Lovely Links: 5/19/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon likes to use his own tail as a muffler.

“It’s [Laundry Service Georgina] Johnson’s continued dedication to not playing to over-sexualised, fetishised presentations of black womanhood in mainstream media – sustained here by Mitchell’s eye for capturing a real narrative beyond Tumblr feed aesthetics. Blissfully unaffected and carefree, both Johnson’s designs and [photographer Tyler] Mitchell’s images offer a positive expression of difference in an increasingly hostile world …”

Mary’s geometric-print jumpsuit is a fun, funky alternative to a maxi dress.

Many of my own favorite over-50 style bloggers are included in this roundup by the AARP!

I adored Anna’s tips on how to make playful prints office-friendly.

Filed this look from Stephanie away in my Soft, Summery Badassery pinboard!

Margot explores how living much of her life online and in public view has exposed her to alarming misogyny, and how she lost touch with her own sexiness in an effort to avoid more of that toxic treatment.

In this month’s Star Tribune column, I offered tips on how a skirt should fit.

Joi has embraced the ruffled trend with both arms, combining a ruffled cutout blouse with a ruffle-trim midi skirt.

Beth’s ruffled skirt is a bit more subdued, but no less marvelous.

Yep, I’m still obsessed with cutouts and open backs. Currently squealing over this tie-detail cutout top in organic cotton from prAna.

Also somewhat obsessed with BITE Beauty, a line that’s handmade in Toronto from natural, edible ingredients.

“I asked a question that not many people who aren’t fat seem to be asking — when body positivity (and to a lesser extent, fat acceptance) are being supported so vocally by so many, why are we financially supporting businesses that refuse to acknowledge that fat people need clothes too? The response was, honestly, heartbreaking … Yes, there were quite a few fat women who agreed that they would love it if thin women examined their clothing-buying decisions and shifted some of them in fat solidarity, and there were a few thin women who thanked me for asking a question that really made them think about their privilege. But a lot — perhaps a majority — of the comments were angry, defensive, and dismissive.”

Need some affordable alternatives to Birkenstocks? Look no further.

A football player from Penn State has opened up about his eating disorder, a choice that many hope will encourage other athletes to begin discussing struggles with food and weight honestly and freely. (Cheers, Jori)

Sandra is in love with her floral moto jacket, and I can see why!

If I Want to Lose Weight, Am I Automatically Anti-body Positive?

Ethical style blogger Leah explains how she considers incorporating trendy pieces into her wardrobe using three criteria.

This maxi dress hits all the right notes: wide-but-high waistband, bra-covering straps, high back, comes in regular and petite sizes, and made in the U.S.!

And speaking of wide straps, I’m always on the lookout for wide-strap tank tops, and this eco-friendly one from Fishers Finery comes in seven colors.

From Sociological Images: Women who perform femininity are judged to be less suited to science

I adore the look of olive and blush pink together. Amber throws in some fun printed pumps for good measure.

And from the Department of Random: Here’s what happens when you put a GoPro on a trombone. (Cheers, Katie K.)

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