Lovely Links: 4/8/16

SO excited to announce that I’m going to be interviewed for Pretty Girl at the Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater show this coming Saturday night! The cast is doing an improv sendup of women’s magazines and the havoc they wreak on the psyches of actual women – which will be HILARIOUS, guaranteed – and then they’re gonna talk to me (sans improv, I’ve been promised) about my career and experience in the industry. Tix are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Would love to see you there!

Weekly Kitty:


I wish you could see how bizarrely enormous her tongue is.

Lisa’s mix of dressy and casual is superb – love that statement necklace.

“Leon Wu of Sharpe Suiting who was present on the queer fashion panel has seen astounding success. Wu literally invented a way of of measurement – andropometrics, so that he could fit the bodies of folks who suits were not traditionally meant for.”

That window of weather in which dresses and tall boots can be worn is my absolute favorite. Especially now when I want my dress looks to skew badass.

Folake’s origami-inspired skirt just about took my breath away.

Loved this quote from singer Jazmine Sullivan about representation, especially in light of Monday’s post. “I know that I represent a lot of women out there who aren’t used to seeing themselves portrayed, and I’m happy to be that woman. I feel everybody needs to see themselves. Everybody needs to be able to look up to someone and see somebody that looks or acts like them so that they can be inspired.”

The look of a high-cropped jean and tall ankle boot is really growing on me.

I tried out this fiber-building brow product, and I’m pretty impressed. It fills out and darkens my brows without making them look overly penciled-in.

Important: 11 Offensive Phrases You Didn’t Realize Are Fat Shaming

Yesssss – vegan handbag company Matt & Nat is now making shoes!

Just a little bit obsessed with this plaid-ish asymmetric sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel.

“…so much of what we see in media — especially in mass media and the social media that reflects that mass media — we see cameras tilting up and down women’s bodies, zooming in on parts of their bodies. The dialogue from other characters — the text about those women — revolves around what their bodies look like, what other people think about what those women look like and how those women are valued, usually (pretty much solely) for what they can do for other people — how they can be used and consumed.”

The Naot Kayla sandal is a best-seller, and with good reason – it’s a great fit for narrow feet!

What could be more romantic than a white maxi dress and floaty floral jacket?

On, I highlighted some wardrobe classics that need periodic updating.

If you are at all susceptible to online life-envy, please read this: Trust Me, You Don’t Want Her Life

7 Ways of ‘Honoring’ Other Cultures That Are Really Just Cultural Appropriation

For women of color, the Western, Eurocentric standard of beauty creates internalized self-hatred. We’re told that striving for beauty isn’t just a matter of presenting our best self, but of fundamentally changing ourselves with things like hair straightening chemicals, plastic surgery, and toxic skin-lightening creams.”

Gracey is gorgeous in her jewel tone mix with cognac leather accents.

I love my Everlane drop-shoulder tees, but have noticed they’re a bit on the short side. Usually great, since most mall tees are miles too long for me, but in this case they’re short enough to throw off my proportions. Waiting to get a Cotton V for comparison.

5 Ways to Establish Boundaries with Loved Ones with Body Image Issues (Disordered eating discussed)

And from the Department of Random: Scientists Say Light Colors Make Salmon More Belligerent. Right there with ya, salmon. Stupid light colors …

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3 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/8/16”

  1. crtfly

    I have heard all the fat shaming phrases from your linked article more often than I can count.


  2. JB

    Along with the white maxi dress and floral jacket, I love Audrey’s “key ring.” Also funny that it’s a pun in English but apparently not in French.