Lovely Links: 4/9/10

The Budget Babe shares some fabulous tips for building your style from the ground up.

Florals. They’re everywhere this season. But do they project an unintended message of demure femininity?

Are you a sellout designer? Consumer? Blogger? I don’t necessarily agree with everything this post asserts, but it certainly asks some thought-provoking questions.

The ever-brilliant Deja Pseu wrote, “I’m the first person to say that not enough people here in the US are eating healthfully or being optimally active, but a healthy diet of real food in moderate portions and daily activity do not always result in a culturally sanctioned physique.” Amen to THAT.

Need a pick-me-up? These photos of male models making goofy faces will probably do the trick.

Medicinal Marzipan’s guest post on The Demoiselles is required reading, friends. As is her personal blog.

A brief history of the housedress. Fascinating!

It’s a good thing Nubby lives so far away, because if we lived in the same town? I’d steal these boots right offa her.

Another examination of the relationship between glamour and feminism. (Via Oranges and Apples.)

Is anyone out there NOT in love with Zooey Deschanel’s style? (I crush harder on Emily as an actress, but Zooey’s taste in duds cannot be beat.)

Jezebel gives us a fabulous rumination on tattoos, good girls, body politics, and manners. (Via Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing.)

Everyone hates it when undies go renegade.

Little girls voted anchorwoman, but the grown-ups chimed in and now we have computer engineer Barbie.

And from the Department of Random: My dear friend Annie Wilder (who contributed to last week’s post about style and body image at any age) is writing a book of trucker ghost stories (EEEE!) and looking for material. Are any of you truckers? Friends of or lovers of truckers? Please check out and pass along the info for contributors – any spooky tale from the road is welcome!

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12 Responses to “Lovely Links: 4/9/10”

  1. Kelly

    I always look forward to your links Sal! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Toby Wollin

    Trucker ghost stories – I recently stumbled on a 'coal miner ghosts' stories site from Yorkshire, UK. Chilling.

  3. saturdayjane

    Thanks for the link, Lovely Fantastic Sally! 😀 It always makes my day when I get comments from your fabulous readers!

  4. marzipan

    You are just the BEST.
    I don't tell you that enough.
    Thanks for the link love.

  5. Second Skin

    These recaps must take so much time for you to do but they are so great! Thank you so much for being so organized. Also, your wishes from the last post are beautiful.

  6. Living the dream

    Every week I follow your recommended links and discover fabulous stuff! THANK YOU. You and your blog are awesome!

  7. Margaret

    Hi, Maybe my computer is on strike but I can't make your links work this week….. 🙁

  8. Sarah R

    LOL…I'm married to a trucker! Gonna have to check out that post at the end.