Lovely Links: 5/13/16


LOTT will be hosting an open house in partnership with Urban Growler on June 12! Meet the fellows, chat with the board, and find out how to become a mentor or fellow next year. Tickets here.

Weekly Kitty:


Trying out some new fancy pillow arrangements. He was positioned like this approximately 10 seconds after I’d put them on the bed. (First seen on Instagram)

Chrissy’s fringed bag and platforms balance her sleek leather skinnies.

Fascinating: The One Question You Need to Ask Before Your Next Purchase

Dear Girl Who Hates Her Body

Joi continues to dazzle with her expertly expressed eclecticism, this time in a satin bomber and pleated faux leather midi skirt. AMAZING.

Being stifled by a preoccupation with my appearance was not a natural part of me. I learned to hate my body from sources surrounding me, including peers, family, media and cultural messages. When I became more worried about the dimple in my thigh than my race time, I stopped excelling as a swimmer. When I am fixated on keeping my clothes in the most flattering position and everything sucked in just right, I can’t concentrate on anything else at all. I was overwhelmed just thinking of the number of activities I could have excelled at, the relationships I could have cultivated, the goals I could have pursued, and the girls feeling the exact same way I did that I could have helped if I hadn’t spent so much of my life preoccupied with the way I looked.” (Disordered eating discussed)

On Mad Mimi, I shared some ways bloggers can make good use of their newsletters.

Nadine’s perspective on the term “gender fluid” makes for a fascinating read. Lots of points in there I’d never ever considered.

Lisa’s matching tasseled necklace and mules perfectly bookend her sleek outfit.

“While still applicable, I find that my concept of a signature style can also shift over time: there’s always a bit of balancing between the “knowing what works” aspect, and keeping my style modern and current (not trendy), as well as allowing for expressing different moods and facets of myself.”

Cassandra’s cobalt moto pops beautifully against her bold yellow frock.

Weird Beliefs About Women’s Bodies (bizarre, hilarious, and features some possibly NSFW artwork)

I don’t agree with everything said here (sorry SELF, nothing is “universally flattering”), but this post illustrates how inaccurate and irrelevant clothing sizes can truly be. (Via Recovering Shopaholic)

Kelly has started rounding up her favorite petite fashion blogger looks each month – lots of inspiration in there!

Marianne shows how an eye-catching, edgy pair of shoes can totally transform an LBD-based outfit.

Angie shares her stylist’s tips for dressing to downplay a large bust.

“It seems [Iris Apfel’s] maximalist aesthetic is partially the result of a lifelong wrestling match with the traditional definition of ‘pretty.’ She was told at a young age that she’d never be pretty, so she might as well find another way to ‘make her way’ in the world. Well, Iris defied those expectations in every sense of word, finding true love both in a partner and in her work, and in her twilight years breaking into the cookie cutter it-girl scene as the coolest if not the most authentic ‘geriatric starlet’ in town. Bow down, ladies.”

Turns out Vionic makes a comfy, cool flip-flop that’s plantar fasciitis-friendly.

Dorrie is open and honest about menopause and senior sexuality in this post, including how this life change can impact confidence and self-image.

7 Ways Parents Can Be More Body Positive Toward Their Queer and Transgender Kids

Patience is embracing the choker necklace trend and looking super chic while doing it. Luciana is trying it out, too, with a simple black lace.

Unwrinkling rounds up 22 ethical fashion brands – lots of new-to-me brands on this great list!

“All in all, ‘The Medium-Sized Women Problem’ is not an issue with the women at all. Rather, the issue lies with the language and classification that media insists on creating. Readers, consumers and media have to accept that the body cannot be easily classified, and embrace the diversity of the human shape. Once this is achieved, there will be no problem with the representation of any type of body or figure.”

Black and white prints are the perfect backdrop for pink and yellow accents.

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