Lovely Links: 5/20/16


LOTT will be hosting an open house in partnership with Urban Growler on June 12! Meet the fellows, chat with the board, and find out how to become a mentor or fellow next year. Tickets here.

LISSA the Shop is having a pre-sale sale! Get 20% off all regularly priced items now through Memorial Day with code PRETTY20.

Weekly Kitty:


Feline yoga.

I still haven’t nailed the dress-with-sneakers look, but Cher certainly has.

Not for everyone and features many photos of very fit women, but an interesting post that seeks to remind us all that there is no “perfect” body and even women who appear wrinkle- and cellulite-free usually have a few dimples, rolls, or other so-called “flaws” that they simply know how to downplay with poses and camera angles. And that nearly all of us have body insecurities.

Stasia talks about personal style, self-expression, and the joys of inside-out congruency.

The Brush Off: Terrible Beauty Ingredients Throughout History

Sharon continues to play with form and volume in the most artistic, stylish ways. Ranti is no slouch either, with lots of unusual and eye-catching proportions.

“We’re right to view [Principal Dancer at the American Ballet Theatre Misty] Copeland’s rise with awe, gratitude, and hope, but it’s also interesting to note that two of the the ceilings she’s breaking (by being a ballerina with breasts and muscles) have only recently been installed. It reminds me how quickly a newly introduced expectation can feel timeless; how strongly it can ossify into something that seems inevitable; how easily we accept that what we see in front of us is universal.”

Something about a cheeky graphic tee worn with a skirt makes me unspeakably happy.

Christian Siriano for Lane Bryant – so much YES.

Does sewing your own clothes save money now? Today? Or is it more efficient to buy given the cost of materials and equipment and amount of time spent?

Love how Danielle can make a double-breasted plaid blazer and red slip-on sneaks look like the most natural combination in the world.

Is a lifestyle magazine really helpful to elementary school-aged girls?

“…how a body showcases fat is not indicative of their relationship to food. I’ve worked hard to gently remind friends that saying eating dessert is indicative of their being ‘naughty’ underlines moral judgments on food that are hugely problematic for people, like me, who have been receiving toxic messaging about food since school. Fat people are not required to be utilitarian about our food, just as our bodies do not indicate that we are without restraint.”

Simple tips for an effective wardrobe detox

Katha looks like an edgy ballerina in her pink midi skirt and lace-up flats. Also love how Jane has styled hers with a band jacket and skinny cargos.

Chastity levels with us and dishes out 7 Things You Need to Know About Riding Bikes While Fat.

Grechen – my inspiration for changing my shopping habits – has opened SLOWRE, an online consignment shop specific to sustainable brands!

Cobalt and burgundy – what a great combination! Also loving marigold and red.

Yes, there are great orthotic sandal styles out there!

“We need more female sports representation in the media, because it allows female athletes the necessary platform to serve as role models for the next generation of all stars. The content of sports programming reflects what the fans want to see, but how can fans have a role in choosing what to see when virtually all sports programming is male-dominated?

Loved this interview with Unbound founder Polly Rodriguez, who created her body-positive sexual lifestyle company after she got cancer at 21, recovered, and decided to create a company that helps women feel better about their bodies. Unbound does subscription boxes!

Cheers to Amy for sending me this video: 100 Years of Kitten Beauty in 60 Seconds:

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