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The kitchen counter is where snacks comes from. All good kitties know this.

Scarlett Johansson very rightly pushed back when she did her interviews for the first Avengers movie, since her male costars got substantive questions and she got asked about her diet and grooming. Here Cosmo UK turns the tables and asks Mark Ruffalo about his favorite red carpet poses, and Scarlett about her stunts and favorite aspects of her character.

Locals, the St. Kate’s Noir Katwalk show is going to be amazing – get more info here.

My current favorite earrings, now cheaper than when I bought them.

The best way to keep high heels from hurting you feet? Wear flats instead. However, if you’re looking for some tips for keeping high heel pain to a minimum, this infographic round up has some basics.

More fascinating coverage of women in style-oriented professions who opt for simple personal uniforms

“Cholas are more than Latina sidekicks for Lana Del Rey or concepts for Fergie’s music video. The chola aesthetic was first forged by the marginalized Mexican American youths of Southern California. It embodies the remarkable strength and creative independence it takes to survive in a society where your social mobility has been thwarted by racism.”

This piece on adult – and specifically hormonally triggered – acne is pretty darned comprehensive.

I’m fascinated by the current fashionability of fringe, and will admit to buying this slightly kooky fringed skirt. Kinda love all of the T Party fringe designs. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable.

Need a little self-image pick-me-up or dose of support? Anna’s Curvy Love Notes might be just the thing. (No curves necessary to enjoy!)

“Each encounter, every day, is a part of my style. Each message I communicate with my dress, as well as my words, are a part of my style. Yet, it is important to note, style is just as much about our insides as what we wear and our home décor on the outside”

Bridgette offers tips for creating a capsule outfit by outfit.

Now this is unusual: Yvon Chouinard, the founder of outdoor clothing brand Patagonia, is urging his customers not to buy new Patagonia goods, but to reuse and recycle them as much as possible instead. (Via YLF)

Just THRILLED to see Butchbaby – a line of maternity clothes for genderqueer parents – getting a nice big spread in The Cut.

“Sometimes I feel like I speak two languages: girl talk and adult woman talk. The latter might (and often does) include boys, clothes, grooming, and gynecology, but also encompasses books, current events, random existential fears, and the ins and outs of a new project at work. Girl talk, on the other hand, remains confined to the world of Mean Girls: it consists of nail polish, statement necklaces, OkCupid, and new exercise plans. It is the teen girl’s idea of what women talk about.”

Oh bless you, Allie: Tips for looking professional when you feel like crap.

I remember these Nike ads, do you? Selling Sneakers with Feminist Poetry: An Interview with Janet Champ

These mostly cotton no-show socks with heel grip strips are the answers to my no-show sock prayers.

From a writer whose secret style icon is The Beast from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. “The Beast’s inability to enter the world in his current form provides interesting commentary on feeling trapped inside your own body—when you know who you are inside but the world can’t see it, or you aren’t allowed to express it due to forces beyond yourself.”

Also via Rookie, and link is to Playboy so open with care: Actress Laverne Cox posed for a beautiful nude portrait for Allure magazine, which met with some super ugly backlash from writer Meghan Murphy (among others). In response to Murphy’s piece, Playboy magazine published an article titled “Laverne Cox Gets Naked, Exposes Radical Feminist Exclusionism.” In the piece, the writer Noah Berlatsky quotes Shaadi Devereaux and Zoe Samudzi to analyze why black trans women are so often subject to abuse and vilification by a certain strand of feminism.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered three ways to give your classic white t-shirts a little pizazz.

A simple flowchart detailing ways to make your closet more sustainable without buying a thing

And from Amy Schumer:
(the one that posted originally wasn’t the one I was thinking of …)

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4 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/1/15”

  1. Bridgette Raes

    Thanks for the shout out, Sal! That post I wrote has been making the rounds and I’m thrilled to know it has resonated with so many people! I hope it is helpful for your readers. Have a great weekend!

    • tgchi13

      You know what I find interesting B? You’ve posted this idea before (round robin and a few others) but this time you added a ‘capsule’ connotation that seems to have made the difference with many, including me. Start with your x number of favorite pieces and work it out from there!

  2. crtfly

    I like the picture of Laverne Cox. I think the photo and Laverne are lovely. I feel like if a person feels she is a woman then she’s a woman. Same with the men. If he identifies as a man then he is a man. Who really has the right to say who is a ‘real’ woman or man? Apparently I am a lot more accepting of all people than the people who attacked Laverne and her photo.