Lovely Links: 5/15/15

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Fresh from the kitty aisle at Byerly’s.

Fabulous advice: What to do when you love a certain garment or style, but it just doesn’t love you back

“As tragic as I find it that a healthy woman wearing a bikini in public can still make the news globally I can’t help but applaud her for her words. Being a plus-sized woman in the public eye shouldn’t be an act of bravery, even though I know for a lot of us it is.”

Over on I point out a few wardrobe staples you can buy on the cheap and offer tips on where to shop for blouses.

Darlene experiments with multiple outfits using a darling polka dot sheath dress to see which combinations play up or play down her bust.

It’s been incredibly inspiring to see so many ad campaigns featuring older women … but it’d be even better to see a few including older women of color.

Reminders for the days when you need extra self-care

Oh, how I wish I could take in “Fully Fashioned,” an exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland celebrating 200 years of Pringle of Scotland.

“As I got older, not liking makeup put me in a category. So did not wearing heels or carrying a purse. And in the cases where I did wear a dress or take time with my hair, somehow that meant that I had to defend the fact that I still loved science. At some point it became that I could either be someone who wore field boots or someone who wore dresses. When you find yourself having to defend your position on one side of a divide – boots or dresses – it becomes harder to maintain loyalty to both.”

On the Garage blog, I offered some simple tips to help small businesses build their Pinterest followings.

Caryn Franklin offers some eloquent advice on honing your style and being truly thoughtful about your fashion choices. (Via The Fashion Law)

Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies

My obsession with Lucky Brand jewelry continues: Currently ogling these mixed-metal studs.

Oh, also, received these amazing chandelier earrings as a gift from my lovely friend Megan and they are the most musical piece of … wearable anything that I own. Clinkity clink clink …

De-cluttering expert Marie Kondo takes a shopping trip to Anthropologie. (Via YLF)

I’ve been a fan of Dana LeBlanc‘s designs for years, and am loving her new designs. This spiky statement necklace is beautifully badass. And! You can use code ALREADYPRETTY to get 10% off!

Here’s a very honest guide to selecting and purchasing new glasses.

“It took me years to understand that the cycle of falling in and out of love with things—with a version of yourself, even—can be a lovely thing, and crucial in helping you figure out who you really are.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered tips for styling long pendant necklaces.

This graphic will teach you the difference between candy and awning stripes, among others.

And from The Department of Random: Every Question In Every Q&A Session Ever

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2 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/15/15”

  1. Natalie

    The article about fashion and science really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing that link, Sal! Like the author, I went through a phase (the first few years of grad school) where I felt that I would not be taken seriously as a woman in science if I dressed like a girl rather than like a field scientist. I shunned dresses and heels for clothes that could go from the lab straight to the rainforest, as if I needed to prove with my clothes that I had earned my field scientist credentials. I’ve since stopped caring if my everyday, around the office clothes tell people that I am a field scientist, and have embraced the fashion styles that I enjoy wearing. I dress for the field when I’m going to be doing fieldwork, and for me, my body, and what makes me happy when I’m in the office, or teaching, or doing labwork.