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“The image of a fashion model is one of great significance to contemporary consumerist culture: she is a dream, an unattainable ideal, a paragon of beauty — and, consequently, a symbol of oppression for many women who strive all their lives to be like her and inevitably fail. This is the reason, perhaps, why models have never been enough of a focus of the feminist movement, although they could definitely do with some support. Often starting out as teenagers or young adults, models face pressures on mental and physical health, sexual harassment, and abuse of work rights.”

Tanasha never shies away from color, and looks radiant in bold brights like this orange blazer and printed dress.

Covering Female Athletes: On The Backlash Over Nike’s Pro Hijab

The New York Times declares that long sleeves, long skirts, and coverage in general are the defining look of the current decade.

Ty’s gingham fit-and-flare dress positively screams “spring.” And get a load of her cheeky handbag!

In other gingham news, Kim tries out a darling off-shoulder gingham jumpsuit. Such a fun look.

Love this! The Barking Dog Shoes team has rounded up reviews from readers, creating a post that showcases comfy shoes the community adores.

“I cannot describe to those who have not experienced it, what it is like to see and touch your own hair for the first time in your mid-thirties … To go from patting your hair down in embarrassment when your roots get puffy, to carrying a pick in your purse to ensure that each strand of your hair is fluffed up in glory.”

I’m trying to be more consistent in wearing perfume, so was delighted to find a stashable roll-on of my essential-oil scent from rareEARTH!

Still collecting inspiration for my Graphic Tee Outfit Ideas pinboard, and adored this bold look from Sheila!

Just how sustainable IS organic cotton?

Diane mixes dressy and sporty in this chic ensemble, pairing metallic slide heels with drapey track pants.

From BUST Magazine: 10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Start Following Immediately

Kelly takes the new Tracy Reese for Gwynnie Bee collection out for a spin.

Angie gives a lesson in denim jackets and how to shop for them. (I love that she also assumed, early in her career that everyone loved and wore denim jackets. I felt the same way, and quickly found out I was wrong!)

Still loyal to my Alternative Dreamer Tees, but recently snagged this Backstage Tee for less than $10 and love that it has the same shirttail hem, but is a little less boxy.

This post offers an exercise that can help you really see yourself, especially if you’re struggling with negative self-talk.

Miriam styles the “it” pant of the moment—cropped wide-legs—with a pineapple-print blouse and chunky heels.

Giving up ‘fast fashion’ is something privileged people can do because privileged people don’t have to agonize about where they shop. It’s a choice I couldn’t make when I was poor, but one I feel obligated to make now.”

I became curious about open-back tops in plus sizes, and there are woefully few. But this sheer cutout top is a great option, though, and comes in 0X – 3X. And this strappy cold-shoulder top from Torrid is super hot.

Lee’s got some gorgeously minimal outfits in her current 10×10 capsule wardrobe challenge, including this lovely boxy blouse and skinnies look.

How Allie Got her Hair Back: Fighting Hair Loss over Age 40 and What Worked

I absolutely adored this post on how to accept compliments. Simple, gentle, true.

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