Lovely Links: 4/4/14

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Women of color have been sidelined in eating disorder funding and research, and have therefore been underestimated in our perception of the affected demographic.”

The gents at Dappered explain why pursuing perfect fit and impeccable style is a losing battle … and possibly a waste of time and energy. The post focuses on menswear and mostly suiting, but I think the sentiment applies to women’s style and fashion, too.

Nobody does jubilant outfit shots quite like Cyn. She makes a tee, jeans, trench, and leopard scarf look like the funnest outfit ever worn, doesn’t she?

Well, I’LL be spending some cash over at Feminist Apparel soon. So hard to choose, but I’m leaning towards this tee.

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If you love the look of braids but have fine hair that slips out of your plaits, read this post.

Emmie looks utterly stunning in this firey print Igigi dress.

More spring thrifting inspiration! High Plains Thrifter tells us about spring looks she’s excited to thrift.

Rosie offers some great tips for continuing to practice self-care when life sucks.

They may not work for every lifestyle, but dang I’m thrilled that foofy tulle skirts are showing up in more funky-casual outfits. Because FUN. Garner pairs hers with a graphic tee in honor of the recent Kellis shoot. And I just found out eShakti is stocking several tulle skirt styles in sizes 0 – 36W!

Singer Lorde posts two photos of herself, one retouched and one unretouched, to remind her followers that “flaws are OK.”

Love this fun, bright take on animal print, offset by some tasteful neutral accessories.

In other color news, I would love to pile on every shade in this palette.

AND. These images show how the colors you pair affect each other, impacting perceived darkness and lightness.

“While doing some reading for a university paper, I came across a study that basically said that if we feel like our identity is threatened, we’re likely to go out and buy things that reconfirm that identity.”

Dani shows us four fabulous – and varied – ways to style a lightweight high-low top.

If you whip up this fabric infinity scarf, I will show you a cool way to tie it. OK, I’ll probably show you anyway. (Via Dollar Store Crafts)

This post offers an amazing amount of information about sheath dresses including tips on fit and dozens of layering and styling ideas. They’re classic for a reason!

“We each navigate our own personal hair politics all the time – should I go blonde, dare to get a fringe? – but the politics of hair are interwoven throughout social, sexual and economic history.”

You can get a preview of an amazing-looking encyclopedia of style titled World Clothing and Fashion right here. Book description here, and find it at a nearby library here! Cheers to Garrett for this great tip.

Such a classic look, combining an oxford, full skirt, and bold red heels.

Think it’s challenging to explain what makes something beautiful? Articulating ugly is just as tough.

I’m pretty jazzed about the InStyle What to Wear with Every Color app. And it’s totally free!

Katha rounds up her favorite plus sized shopping resources for women living in Germany, many of which may work for other European readers, too. (She typically posts in English, too, but if you open using Chrome Google will translate the page for ya.)

So this Snickers ad. A little piece of my soul died watching it.

New-to-me blogger Professionally Petite posts some wonderfully inspirational work outfits.

“Self-Love is a verb. It is the deliberate act of taking responsibility for meeting your needs and honoring your desires. And when your needs are met, you will feel the way you want to feel … Self-Acceptance is also a verb but is a different action. It is the deliberate act of choosing to be peaceful about yourself and your perceived flaws.”

Gabi is doing another round of collaborations with SwimsuitsForAll! And there was much rejoicing!

Fabulous tips for building your look from the inside out.

On the Fox 9 Buzz this week, we chatted about how to make the pastel palette work for you.

Still obsessing over the Rhodesian of Edinburgh satchels, which now come in two-tone. Gorgeous.

Sometimes I feel like my gender is an optical illusion: Light me from one angle, and you’ll see a pretty girl; from another, I look like a pretty boy. I am neither, and I am both. Many people will never understand how I feel, but what matters to me is that I understand myself, even if I can’t find myself in words. The possibilities seem endless.”

Young girls weigh in on the #banbossy campaign. I seriously wish I’d been invited to that sleepover party.

Your body is wonderful.

And from the Department of Random: Magic for dogs. (Don’t worry, everyone got treats.) Via Smart, Pretty & Awkward.

For you feline lovers: Cat high fives.

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11 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/4/14”

  1. PatchworkJackie

    Thanks for the links to Rosie Molinary: currently reading my way through a lot of her posts about self-care and finding so much to think about and act upon.

  2. ballewal

    I have to say how much I like Lorde. I’m not so much a fan of her music but she seems to have her head on straight. And most importantly to the young women and girls who listen to her she knows who she is and is unapologetic about it. I wish I were that self aware at 17!

  3. Shawna McComber

    Wonderful links, as always! I am very interested in that encyclopedia of clothing. It looks like a real treat!

  4. Kileen

    thanks so much for including me in this roundup, Sally! I love how Lorde calls out the photoshopping. always glad to see celebrities reminding us that what we see is not always reality!

    cute & little

  5. Maria Jose Abad

    Thanks for including my tulle skirt post Sally, glad you liked it. It’s so playful and fun, xo

  6. Melanie

    As always, I love the breadth of your links, Sally. And great piece on pastels – you’re such a schtar!

  7. Katha Strophe

    Thank you so much for including my Plus Size Shopping Guide!
    This was all the motivation I needed to finally translate it to English 🙂

  8. Lincoln

    I can’t help but think if I saw a man wearing a Penis! Penis! Penis! t-shirt I would find him a bit of an Ass! Ass! Ass! The concept of feminism is much deeper than any slogan on a t-shirt.