet and the proliferation of inexpensive clothing have made shopping a form of cheap, endlessly available entertainment—one where the point isn’t what you buy so much as it’s the act of shopping itself.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I talked about design features that can make high heels more comfortable.

Lizzy offers some wedding guest outfit ideas for women who use wheelchairs.

In this video, four brilliant young women smash through social expectations and stereotypes, especially as they pertain to Halloween costumes and dressing norms. Contains swears. Also contains the hilarious question, “Is the Tooth Fairy a stripper?”

In my Star Tribune column, I wrote about “normcore,” balancing oversized garments, and choosing a leather jacket.

Jeniese, I’m going to need you to lend me those phenomenal velvet burnout peeptoe booties, OK?

Speaking of shoes, here’s a roundup of dress flats with support for those of you in need of comfier work-appropriate footwear.

Responding to this article, Belle muses on why J.Crew is faltering and how it can recover.

Lela Rose’s designs for Lane Bryant look bold, bright, and covetable.

“But here’s the thing: the me at age 32, subjecting morning commuters to my daily progress through the streets with my oily face, rogue hair, and pajamas has a whole lot more self-respect than did the me at age 22, with my full face of makeup and body-con outfit. My self-respect no longer hinges on how I look to others. Today, my self-respect means valuing my health, showing care for my body, and prioritizing my needs above the opinions of passersby.”

Great tips for what to do with your wardrobe cast-offs, including a helpful reminder about how items that no longer work for you can be utterly perfect for others.

My Steve Madden ankle boots are starting to look pretty worn and the Winola style is nearly sold out. This style features the zipper/tassel in back and is equally fun.

For those of you who ALSO have the “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” theme song in your head EVERY DAY, a lovely art print.

Here are two opposing views on perfectly lit, perfectly curated online lives: The Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl: Who She Is And Why I Hate Her and Your Minimalist Pixie Dream Girl Does Not Exist.

Over at Rewire, I wrote about the shifting fashions of the early 20th century as they appear in “Mr. Selfridge.”

Grown and Curvy Woman’s roundup of her favorite winter outfits is a great reminder that she has bold, varied, and impeccable style.

Colorism is the reason that European beauty standards are reinforced within communities of color. When these biases are internalized, they can show up as a fear of ‘looking black,’ and trying to look as ‘racially ambiguous,’ or as not-black as possible.”

How to find out if your body is beautiful

You can see an outtake of last week’s outfit featuring the Comfy tunic from LISSA over on her blog.

I know AP contributor Cassie is a fan, but having recently re-watched all of “The X-Files,” I tend to agree that Scully’s style left something to be desired. But although I attributed it to 90s-era fashion, this article points out that Scully may have worn crew-neck tees and oversized suits because – due to a job that involved lots of terrifying government conspiracies, hoaxes, and supernatural phenomena – fashion was the last thing on her mind.

Stripes and distressed white jeans. YES.

I answered community questions from women living with breast cancer on the CureDiva blog.

Soon Marc by Marc Jacobs will be no more.

Cynthia of Cultivated Dreams makes stunning jewelry. Already ordered a necklace, and now drooling over this one, too.

“Although every woman is subjected to these same stupid standards of impossibly skinny waists, busty boobs, and twig-type arms, in Asian American culture, losing weight and being skinny is tantamount to getting good grades. First-generation Asian parents are just as proud of us when we graduate from a top university as when we shed serious pounds.” (Via Thick Dumpling Skin)

Sociological Images compares a recent Refinery 29 post featuring women proudly displaying what is generally considered to be “more” body hair than fits within the current beauty standard, and Kim Kardashian’s body-hair-free nude photoshoot for Paper. How did each handle The Gaze? 

British cartoonist Gemma Correll introduces us to several new body types, including broken slinky, turkey leg, and badly drawn dolphin. Also “trends men hate,” including cubist makeup and dresses made of bees. I think I’m in love with her.

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10 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/3/15”

  1. Courtney L.

    The options for cropped pants are all really interesting, and I’ll have to try them. She left out one that has always worked for me: choose pants in a color that is a low contrast to your skin tone. It doesn’t even have to be “nude for you,” just not a stark contrast. That way, the line created by the hem is softened. I have pale skin, so khaki, white, light gray, and pale colors create less stumpiness on me than dark or bright colors. I’ve noticed the inverse on women with dark skin–lights & brights put them in the stumpy zone, dark colors don’t. This trick works even if the cropped pants are the wrong length, so it’s great when you haven’t had time to hem.

  2. Roselyne

    Regarding the post-pregnancy body-shaming…. oooooh, yeah.

    It’s that great moment where you’re feeling generally good with your body, it’s spring/summer, sunny, wonderful, and you’ve been breastfeeding (and are therefore STARVING because you guys that takes something out of you…) and some a**hat looks at your plate and goes “If you eat that burger you’re not gonna get that weight off hahaha”. I could’ve slapped him.

  3. loubeelou

    Gorgeous jewelry and exactly my style at the Etsy link. Thanks!

  4. Shawna McComber

    I loved the cartoons by Gemma Correll and now I actually want a whirling vortex body shape. The blogs about the Minimalist PIxie Dream Girls were interesting and thought provoking. I get how all the unrealistic images we are presented with can eat away at self esteem and I also get how we must rise above that and move on. It makes me wonder if women can ever get past the idea that we must look ‘perfect’ and be ‘perfect’ whatever perfect is. I think this ties in with the current issue of plus sized models and inbetweenies and the whole discussion about just what constitutes plus sized and should we even call it that, etc. I suspect that no amount of diversity in models is ever going to be enough.

  5. Keilexandra

    Wow, the Etsy shop has gorgeous jewelry at really affordable prices for semi-precious stones. I just ordered a necklace (almost the one that you linked, but I have a soft spot for labradorite so ended up choosing another).

  6. Brenda Marks

    Thanks for the comments on Normcore. As always, your links are thoughtful & fun & insightful.

  7. Erika Samoff

    Sally, you hit such a sweet spot. Where else do I go from “tips for short pants” to that piece on photos of women with hair and without?? I love it. That was a great piece. next time I’m thinking about how my guy would like me I’m going for Kim K’s position – full me, smiling and gorgeous. Thank you!!

  8. Marlen

    This is quickly becoming one of my most look forwarded to posts of the week. SO MUCH GOODNESS. Bless you for sharing that camera bag DIY- I’ve been meaning to do something like this for ages but never really knew how. I can never find a camera bag I’d actually want to tote around, and on the off-chance that I do, it turns out to be like $200. This was just what I needed 🙂 Also, the “you’re body is beautiful” link made me laugh and smile. Well played.

    xo marlen
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