Lovely Links: 5/16/14

I’ll be back in Chicago in June! I have availability on June 22, 23, and 24. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and interested in working with me, please drop me an e-mail.

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Weekly kitten: We are moving slowly towards Cat Peace. (Additional cuteness on Twitter here and here.)


“Women are taught to be modest and accommodating; to have humility and to make room for others. These are (mostly) lovely qualities to possess, but it is possible to have humility and still to own your own strength.”

My amazing client Kristie sent me a detailed analysis of her experiences with size 10-32 clothing subscription service Gwynnie Bee, and gave me permission to post. She does some great and incredibly helpful cost analysis of the service.

Related: Clothing libraries around the world.

Black ankle straps can be tricky to pull off, especially thick ones. Love Angie’s suggestion to pair black ankle straps with black ankle pants. Also try saying THAT five times fast.

Natalia proves that chartreuse goes with everything by pairing it with a fabulous brown-print faux wrap dress.

“Of course it is appropriate for moms to offer guidance to daughters regarding dress and grooming. Where we want to take caution is when the guidance is directed at improving what an outsider sees in your daughter. Instead, advice should focus on how your daughter feels and how she can control the image she presents in any situation, rather than how and why your daughter could improve what others see when they’re watching her.”

Cyn accessorized her long-sleeved floral frock with gold shoes and amazing cicada-shaped earrings.

If you haven’t heard about the Shape Magazine/Brooke Birmingham fiasco, here’s a good summary. Kudos to Brooke for pushing back against Photoshop culture.

Love the look of this two-tone tulip manicure. Even though I’m sure I’d make it look more like a mangled carnation if I attempted it myself.

Questions to ask your body.

Dappered offers some succinct but thought-provoking musings on good taste in the realm of style.

Cath looks utterly radiant in shades of blue and turquoise. Love those sparkly earrings, too!

The decision ‘To shave? Or not to shave?’ is predicated upon a complicated cocktail of personal preference, body autonomy, societal pressure, hygiene considerations, and who knows what else. So really, shaving is just a window that provides insight to these things and how they fit together. In this sense, this post isn’t *actually* about shaving. It’s about this thing called a ‘Patriarchal Agreement.'”

Lilli is ravishing in a retro green frock, glasses, and a glorious bouffant.

This post shares observations, rules, and non-rules for wearing white on top when you’re busty.

Heartfelt musings on adult acne, beauty, and the importance of vulnerability.

This v-necked Karen Kane dress is, quite possibly, the perfect minimalist basic. Just got it in navy, worn it several times, and cooking up more outfits as we speak.

If anyone has the laid-back, effortless chic thing nailed, it’s Grechen. Oh, how I love this slouchy and comfy yet tough and refined outfit.

A love letter to the Prairie Underground summer collection. Just like Jill, I want it all. And would have to win the lottery to afford it all.

Amanda sent me this link about Lady Professor Conference Fashions. I loved it. Also hated it. What a frustrating testament to how many arbitrary rules women in academia feel obliged to follow when they dress.

“All around me I see and hear this vicious animosity towards the female body. The fat girls should bury their heads in shame because their love handles and stretch marks will never be ‘sexy.’ The skinny girls are crybabies who have no right being ashamed of their bodies because they already meet the socially acceptable standards of ‘ideal beauty.’ Why are we always throwing skinny versus fat into the boxing ring? Why can’t they join together as one beautiful entity?”

Dana accents her stunning blue print dress with a bright yellow tote and classic sunhat.

Loving words, important ideas: Permission to Accept Yourself As You Are.

A fabulous tribute to “Steel Magnolias,” the film that bestowed upon us this pearl of wisdom: “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.”

Skull-print shirt + tulle skirt? Stealing this outfit idea immediately.

Rebecca explains how Internet trolls unintentionally bolstered her body image. Sweet revenge.

This essay is quite long, but utterly amazing and well worth reading. It explores the idea that nearly all fitness-related rhetoric focuses on fighting, specifically fighting your own body, and how this can become exhausting and counterproductive.

My two favorite pencil skirt looks of the week: Cassandra in neon and lace, and Sarah in a deliciously sassy kiss-print pencil skirt.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, we talked about short, boxy, Chanel-style jackets and how to make them work.

When a headline offers you 10 items you NEED for summer, are you inclined to believe it?

“The issue I see here is that, however well meaning, saying that we shouldn’t call kids fat suggests that being fat is such a terrible thing that we shouldn’t utter the word out loud. But fat kids actually exist, so making fat kids into Voldemort by making fat the ‘physical descriptor that must not be named’ actually further shames and stigmatizes them, whether we call them fat or not.”

Super Kawaii Mama shows off her polka dotted dress in a bold color mix.

Such an important read: Dark-Skinned Blackgirl Visibility: On Gabby and Lupita.

Autumn wanted a curvier butt, so she worked hard to change her body’s shape. And then discovered that her new figure shifted her self-image in unexpected ways.

Hilarious. Period. Observations From My Dad Upon Finally Watching “The Devil Wears Prada” Last Night.

And from the Department of Random: I should very much like to hug this Takin calf.

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5 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/16/14”

  1. Beauty Redefined

    It is always so exciting to see Beauty Redefined linked in your Lovely Links! Thank you for sharing our latest post on how moms can be their daughters’ best protection from poor body image and constant objectification. You are wonderful and we appreciate the support so much! Also, your website is one of our favorites.

  2. Jennifer

    I loved the Lady Professor Conference Fashions piece. I’m not in academia, but I do get to rub elbows with professors at technical conferences a few times a year so I sympathize. My field is dominated by men so the few women I run into stick out like sore thumbs in the sea of somber suits. I’m forever fretting about what I should wear. I don’t want to look too dowdy in a pant suit, nor do I want to appear too sexy. After a few years I think I’ve got the hang of it. I think I subconsciously ended up with a more feminine and colorful conference style than I have in real life, where I’m very much a jeans and t-shirt gal. I found I go for dresses over suits, with more interesting accent pieces and jewelry than usual. When I go to a conference it feels like I’m role playing a more vavoom female than I am at home. It’s actually kind of fun 🙂

  3. Natalia Lialina

    Such a wonderful surprise to be mentioned in Lovely Links!Thank you so much, Sally! I am going to check out all the other lovely links as well! Cheers ~ Natalia of In The Writer’s Closet

  4. Leslie Le

    I have to say, I love every picture you post of your adorable kitties. 😀 More kitties!!! I think they should get their own day. 😉