Lovely Links: 4/8/11

“In our society, we encourage girls and women to be small and take up less space than men. Although we may encourage our girls to have big ideas, we simultaneously convey to them that they should restrict the space they use.”

Lovely Jessica from Consume or Consumed checked out the much-lauded Intimacy Bra Fit specialty boutique during a recent trip to Chicago. Check out her honest and detailed review here.

A hilarious reminder that what you see in magazine photos isn’t real. Ever. (Cheers, Wells!)

Joyful dressing is vital, but it doesn’t necessarily mean bold colors, loads of accessories, and chunky shoes.

Can triggers be positive? Margarita talks a bit about positive body image boosters.

Cynthia and Rebekah discuss the merits of manstyle.

Do you fear bold lip colors? Here are some wearable vibrant lip colors that can warm up your look in an instant.

This article has me wondering if the Wonder Woman revival show is just going to make me irate. (Via Deanna Raybourn)

Wooden wedges galore. Holy moly, I love them ALL.

Being a woman who stands 5′ 11″ brings many challenges, including social pressures, bad posture, and clothing fitting woes.

Looking to get your spring chambray fix? Here are eight fun pieces under $20 each.

Sui wrote a lovely post about her body gratitude, inspired by my recent post on the same topic.

Hoseanna is basically a tights of the month club. Yes please to that!

Over at the BlogFrog Coffee Talk Community, the gals from Make Her Up give some tips on when it’s time to toss your stale makeup.

Grechen’s has put together a blogger’s guide to giveaways, and it is absolutely top notch. Check it out if you have questions, concerns, or doubts.

If the very idea of hitting the mall makes you break out in hives, check out this post on how to shop.

This poem is titled “Wow,” and that’s what you’ll say after listening to it. (Cheers Lauren!)

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/8/11”

  1. Aris Merquoni

    That post on being tall was interesting. A friend of mine just posted something about being tall on her journal, and how it always made her feel like a hulk or a monster. Whereas I’m actually taller than she is (I stand 5’11” or 6′ depending on the day) but have never felt outsized, just irritated buying clothes. I think it might have to do with being surrounded by tall people growing up, or people who considered themselves short–for me it wasn’t “I’m taller than everyone else in my class, therefore I’m HUGE,” it was “All the people in my class consider themselves really short, so it makes sense that I’m taller than they are.”

    Though my physical therapist says I do have some typical back cricks for a tall person working in an ergonomically unsound position. Our lab needs to put in some new stands for our monitors, and I worked out that they need at least eight inches of vertical motion to be comfortable for the shortest person in the lab and for me…

  2. Tab

    So a bit off topic but, the other day I was walking with my fiance and he made a comment about how this girl’s tattoos were peaking through her tights. It made me remember pictures where your tattoos have done the same and I thought it was adorable, so when I went to say so I said, “My friend Sal’s tattoo looks so cute peaking through her tights!” I immediately thought in my head, did I just call her my friend? I don’t even personally know her! Oh that was kind of weird of me better not admit it to the fiance.

    I just thought you should know that you have made such an impact on me, and I think you are so wonderful that I have called you friend instead of “oh that chick who’s bllg I read” and I hope you don’t find that weird and stalkerish! Lol

    • Sal

      Not at all! I’m honored, Tab! I feel the same way about many of my fellow bloggers.

  3. The Waves

    Thanks, Sal, again, for the link! It seems like there are many tall ladies out there with exactly the same issues as myself!

  4. sarah

    Thanks for the tall gal link, Sal! Obviously, it rang true with a lot of us giraffes out there =). What is the DEAL with society (this one seems to be especially men, though – which is surprising, usually you find that women are the more vindictive policers of “normal”/”acceptable” behaviour for women) telling tall women they are NOT ALLOWED to wear heels? It happened to me, too! And when I hear my tall girlfriends say they are “already tall” and “can’t wear heels,” I get very adamant that they start owning their bodies. Geez louise, what is it about a visible and potentially powerful woman that just scares our society to death, eh? Ridiculous.

    That being said, still working on my own posture to get the cricks out after years of – you guessed it – slouching to try and even out the difference between me and my shorter high school boyfriend. bah. At least my husband has some sense; he doesn’t care two whits who’s taller, he’s all about me rocking my height.

    I think I may have mentioned this before, but for me, I learned early on that being tall meant that I stopped considering men who were shorter than me as potential sexual partners. I just stopped seeing them as attractive – because I learned from experience that most of them would make my stature into a problem. I wonder if other tall women have experienced this as well?

  5. Amy

    Thanks for the tall girl link! It’s so true. I’m 5’10” and have many of the same fit problems, especially blazers. Not to mention feeling like the Amazon woman towering over my friends in photos and the like. But I love shoes so much I still gotta wear my heels – now if only I weren’t a size 11 shoe! So hard to find cute stuff.

    I’ve also had back problems like a couple of the other commenters above – I wonder if this is more likely in tall women. Someone should do a study, or something. I do occasionally wish I were shorter, but that is almost always in a dressing room when a dress is just too short to be acceptable or a cute pair of pants doesn’t come in a long inseam!