Lovely Links: 5/18/12

This week, I got a comment from reader Meghan that made me realize it might be time again to clarify a few things, especially regarding these link roundups!

Here’s how the Lovely Links work: I post links to thought-provoking and interesting articles I’ve found (or been sent) over the course of the week. Many of them clash with things I’ve said myself or linked to in the past because I am constantly mulling and reevaluating what I think and feel about these important topics. This may strike some folks as hypocritical, but that’s fine by me. Human beings are naturally contradictory beings, and anyone who claims to be 100% free of hypocrisy is kidding herself. Plenty of what I think and feel – both on and off this blog – could be considered hypocritical by others, and I’m quite comfortable with that.

This blog is about the intersection of body image and style. Some posts will lean more in one direction than the other, obviously, but my overall interest is to show where the two overlap. Some aspects of personal style aren’t 100% harmonious with the quest to cultivate positive body image, and vice versa. I think that’s just fine. It’s not my intention to be eternally consistent or singularly focused. It’s my intention to be exploratory of two topics that have some fascinating and beneficial common ground.

Because the bottom line is that I don’t see the options as either “style” or “empowerment.” I refuse to accept that I am not allowed to praise Hillary Clinton for shunning fashion yet remain interested in fashion myself. In my view, there is no one right way to be a strong woman. I won’t choose sides or make up my mind because that would mean I have stopped thinking critically about the issues that mean the most to me.

Now, on with the linkage!

* * * * *

Comments and compliments can get dicey in so many ways, but the philosophy of commenting on the things people DO instead of the things that they ARE is an interesting one.

You know you’re curious about the secret sexy life of zippers. (Via Final Fashion.)

Oh, how I love a slinky red dress with a drapey skirt.

As a fan of the “fake it till ya make it” philosophy, I loved this summary: “It’s about meeting situations that you feel intimidated by head-on, telling yourself that you’re ready for them, and putting I-can-DO-this intentions out there, until you’ve done such a good job convincing yourself that you suddenly can handle the challenge before you.”

Neutral color mixes can look marvelously sophisticated, as Natasha proves with her slate gray and olive green ensemble.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but still loved this post showcasing looks inspired by “The Avengers.”

Marzipan asks how do we begin to address the insidious nature of sizeism and weight stigma in our daily lives?

I’m working up the courage to do hot pink and neon yellow, but Shen has beaten me to it. Beautifully.

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the Body Image Voice app, and it seems like an utterly amazing idea. The one thing I can’t seem to figure out is HOW this conversation will reach beyond the app/website and to advertisers and media folks, as promised. Anyone know?

This roundup of Cate Blanchett’s 12 most stylish roles just reinforces her status as style icon.

The You Look Fab crew has been discussing the merits of Shopping Your Closet. Definitely a great practice.

Mint and orange are great partners in flavor, possibly even better in an outfit!

Men’s body image issues often get overlooked or suppressed, so The Good Men Project is launching a conversation. If you or someone you know has a story to contribute, click here. I just heard about this over the weekend so it’s a quick-turn deadline by now – sorry!

Are you cultivating your own private beauty myth?

Alison shares her picks for swimwear designed to flatter a large bust and/or a soft belly.

I know runway fashion can seem so remote, but posts like this runway to real life series are great reminders that those looks can provide ideas and applicable inspiration.

Holy moly, do I ever want to raid the closet of Grown and Curvy Woman. (Via You Look Fab)

Found this older braided scarf tie tutorial via Pinterest, and am just dying to try it.

Cambridge researcher and modeling agency owner Ben Barry explains that different populations and demographics react differently to idealized versions of beauty, and that some groups are more likely to relate to and purchase from brands that use a diverse group of models.

And from the Department of Random: It’s a Hey Jude flowchart. Na na na naaaaaaaaa!

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24 Responses to “Lovely Links: 5/18/12”

  1. Debbie R.

    Love your introductory comments, Sal! I struggle with the intersection of style and body image myself, so I am completely on board with what you wrote.

    I love fashion and style, but I refuse to be a “fashion victim” and I don’t encourage my friends or clients to be, either. I love that you have honed in on both your personal style and what types of clothes have you feeling great about your body. It’s definitely a journey, but a worthy one!

