Lovely Links: 4/5/13

Check out this great visual guide to pairing necklaces and necklines! (My thoughts here and here.) Also how necklace scale relates to bust size.

“I am not the only feminist who has been in an abusive relationship – not even close.  And Chloe is not the only feminist who has struggled with body issues – not even close.  I know so many women – strong, intelligent women – who dislike their bodies, who feel ugly, who struggle with self-acceptance and self-love.”

Nothing like a flirty swing dress to get you into the springtime state of mind.

Jay Miranda talks about her maternity style as a plus-sized woman, and offers lots of resource suggestions.

All you goths and goth-admirers, I hope you’re already reading Sophistique Noir … but if not, check her out!

One of the toughest – and most important – questions asked of the body love movement: How can I love my body when it continues to betray me?

This handmade circle skirt reminds me of a flower’s blossom. Gorgeous.

“Almost everyone who I have spoken to about their eating disorder had an underlying motivation, something in their life that they were afraid of, worried about, stressed over, trying to control, or trying to understand.”

The new cheetah print? Has tiny running cheetahs on a black background. Hah!

Fabulous ideas for how to stop feeling guilty about practicing self-care.

Fellow bloggers: Kjerstin Gruys, author of Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall is hosting a blogger challenge. Can you go a day without looking in any mirrors or reflective surfaces? Share your story? Step right up!

Shen’s floral blazer and teal dress look utterly fab with a pair of bright pink heels.

Looking forward to summer but wary of shorts? Patti offers some other options for those who live in hot climates but aren’t too fond of the 3″ and under inseams on offer these days.

“This is how Stella Ehrhart, age 8, decides what to wear for school. She opens her closet. She opens her book, ‘100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century.’ And she opens her mind.”

Love this casual mix of tough, trendy, and polished elements. I’d wear this outfit in a heartbeat.

Check out how fabulous our favorite superheroines look when they’re fully clothed. (Via Skepchick)

An oldie but a goodie: This video from the Boston Globe examines how human figure shapes have “trended” just like the clothes that adorn them. Female and male body shapes have fallen in and out of style over the decades.

This roundup of short hairstyles worn by plus-sized women is a great reminder that people of all shapes and sizes can rock short ‘dos.

Chelsea shows us how to mix neutrals like a pro. At least three to an outfit for best results, in my opinion.

This post includes a list of possible pros and cons to letting your hair go completely and naturally gray.

I had no idea the Labworks collection had launched at Target, but love the modern, asymmetric silhouettes AND the fact that pieces come in petite and plus sizes!

Is an 18th century French diplomat who spent the last three decades of his life dressing as a woman an anarchist of style?

“It’s impossible to think of the performance of femininity without considering the ways that the performance is an exercise in stigma management. And it’s impossible to think of the ways women manage the stigma of their bodies without looking at fashion and beauty.”

A striped maxi dress and cropped denim moto make a perfect pair.

And from the Department of Random: Many people have thoughts to share concerning this recipe for ice cubes.

Additionally: I LOOOOOVE swearing. Love it. Now I know why.

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/5/13”

  1. Cassie

    I recently posted a blog about my own struggle with learning to love my body, and the eating disorder that took me years to realize I had. I am so glad that you are promoting positive body image on your site and offering links to a range of body image-related topics. What I have discovered over the years (and a 70 pound weight variance on my 4’9″ body) is that my happiness isn’t determined by my weight. It most certainly comes from accepting one’s self and loving who we are, inside and out!


  2. Viviana

    For me, the most overlooked aspect of the “to gray or not to gray” discussion is the health–both that of the environment, and of ourselves. No one wants to talk about the impact of millions of gallons of chemicals rinsed out of our hair and into our water systems. Our vanity outweighs our concerns for sustainability and health.

  3. STL Mom

    Lots of great links, but I LOVED the ice cubes recipe comments. So funny!