    I enjoy all of your posts and look forward to your blog post each day. Your blog is one of my favorites and I consider it a “must read”!

  2. Rocquelle

    Thank you for breaking down your Lovely Links reasoning for, even though it wasn’t necessary! I adore the links you share each week, and this week I think you’ve out done yourself!!!

  3. Allie

    Aww thanks again Sal for featuring one of my posts!

    I love your Friday links because it’s like seeing into your mind, which works so very much like myself and many women I know. Loving fashion but wondering how that works with loving ourselves, believing all women are gorgeous no matter their size yet wanting to lose a few pounds to fit into clothes a bit better, wanting that perfect mascara yet not believing in shaving one’s legs, and trying to find that balance of loving your body, loving your reflection, and loving your closet. Rock on with your bad self, Sally!

  4. Stephanie Davidson

    I love your links! They are thought provoking and fun and it lets me in on what other intelligent minds are thinking and doing. I was raised to take in all opinions and weigh them against my own…or at least have some good ole’ fashioned conversation about them! I appreciate what you do : )

  5. Katja

    Re: the Huffington Post Specialists for Women to See by Decade. Sigh. So tired of magazines and articles in which apparently women cease to exist after age 59.

  6. Shannon

    Love the inspired-by Avengers outfits! They actually have a whole set of Geek-chic inspired by outfits over there that are brilliant.

    • Shannon

      Hey there, fellow Shannon! So glad you enjoy the Geek Chic column 🙂

      And thanks for including my article, Sal! Hope you got a chance to see the’s great!

  7. Danny

    Hi Sal. I got here from a ping back at the Good Men Project link you posted. I’m the guest editor for the upcoming series on men and body image. First off let me say thanks for sharing my link. Secondly I just wanted to say that even though the deadline is fast approaching don’t let that stop anyone from writing up a submission and sending it in over the next few days. I think its highly important for as many voices as possible to get in on this.

  8. Sam

    One of my favourite parts of the weekend is going through these lists! I aspire to write a post that you find interesting enough in some way to include it here!

  9. misti_hope

    Sal, you’re freakin’ awesome and I love all your links. I’m not fashionable, myself, but I love seeing how other people put together their outfits and it inspires me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise. Your links point me to new blogs and articles that help me see things differently. Thank you!

  10. Erika A

    OH WOW Grown and Curvy – new favorite office fashion inspiration! I adore her style – colorful, fun, classy and work-appropriate! Thanks for linking to her blog. 🙂

  11. Marla

    Re: Hillory Clinton – supporting a woman in shunning fashion is supporting her choice to do so; it’s not at all hypocritical if you yourself have different interests. Feminism is about supporting women to have a choice, right? 🙂

  12. Natasha

    Hey Sal,

    I’m a faithful AP reader and look forward to the weekly link roundups. I think I’ve always taken them in the spirit in which they were intended: “here’s a thought-provoking thing that I’m still thinking about.”

    I’m wondering if you would feel comfortable offering clarification: Are any of these links affiliate links, or ones you are posting for commercial reasons rather than ideological? Your very frequent linkage to College Candy posts, in particular, makes me wonder. (Because your blog is a business, I assume the answer is “yes.” If I’m wrong, though, I’d like to know!)

    • Sal

      Nope, none of these are affiliate links! I always post a disclaimer at the bottom for any posts that include affiliate links.

  13. JII

    I appreciate your links. I think it is my responsibility to find the connections or lack of them, not yours to direct or lead me.
    Some are bizarre, I like those the best.
    Surely, as you evolve, your tastes will change, your blog will reflect that, and I like that, too.
    I am old, and there is so much youthful sword rattling that goes on in the blogs, I suggest that you don’t buy in, Sal. No need to explain yourself. If someone doesn’t get you, she can hit ‘delete.’

  14. Rebekka @ Becky's Kaleidoscope

    I loved your introduction, I feel the same way. I happily post links that I don’t agree with or don’t agree with entirely in my link collections – I want to share things that made me think.

    Also, I absolutely love your link collections, there’s always something great to read!